Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sana From TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Sana From TWICE

One of the Japanese members of a worldwide known girl group TWICE - Sana Minatozaki captivates everyone with her perfect visuals, dancing and singing skills. But there is another thing where Sana can be a huge inspiration - fashion.

No surprise that ONCEs want to be like her, and it's actually quite easy! At least in terms of clothing.  Sana has a style that can be of a total cutie, a fancy lady, or a teenager with baggy clothes and simple jeans. She's the epitome of versatility!

so let's dive into Sana's style step by step in our fashion guide!

Let's start with an easier piece to purchase to dress like her, shall we?


Yes, and the must-have of every person is also a must have for Sana! A simple oversized white t-shirt is what she is wearing on casual days or as a part of her airport looks. After all, a white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in her wardrobe. It can be worn on casual days or as a part of an airport look when she wants to look stylish and comfortable. Also, it goes with everything!

Paired with some free sized pants and you're good to go, looking stylish and being comfortable.

P.S. We think her bright orange hair looks amazing and really pops while she is wearing a simple tee with a cool Betty Boop print on it!


Now let's look at her another regular choice of daily clothing and of course… those are oversized hoodies! When she is in the studio recording a new hit with TWICE or just out of her idol agenda, Sana loves wearing simple monochrome hoodies like this black one on her selfie. The only thing reminding of her idol background is her pastel peachy hair and a perfect idol face.

Knowing that ONCEs are as pretty as their idols, a hoodie like Sana's will or already is a regular part of their daily looks.


However, we can't always go for the girl-next-door looks despite how comfy they are, so seeing Sana in white and elegant shirts, especially on summer vacations, is a normal thing. She really shines wearing such delicate and feminine pieces, and you can too! Don't forget to look for pretty, maybe transparent long sleeves, lacey details, add some modest earrings.

A perfect look for the date. Or just Instagram!

Button-down Shirts

Getting even more elegant and classy, definitely invest in some snow-white button down shirts! Button down shirts are a great way to add some texture to your wardrobe and give you that timeless look that everyone loves. Plus, they're easy to wear with just about anything. They're also great for those days where you want to dress up but don't want anything too fancy - you know, when you're trying to get ready really fast in the morning before work or going out with friends after work? And Sana's style is here to inspire!

As in the first picture, they can be simple, but spiced up with a top on it.

Or you can be fancier with no extra movements by simply getting yourself a shirt with pretty sleeves like hers. Adding some accessories is never wrong too.


A nice addition to your and Sana's style are definitely jackets, whether you're just layering clothes or want to keep yourself warm. On the one hand, to be like Sana, you can look for a classic beige oversize jacket like the one she often caught wearing in the airports where conditioners can be crazy.

If you're looking for something that will keep you comfortable and cozy, try a checkered cardigan! These versatile pieces can be worn in so many different ways, and they come in a wide range of colors and styles. You can wear them with dresses or jeans, and they look great layered over your favorite tee or tank top.

Therefore, getting away from the wind on the beach or wherever you might be, a cozy checkered cardigan is the choice. Sana's and yours if you wish!


Now to the next part but with the same checkered material story! As TWICE are famous with their girly concept, the preppy girl one is definitely about them. So this short dress with a button-down shirt and a cute ribbon to complete the cute but fancy look is the one to consider for whatever occasion you have.

However, we will never forget - and Sana will not let us as she really likes such dresses - her long white summer dress she wore during her vacation. A delicate design, lace long sleeves, and a soft smile. This is surely a dream girl look you can recreate with a dress like this.



But wait! There are obviously more sides to Miss Minatozaki's style, and she can as well be playful and even tomboyish. For that, choose a denim overall and wear a plain white tee underneath.


Jeans are Sana's favorite type of pants and we don't go against it! They go well with everything and you can wear them everywhere just like Sana. In the first pic she is right behind the scene during TWICE's world tour, wearing wide high waist jeans that are a must-have for everyone.

 And on the other side, she also preferred jeans when going to Switherland with her TWICE members to rest and see the world as tourists. There she wore skinny jeans and a simple sweatshirt, posing cutely with a flower and her groupmates and friends.

Way back then or now, jeans are Sana's favorite bottoms.


Coming back from the trip above or dozens of other travels where no one can be anything but exhausted, Sana is obviously all about comfort. Therefore, it's no surprise to see her wearing a flat pair of keds, and you don't need to be a tired idol to have a pair of these classics.

But she doesn't just wear flats and to enhance her cuteness as well as petite height, Sana also goes for sneakers, again white, but sometimes on a platform.


As every idol, Sana is always wearing accessories, especially for her stage performances. They add sparkles to her already sparkling beauty and give the audience more details to look at. To style like Sana, you can get yourself some shiny hairclips, earrings, or modest rings to not overdo with the shine.

But if you like less accessories, but still want to add points of cuteness to your looks, definitely check out these tiny hairclips. A tiny detail, but she looks 1000% more adorable with them on, doesn't she?

Now you know way more about TWICE Sana's style and definitely know how to dress like her! With her and your natural charms, such clothing, footwear, and accessories, will make you prettier and closer to the style of the idol.

To find where you can purchase similar pieces or learn about other TWICE members' styles, feel free to check our website!



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