Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seulgi From Red Velvet

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Seulgi From Red Velvet

Red Velvet is one of the most successful and popular third generation K-pop groups. Naturally, each member of the group stands out with their own special charm and aesthetics. Seulgi, being the main dancer of the group, definitely deserves this title and always captures the attention of the audience and honestly any person who is lucky to see her on or offline, with her clear movements that she accurately honed and trained for years in the practice rooms of SM Entertainment. She shines like a real star she is and fans are very interested in how they can dress like her. So today, we will analyze the style of Kang Seulgi of RED VELVET.

Seulgi is the epitome of a girl who combines everything: outstanding tenacity, great talent, bubbly personality, and of course the sophisticated beauty many brands and fashion magazines crave for. But also has a charming and often sporty style that many fans will find suitable for themselves. Let’s take a closer look on how to dress like her!


The most versatile and basic item that literally every person has in their wardrobe is of course the one and only - a tee. Seulgi prefers loose t-shirts in mono colors such as white, pale blue, pink without any extra details except for minimalistic prints here and there. However, with her expressive features she doesn’t even need to care about sophisticated outfits to look stylish and interesting.

And since we're taking inspiration from Seulgi, notice how differently she wears simple t-shirts. In the first photo she is in her most favorite outfit which every dancer loves, but with Seulgi’s colorful twist: she put on bright blue sweatpants ideal for movement and catching people’s eyes. So don’t be afraid of vivid colors!

In the next photo she is in a more casual look, in a large t-shirt and wide jeans, and we bet everyone has them in their closets. In the last photo, during one of her personal trips, she chose a casual summer outfit and tucked a delicate pink t-shirt into long dark shorts, posing in the direct sunlight.


No matter how old you are or what style you prefer, you must have a large comfortable hoodie in your wardrobe and Seulgi has a lot of them in different colors, but the main detail in them is that they are comfy with minimalistic. For example, in a photo popular on the Internet that she took on her phone, she was in a white hoodie with a bright blue and pink print. She looked so cute and homey and we think that any Reveluv can easily make their own version of these photos - just put on a white hoodie.

But if you are afraid of staining white clothes or prefer darker colors, Seulgi wears them as well. For example, this dark gray hoodie with large letters on it, which she put on in together with simple black pants.


There is not a single fashion guide that doesn’t include outerwear and one of Seulgi’s favorite outerwear pieces is a big classic jacket. She wears different types of them like this black oversized jacket under which she put on a bright yellow sweater, adding a bright blue tote bag during her trip to Japan. With a messy partly styled hair, our bear Seulgi looks the cutest, and we thing you agree with us.

However, if the next version of the jackets Seulgi wears frequently is this brown-gray checkered jacket, which, by the way, she again wore with a bright yellow shirt underneath. In an example photo she was enjoying a sunny day and waiting for her lunch in a cafe in one of the cities she visited during her and RED VELVET Eurotours.


We just mentioned a Eurotour, didn’t we? And one of the key dresses that Seulgi likes to wear is a simple short plaid dress that fits perfectly with her girly but still more minimalistic and comfortable style than many of her colleagues’.

This checkered dress in blue and orange tones perfectly matched her light orangey hair and we advise you to choose checkered dresses in colors that match your color type.


When it comes to pants which Seulgi prefers to skirts, she likes different types of them for different styles, but the most noticeable point is that they’re mostly wide and look insanely comfortable. For example, is we continue our story with plaid clothing in the first example Seulgi put on a simple oversized black t-shirt with bright print on it, and comfortable wide checkered pants along with sandals. This is the perfect look for a hot summer day.

Another look with pants: she wore a white t-shirt without any print, classic white sneakers, and black wide leg pants. The only bright detail in the image is her neon orange hair. No excessive accessorizing whatsoever, and we love it.

The third but no less important bottom type that Seulgi wears very often are casual high waist blue jeans. She added a striped sweater with a collar, black and white sneakers, and a black white bag. When she wants, she definitely pays attention to details, and it her outfits turn out perfect.


Don’t forget the fact that Seulgi is the main dancer not only in her group, she is a leading professional in the entire entertainment industry. It is obvious that her favorite type of footwear is sneakers, especially All Star keds. She has a lot of pairs in various colors from black and trendy ones with the platform, to simple blue or red sneakers.

She wears sneakers with big comfy sweatshirts and soft hoodies, jeans and sweatpants, but also opts for a more casual style with a white t-shirt and high rise jeans for the day outside of practice rooms.


Finishing our fashion guide with no less important thing than accessories, we want to note that Seulgi loves caps most of all, and she doesn’t really wear many other distinctive accessories.

It’s is important to note that Seulgi doesn’t choose caps mindlessly and always matches them with the rest of her outfit. For example, in the first photo, her khaki cap matches perfectly with a plain sweater and light brown pants, and in the next image, her bright blue cap goes well with checkered jacket, dark pants, white sneakers, and of course a bright orange bag. We all know how orange goes well with blue, and Seulgi is the perfect representation of how good this combination looks.

We think that Seulgi’s style will suit every reader of our article because she prefers to be stylish and minimalistic in her choice of clothes and accessories. Her style can be described as urban casual with classic elements like jackets when needed, and it can be also called sporty because she is still one of the best dancers in Korea and it shows. But you don’t have to be ranked as an idol to dress like Kang Seulgi, and we hope we proved that in our fashion guide.


All picture credits: Pinterest

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