Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Taeyeon from SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Taeyeon from SNSD

Beyond SNSD, Taeyeon marked a name and career for herself and her unique style is worth taking closer look

By Julianne Babaran

Debuting with Girls' Generation, as one the eight members, their combined forces helped in furthering the popularity of K-pop to the international scene. With five videos on Youtube, all having over 100 million views, they reached recognition as the first Asian girl group to hold such achievement. Their songs are wildly popular and known as even current and new K-pop idols refer and quote their songs. 

Taeyeon debuted as a solo singer in 2015 and has since then been making  a name for herself, winning multiple awards and just recently joining a new unit in SM called 'Girls on Top'. She is known for her versatile and powerful voice singing soulful ballads. Her petite frame and long running career doesn't stop her from dressing just as youthful and stylish. If you also put much effort in your career but struggle to find a more creative way to dress, read more as we break down the common elements to get that 'Taeyeon Style'. 

Tops : Sleeveless Blouses 

Beige Tank Blouse with Knit detail 

Showing off some skin doesn't stop when you reach a certain age. The star keeps her youthful glow by wearing tops playful enough without bearing too much. In the photo she wore a knit top with a lace up tie design by the sides, playful enough but not revealing in the wrong areas. Also notice she adds flare in her hairstyle, also seen in matching a blouse with baggy pants. 

Black Cut out Detail and off the shoulder top 

Taeyeon loves to look put together and chic and it shows. For black tops and neutral palettes, she adds little hints of flare. In the fourth photo she takes up the straps of her heels to her pants to add a cinched shape. She also styled her hair differently to create flow rather than a boring or simple hairdo.  

Square Neck Blouse with White and Pearl Design 

With a petite frame, Taeyeon finds it important to dress appropriately. She likes to wear a straight neck top and dresses with puff or shaped sleeves to compliment her shoulder frame. Here she wore a dainty style crop top that shapes her small figure giving it some shape. 

Powder Blue Wide Scoop Neck Top 

You can layer tops with different necklines to achieve a color palette. She loves looking girly so adding accessories help in doing such. To follow a theme, it needs to look uniform and cohesive so try to stick to things that compliment each other. 

Bottoms : Snug Fit Pants 

Straight Leg Jeans 

With slim legs and such a small frame, picking bottoms that fit are one thing. She styles her outfits in such a way that will flatter her bottoms. For example, a wider fit such as the one below means you need a fitted top to not overpower or overwhelm your silhouette. 

High Waisted Baggy Distressed Jeans 

When going for a very baggy bottom, she pairs it with a very small top, again to not overpower her silhouette. It makes the midriff area appear very slim and tiny while the jeans will make a baggy and laid back edge. 


Playful Skirts 

Pink and White Checkered Mini Skirt 

A boring colored skirt will result in a casual and common look, Taeyeon styles them more playfully when posing for events. She wore this pink checkered skirt to match a pastel top. To make it look more dressy, she adds a jeweled belt detail to add some flare. 

Dusty Pink and Gray Layered Tulle Midi Skirt 

She wore this playful editorial like ruffled skirt with tulle fabric, but in order to make in more her style, it was paired with more masculine accessories like brown leather boots and a plain tube top. 

Dresses : Elegant Fit 

Plain Black Dress with Pleated Skirt and Belt Detail 

To compliment her figure more accurately, similar to how she styles her blouse, she retains the straight neckline. A less puffier silhouette but still keeping an A-line, will make it more appear more elegant and will elongate the body. 

Bold Red Tank style dress with simple A-line silhouette 

Taeyeon might be a creature of habit when it comes to dresses as she rocks the similar elements even in bolder or other styles. Given, it's not limited to a style because what matters most is silhouette. Photo below shows the same style but in a bolder red color. 

Black Button Up Mini Dress with Star detail 

 A tighter and more snug fit dress is quite a rare occasion for her but it would obviously still look great! This button style dress is very common for idols and it appropriate for any major event, she matched with black and gold accents jewelry to match the dress. 


Jackets : Stylish Fits 

Brown Crop Jersey Bomber Jacket 

Taeyeon is not limited to her jacket game. She likes ones that are more on the fashion and stylish realm than those in the more neutral styles. We think this brown crop jersey jacket would be fitting for anyone even on casual days. The style can easily be dressed down, but in Taeyeon fashion, she likes to dress things up. 

Gray Velvet Style Tracksuit Set 

A hack to emulate her well coordinated outfits is to get sets! A jacket with matching jogger set captures her matching style and having it in a velvet finish can tick off that fashion flare shows off. 


Knit / Crochet Style

Pastel Design Knit Sweater 

Don't be intimidated by the world stylish as it can mean a bunch of other things. In this next one, she wore a knitted pullover with graphic and cute design. This style is also common for BLACKPINK's Jennie. She styled the youthful sweater with a youthful theme hairstyle with her braids. 

Multicolored Pastel Crochet Crop Cardigan 

Another way to style which is more friendly to a warmer climate is knitted cardigans. She loves braids, so in keeping that gypsy and outdoorsy look, she laced it up with a ribbon. Meanwhile she matched the crochet delicate top with a pastel crop top to make it cohesive. 

Hats : Crochet Bucket Hats 

Knitted Cardigan 

Croquette styles seem to be growing on Taeyeon. If you can, this accessory is peppered on her Insta, the bucket style hat but in crochet/ knitted style provides great warmth. Getting ones with multi colors and design is great way to sneak in some style. 

Beige and White Crocheted Bucket Floppy Hat 

Here's the style in a more picnic and dressy way. Knit hats are not very common as knit is hard to turn into fast fashion. Having one will make you stand out, likewise it will never be out of style because it of its classic and quality charm. 


 Accessories : Headbands and Hair Clips 

Pink Silk Headband 

Anyone who knows the star knows she loves to wear head accessories. In her pink bubble gum hair era, she wore this satin thick headband that gave a nice touch. Although we find having this with black, brown or blonde hair colors will look just a cute. 

Pink Ribbon Hair Clips 

Ribbon style hair clips are also making a comeback, you can wear them alone or together. She loves to match it with the colors of her outfits. If you're wearing a pink piece of clothing in you outfit, it can be dressed down way to style them. 

Butterfly Hair Clip Accessory

Taeyeon was definitely ahead of her time, these butterfly hair slips are a solid going trend still seen today. In light of wearing a floral style dress she wore butterfly clips to match the look. The color combination are a match made even, try it for yourself! 


Her style definitely fits the more aesthetic and fashion conscious people, we encourage anyone to dress just as playful! 

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