Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like So-Yeon From (G)I-dle

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like So-Yeon From (G)I-dle

Soyeon's Alpha female energy is highly evident in her style

By Julianne Babaran

Leader, center, main rapper of (G)I-dle, mentor, composer, lyricist, and more! No doubt Jeon Soyeon is the moment. Apart from being naturally inclined to music, the star flited back and forth between just music or just dancing. Even dabbling in ballet and street dance for a time when she was younger. Her pursuits in singing came to no avail eventually leading her to try rapping, her vigor and trial and error led her to becoming (G)I-dle's main rapper and center. Since then, she's been composing, collaborating and producing for other idols apart from her own group. 

No doubt so far of her alpha female persona as she's well ahead of her game bringing a new sense edge to fashion. Slim legend and strong personality, anything on her could be rocked in a runway. The natural born creative is no short of different aesthetics and styles but her laid back looks can be just as relatable and worthy of emulating. 

Tops: Sexy Tank Tops, Graphic Tees, Cut out Blouses

Yellow Muscle Tee Top

Days off is a clear hands off sign for uncomfortable clothes! While out in exploring Soyeon opted for the ever reliable black leggings, chunky white sneakers, and yellow cropped muscle tee. Simplicity in fabric give a laid back and comfortable feel to an outfit. 

Basic White Muscle Tee

Dallas is truly blessed! White with any color is a beautiful no brainer combo but paired with distressed, low waist shorts takes it to an edgy and carefree level, she finished off the look with high cut combat boots for extra flare and it made all the difference. 

Graphic Race Track Tee

Everyone needs that one reliable graphic tee, in Soyeon way of styling, she matched it with a graphic designed pants with a similar print to her shirt to make the combination cohesive and matching. 

Elmo Style White Tee

Streetwear is the perfect place to experiment and wear something eccentric, with a graphic cartoon tee, Soyeon matched it with textured blue wide leg pants, Jordans and a leather back pack bag. The big on big size creates a baggy silhouette. 

White Cut Out One Piece

Soyeon is the queen of cut out clothes, especially seemingly revealing ones. Matching a reflective fabric one piece top, it was matched with distressed cut out jeans, but one accessory that helps accentuate the look is her wolf cut hair.  

Blue and Black Bralette and Denim Combo

This outfit is the simply the epitome of Soyeon's aura. Case closed. She paired a cut out graphic bralette top with angular cut denim shorts, and jacket with velvet boots. The combination is overall very angular, sassy and edgy. 

Jackets : Stylish Puffer Jackets & Fur Coats 

Military Green Trench Coat

The stylish life never ends, while out she styled this military green puff jackets with an equally cozy and chic knit co-ord set outfit underneath. She matched the textured set with a wool beanie hat for added cohesion. 

Orange Paisley Puffer Coat

Orange puffer coat plus orange shades, is not a vibe everyone can afford. Soyeon wore a basic white tank, leather black shirt, high cut socks and two colored sneakers in a series of posts, the orange blocked coat tied the eccentric outfit all together. Such a combo needs some sort of matching, in this case its the orange on orange shades and coat. 

Black and White Spotted Fur Coat

Dalmatian print is always going to look good, it goes especially well with a solid colored top for a better combination and cohesion.  

Powder Blue Crop Sweater

Everyone needs a super cozy pair of textured warm set. Soyeon likes ones with large and puffy sizes with a fit and flare of puff top and fitted skirt, adding a laced bralette top adds to the delicateness of the whole look. 

Dresses: Midi Slip Dress, Printed Bodycon

Floral Ditsy Midi Dress

Ditzy dresses are super underrated, the print is youthful but different color combinations make it mature. A flowy fit is more fitted for day time, she matched hers with chunky high cut sneakers for that city look. 

Black Satin Dress

A good high cut Converse pair goes perfectly with any solid colored slip dress. A transparent and block printed fabric looks great for pictures and give more texture and shape to an outfit without overdoing it. 

Grunge Printed Bodycon Dress

Alpha female energy, fully realized! While wearing a bodycon elaborately graphic printed dress, she strayed from traditional by wearing beige platform boots. Chunky shoes paired with bodycon dress is hard to pull off, but its a vibe nonetheless. 

Black and Blue Wavy Fluid Bodycon

Liquid printed dresses are so in. Soyeon power colors (incase you missed it, is blue). Simply paired with high cut socks, nude lip and stark black hair, there's definitely a foreshadowing of that cult fave "look" we all know and love. 


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