Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Nayeon From TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Nayeon From TWICE

Leader of one of the world's biggest girl groups and now a successful soloist…  TWICE's Im Nayeon is the one to come to your mind and you are right!

Im Nayeon, the lead singer of TWICE, made her solo debut on June 24 with the release of IM NAYEON album with the title track POP. Since her debut as TWICE member and a hit song "Like OOH-AHH" taking over the world since day one and being at the peak of her career, the cute bunny girl, as fans call her, is not just a talented artist and outstanding visual, but also a fashion inspiration for many people. She has demonstrated tremendous fashion diversity  experimenting with a variety of aesthetics throughout her career.

Besides, Nayeon by herself is the fashionista of TWICE due to her ability to look effortlessly extravagant and trendy when it comes to her attire. She wears everything so effortlessly and confidently, not to mention with that endearing smile of hers, that definitely brought thousands of ONCEs to the fandom! 

Now let's see what Nayeon wears the most and how to dress like her in our fashion guide

As the idol has revealed her own Instagram account not long ago for her solo debut album "IM NAYEON" we are eager to see what she posts and what looks will choose in the future, but for now, there is a plenty of materials to work with in analyzing Nayeon's style which is… adorable, trendy, and just screams Nayeon vibes! 

Crop Tops

Silky hair, delicate and soft face features - nothing compliments the feminine warm aura of Nayeon more than a floral pattern crop top with pretty short sleeves, making her look like a princess or a fairy on her day off!


Another thing that stands out in Nayeon's wardrobe is her love to pastel or simply not very bright colors, and this simple creamy sweater with wide sleeves is a perfect example of what Nayeon wears.


Next thing you see in most of Nayeon's outfits is them being oversized and cute. Especially when it comes to sweatshirts, she chooses basic colors like this light gray one, and some cute prints on it.

Tank Tops

However, when the weather gets hotter and the world around becomes more colorful in summer, Im Nayeon adds colors to her outfits too! On this adorable pic she took with her little friends, she wore a beautiful knitted coral tank top.


TWICE is one of the sweetest and most feminine girl groups in K-pop thanks to their initial concepts and vibes. And so is Nayeon's choice of bottoms to wear which are often, and 100% for TWICE performances, skirts. For example, this checkered beige classic skirt giving this rich girl vibes.

Or a completely different example of a skirt, where our bunny girl looks like she just stepped out of her high school door and got caught by paparazzis.


Obviously, skirts are just one side of Nayeon's style, and our girl likes comfort just like any other human being. Here on here vacation posing with a Peace sign, she is wearing almost pajama like plaid pants.

Again in the nature and definitely in her day off in the fields, Nayeon chose a more think but equally comfortable pair of dark straight jeans.


For dresses to wear Nayeon again goes for the feminine yet modest options. On the first pic taken on the boat, her white dress design almost seems like a mermaids tale, being longer on the back and shorter on its front side, giving a plenty of space for movement during summer adventures.

Continuing her elegant and simple style when it comes to dresses, Nayeon got caught while walking her pets and wearing a long black dress with a sprinkle of daisies.


Nayeon likes oversized clothing and jackets are no exception! Here she portrays this typical city girl look wearing a big black jacket, oversized button-down shirt, abd a white tee under them.

However, we don't forget about the core of Nayeon's style: cute and pastel. Wearing a checkered piece again, this time it's a big jacket that covers everything and even her skirt, making the look even cuter.

But there can be more fluffiness and here we go with a fluffy jacket made of fake fur that Nayeon wore with a wide smile on her face!


You're not surprised, are you? Because even when it comes to hats, Nayeon is all about light and mostly white colors, and more and more fluff and softness!

Even her beanie and beret, all of the pieces are in this creamy white color, looking cozy and soft, just like Nayeon.


For the glasses, cutie Nayeon goes for the nerdy ones and doesn't bother keeping her girl crush image. Here, she is rather your cute friend, and we love it.

Even with her completely bare face, you can't get away from Nayeon's charms and famous gummy smile, while she is wearing delicate golden specs.


For shoes, there are always two sides: comfortable shoes like sneakers, or elegant heels. Especially for petite idols like Nayeon! Therefore, here we see classic white sneakers and her adorable look and pose.

And here, we see a more cute and flirty Nayeon, looking like a true lady she is, in a pair of pinty nose heels.

All in all there are three distinctive features of Nayeon's style: cuteness and oversize pieces, fluffy materials and soft looks, and classy elegant aesthetics. If you want to dress like Nayeon, follow our guide and feel free to check our shop with all the idols' outfits found and available for you


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