Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sakura From LE SSERAFIM

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sakura From LE SSERAFIM

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LE SSERAFIM's Sakura loves to flaunt her sexy waist through her chic fashion styles.

Miyawaki Sakura is the Japanese member of Le Sserafim who was also a previous part of IZ*ONE. Currently, she's the vocalist of Le Sserafim, and was in fact the first member to be revealed. More than that, fans adore her ethereal visuals and almost perfect body frame, especially her very slim waist. Having a shape that every girls dream of is surely worth flexing. Hence, Sakura loves to show off hers through her chic but elegant fashion styles. Below features selected outfits that highlight both her gorgeous visuals and hour-glass body.



Coordinate staples are now in vogue, and Sakura loves to show how to style them. In her Instagram account, you would often see her wearing different kinds which are as follows.

White Chic Coordinates

The clean shade of white gives Sakura a more innocent look, but the style of the staples she wears exudes a chic aura. Here, she styled her plain cropped tee by layering it with a spaghetti strap open front tank for more detailing. Then, she opted to pair it with a basic A-line miniskirt to elongate her legs. For a perfect balance, she finished it off with black ankle boots, and Louise Vuitton bag as her main accessory.


Silver Tweed Coordinates

While Sakura look younger in the previous fit, these pair of silver tweed staples gave her a mature vibe. In these posts, she wears a sleeveless crop top that has a great silhouette which perfectly highlighted her slim frame. Meanwhile, the A-line miniskirt flattered her legs more, making them appear longer and sexier. Also, a Louise Vuitton bag is a must for Sakura to complete her expensive chic look.


Button Embellished Black Coordinates

We started by showing the basics, and now we’re down to more stylish matching pair in Sakura’s wardrobe. As we reached the third photo, it would not be hard to conclude that crop top and an A-line miniskirt are quintessential pieces in her closet. Below, she had worn a wide strap crop top and its cut is enough to show off her belly. Meanwhile the A-line miniskirt is fitted enough where its silhouette perfectly flaunts her coca-cola shape.


Blue Bikini Coordinates

Even in her summer look, she loves to throw off matching pairs. Although these are common in terms of bikini, Sakura just showed how to style these. Here, she paired her pink and blue bikini with a heart shaped sunglass for more iconic look.



Black Formal Coordinates – Tuxedo and Slux Pants

Sakura definitely loves coordinates in slaying different styles, as below she pulled a formal look by wearing black coordinates, primarily a white long sleeve polo layered with black tuxedo for classic touch. Then, she finished it off with a usual slux pants which shouts for 90s vibe.


Louise Vuitton Mini Dress

Nothing feels more formal and luxurious than wearing an LV dress, and Sakura wears one below. Without the cropped jacket, Sakura’s fit would more likely confine the formal attire standards, nevertheless she still looked sophisticated in her dress which she flaunts in her magazine cover.


Off Shoulder Ball Gown

Meanwhile in this photo, she showed us how to look like a princess by simply wearing an off-shoulder ball gown. Sparkly and flowery hair accessories is necessary in throwing off this outfit and Sakura styled her hair with these.



White Micro-mini Dress and Mini Fitted Shorts

Sakura stole the spotlight with her white puff sleeve micro-mini dress with perfect silhouette that highlighted her sexy frame. She had also worn a fitted shorts under her dress to avoid feeling risqué.


Layered Top and Sporty Shorts

Sakura sported her own chic and sporty style below by wearing a black inner tube layered with cropped neon jacket, and paired with a sporty shorts. She also styled her hair with a high ponytail and mini braids in front to highlight her ethereal visuals.


Sheer Long Sleeve and Leather Shorts

In her album photoshoot, she went for an all-black ensemble which gave her a fiercer look. Specifically, she styled her sheer top by wearing a lace bralette for extra details, and the leather shorts elevated the look even more.



Black Tube Buttoned Mini Dress

In her ViVi magazine cover shoot, she had worn this black buttoned tube dress which accentuated her shoulders, paired with ankle booties that gave a cool


White Spaghetti Strap Dress

Unveiling Sakura’s dainty and feminine gait never goes wrong with a mini dress in spaghetti strap and a platform pumps. But for finer details, she had worn a pearl headband that flattered her hair more. As for the navy-blue inner top, she had worn in to prevent being too revealing.


Puff Sleeve LBD

Combining classic feels with trendy look works best with an LBD that has a puff sleeve, and Sakura showed us that pairing this with sneakers would also look great.



Celine Cropped Jacket

Sakura flaunt her Celine cropped jacket in her chic style outfit. She used this for layering her trendy crop tank paired with white loose jogger for a balance.


Cropped Bomber Jacket

Sakura’s fashion skills is surely unquestionable as she could even easily upgrade a plain look. For instance, below she turned this simple casual chic outfit into sexy swag by layering it with a bomber jacket while flexing her LV endorsement.


Star Design Cropped Sweater

Sakura aimed for staple that provides a comfortable feel while she’s strolling in Japan, but she never wants to sacrifice fashion, so she opted for this cropped sweater embellished with stars.



Gray Beret

Ever since Sakura was younger, berets are already her go-to hats. Below, she complimented her short hair with this gray beret hat that not only made her look younger, but also timeless.


Black Beret

Meanwhile in her present age, she still loves beret and showed us how to style them by leaving a portion of your either your bangs or hair for a more flattering effect.


Black Beret in Different Variation

But putting your hair behind your ears while wearing beret also do magic. It provides a more mature look.



White Flat Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are out of style, for they only works best as school shoes. But Sakura proved everyone wrong by creating a chic edgy style by wearing a white flat leather shoes together with a crewcut socks in completing her soft girl chic look.


Black Platform Pumps

But nothing would do more magic in creating a full-feminine gait than a platform pumps. Here, Sakura paired hers with her favorite staples – chic coordinates.


White Sneakers

Meanwhile, in terms of comfort and style, Sakura prefers sneakers. Here, she completed her clean chic look with white sneakers for more polished lookS.



Tinted Wayfarer Glasses

A thick wayfarer sunglasses by Louis Vuitton was specially made for Sakura, and she flaunts this through posting it in her Instagram and pairing them with a white crop top layered with an LV handkerchief top.


Clear Glasses

In terms of highlighting her round eyes, clear glasses is her top choice primarily those in an oversized variation. Below, she strut like a serious professor by adding an oversized clear glasses into her fit.


Tinted Round Glasses

Here displays a younger Sakura wearing a tinted round glass that added a more swag and cool touch into her clean streetwear.


Looking chic and sexy is now easy after reading Sakura's guide. What are you waiting for? Go and emulate your personal favorite of Sakura's look.

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