Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Nam-Joo From Apink

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Nam-Joo From Apink

Embodiment of K-fashion, Namjoo from Apink has the perfect look for any occasion

By: Julianne Babaran

Attending high school with fellow band members Naeun and Hayoung, Namjoo went on to get accepted in University specializing in Performing Arts. In her idol life with Apink, as a lead vocalist and leader dancer was long live and well known to most of her fans. Like many successful K-idols, Namjoo has a long and star studded list of projects, including high end brand deals, commercials, an impressive list of appearances and roles in K-dramas as well as releasing her solo music. 

Her kind features make her standout, her personal style is best scene in the  outdoors, strutting dresses of different kinds even so the city girl and urban style is very evident. The color palette she wears is relatable and overall style is carefree and comfortable. 

Tops: Appropriate Basics 

White Vest Top 

Frequently posting her trips, Namjoo wears a lot of white tops particular to those easy to layer. Nothing not available to normal people, she matches denim and gray sweats with white tops. But in K-fashion caps are quintessential for out of town trips. 

Pastel Linen Blouse

Linen and long sleeve tops are the go to for outdoor lunch dates. Light linen tops are great for trips as their breathable but appropriate for more dress up places, a good one won't need much else, here she adds a cap but more so for function than style. 

Ribbed Racer Top

Racer ribbed top is something you'll see a lot in K-idols. Not only are the comfortable and casual but the photograph well adapting well to any kind of outfit. Best to style it with a more dolled up hair for added flare. 

Dresses: Playful Silhouettes

Paisley Baby Doll Dress

Nothing says "I love sunshine" better than a fitting sundress! While out frolicking, Namjoo opted for a white and blue midi dress with paisley print. The thin fabric is perfect but not showing so much skin can keep you cool despite the sunshine. 

Brown Mini Dress

Plain mini dresses do best with added accessories, when styling this simple A-line mini dress, Namjoo added a fur coat and white booties to add shape and dimension. 

Cream Linen Dress

A well-known fashion staple in Asian fashion, baby doll dresses particularly in a light cream color and linen fabric is a cult fave. Not only are the forgiving, but they are playful and comfortable and photograph in many different backgrounds. 

Jackets: Versatile Options 

Knitted Cardigan

A cute knitted cardigan is all the rage nowadays, especially when its in an intricate pattern with a lot of detail, the way to style them is to color match it with the colors of your outfit. Like Namjoo with a pink top, you'll want to find on with pink detail. 

Oversized Blazer

If you're the type to throw on jackets and remove them later, an oversized blazer might be an option. Ones with a prominent shoulder cut will make it masculine and intimidating whereas a drop down shoulder is more casual. 

Denim Vest with Hoodie

"With my friends". Such occasions can be comfortable and cute. Even when wearing a hoodie, adding a coordinated vest and bottoms elevate the whole look. Exhibit A with Namjoo's outfit below. 


Biker Shorts

These have a solidified place in our wardrobe, the most fashionable way to style them nowadays is to layer over a button down, an added way to take it to a next level is to match colors like how Namjoo matched the color of top to her socks. 

White Wide Leg Pants

No explanation needed, a straight leg silhouette is nothing new here. They're the lighter and most easy way to bring a spring to your step and bring in the light, literally. 

Khaki Colored Slacks

Khaki colored slacks as we like to think are a corporate version of pajamas. Finding the right fabric that suits you will come in handy especially for city and social events. 

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