Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Solo Artist Chaelin "CL"

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Solo Artist Chaelin "CL"


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Lee Chaelin "CL" is one of the forefronts of It-Girl fashion style

CL is one of the earliest legendary K-pop icon who once led 2ne1, a second generation South Korean royalty girl band. However, when the group disbanded, each member had their own paths. In few years time, CL had finally entered into the American mainstream where she setup her solo music career. Truly music is her priority, but looking at the idol's Instagram, you'll see that she's also a fashion icon. Well, it's np doubt why she gets invited with fashion events and had big fashion brands noticed her. Below, we gathered her badass outfits that would definitely blow your mind away.


Handkerchief Top

While handkerchief tops just went in vogue, CL on the one hand, had already killed one more than a decade ago. Surely, she's one of the trendsetter of this. As flashed below, she paired it a denim pants with a lace shorts and a Moshchino undies.


Black Sleeveless Crop Top

Here, she pulled a classic chic style by pairing her black sleeveless top with a high-rise denim jeans, creating also a queen bee vibes.


Black Tube Top

Nothing feels and looks sexier than CL wearing a tube top. Here, she paired it with a fitted miniskirt to flaunt her sexy aura more.



High-rise Fitted Denim Pants

CL added heat on summer by pulling a 90s vibe in her denim to denim outfit. But what made the look chicer is the high-rise denim pants.


Baggy Denim Pants

Meanwhile, below she pulled an eclectic look by pairing her chunky denim jacket with a baggy denim pants, creating a different level of statement.


Tattered Denim Pants

Tattered and ripped jeans are one of a K-pop idol signature base, and as a K-pop icon herself, it's only right to wear one and show us how it's done.



Red Lace Top Mini Dress

CL flaunt her sexy aura below by wearing a red mini dress which has a lace sheer top. For an additional volume, she topped it with a long maroon coat.


Asymmetrical Mini Dress with Long Trail

Looking sexy is CL's signature style and she showed it below in her white asymmetrical mini dress with long trail. Then, she finished it off with a chunky sneakers.



CL looked elegant in her LBD which she paired with a stiletto shoes from Toryburch. A stockings is also essential in adding a hot flare.



Denim Jacket

CL styled a 90s fit in her Balenciaga staples - denim jacket and pants which looked edgy, but definitely a fashion forward.


Fur Jacket

An It-girl fashion wouldn't be complete without having a fur jacket, so CL secured one and paired it with leather dress.


Prada Zipped Up Jacket

CL enjoyed her luxurious moments as she pulled a white Prada zipped up jacket paired with a cotton shorts from the same brand. Thus, creating a white chic ensemble.



Red Beret Hat

CL created a Parisian chic look by pulling a red beret hat which she paired with an oversized black tee and ankle boots of the same shade.


Cow Print Bucket Hat

CL definitely beat the heat in her black bikini which she paired with this white cow print bucket hat to protect her face from the hot rays of the sun.


Blue LA Cap

Going back to basic never goes wrong with LA caps, and CL showed us how it's done. Here, she paired her blue LA cap with her white tee.



Black Knee-High Boots

CL finished off her iconic look by pairing her dress with a knee-high booties, giving her a chicer touch.


Purple Velvet Pointed Boots

Meanwhile in her post below, she pulled an eclectic style as she paired her vibrant blue dress with a purple velvet pointed boots. Their shades are definitely contrasting and are not complimenting, but CL wore them with confidence.


Alexander Wang Open Toe Heels

CL completed her sleek and chic look with an Alexander Wang open toe heels which also elongated her legs even more.



Square Glasses

CL added aesthetics on her swag style by wearing an oversized peach toned square glasses which flattered her oval face even more.


Black Hangover Glasses

Looking at CL's outfit below, you'll definitely get an hangover. As flashed below, she spiced up her coat dress with a black hangover glasses, creating a more iconic look.


Cat-eye Sunglasses

But nothing looks more iconic than a semi-rimless cat-eye sunglasses like what CL wears below. Here, she looked chic and fashionable as ever.


Pulling an It-girl fashion is now easy as CL taught you how in her featured outfits above.

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