Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Taeyong From NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Taeyong From NCT



Taeyong is not only a leader of NCT 127, but also a fashion icon that fans are obsessing with.

As the visual of NCT, Taeyong never fails to capture every girls heart and make them go crazy about him. His sense of fashion is like a pro-level as he knows how to best highlight his special features. Also, his perfectionist attitude helped him to have a keen eye for finer details in dressing himself. Hence, making sure that he look great in any outfit he pulls. Below, shows several outfits of Taeyong in a different styles.


White Muscle Tee

While Taeyong loves finer details, he also does well in pulling a simple staple like this white muscle tee that unveil his veins. Thus, creating a sexy look.


White Shirt With Minimalist Print

It's crucial to be comfortable when pulling any outfit, hence Taeyong make sure that he always integrate fashion and comfort in one. Below, he matched his white shirt with tattered denim to add additional spice. A bucket hat also do well for an extra detail.


Long sleeves Polo

Meanwhile, below he strut like your boyfriend ready to pick you for a romantic date by wearing a long sleeve polo paired with a slux pants. 



Wide Leg Denim Pants

In his shoot for W Korea, he opted for a sexy concept by pairing his wide leg denim pants with a black top which he left unopened. Meanwhile, if you scroll right, you'll see that he went edgy by adding sheer skirt on his pants.


Tattered Jeans

Ripped or tattered jeans are every K-pop idol's signature base and as an idol himself, he also wore one of which. Here, he paired it with a knitted sweater.


Acid Wash Jumpsuit

While Taeyong is wearing jumpsuit, he instead used it as his base by not wearing the top part. As a king of finer details, he matched his Celine shirt with the color of the jumpsuit, making it more aesthetic.



White Shirt Layered With A Bomber Jacket And A Black Base

As a fashion icon, Taeyong knows how to mix and match clothes to create a cool outfit just like below. Here, he matched his white shirt with a bomber jacket for more volume, and finished it with a black base to complete the balance.


A Shirt And A Jogger Pants

Meanwhile, in the image below, he looked swag in his oversized shirt matched with a jogger pants. Sneakers are essential in this type of look, therefore Taeyong had worn one. 


Leather Jacket and Snake Print Base

Taeyong look elagantly cool in his dance attire for their performance in Tokyo. Here, he had worn a black inner top, topped with a brown leather jacket ad paired with snake print pants. Layered necklaces are essential for finer details, and Taeyong had wear some. 



Adidas Jacket

Taeyong was spotted wearing an Adidas jacket in his post below where he used it to topped off his red polo shirt. 


Supreme Denim Jacket

Taeyong flaunts Supreme below as he wears it from top to bottoms. The denim jacket is surely iconic, and this can be paired with any clothes. However, Taeyong used it for layering his white shirt and paired it with a denim base as well, creating a 90s denim to denim style.


Varsity Jacket

Taeyong looked edgy on his photo below as he layered his hoodie with a jacket, creating more layers. Nevertheless, the style is fashion forward.



Black Bucket Hat

Hats are Taeyong's favorite accessories, as they effortlessly elevate his looks. For instance, below he pulled a black bucket hat on his winter look, transforming it into a street style.


Balenciaga Beanie

Taeyong looked ethereal in his beanie and hoodie below. The beanie added a flare on his purple hair. Above all, it helped making his street style more eye-popping.


Blue Gucci Baseball Cap

Wearing a blue baseball cap from Gucci is just right in spicing up his tropical summer look, as it effortlessly added a vibrant touch.



Adidas Shell-toe Flats

While playing a badminton, it is just right to choose a comfortable shoes like this Adidas shell-toe flat shoes that Taeyong had worn. They are not only stylish, for it allows him to move comfortably while playing.


Nike High-cut Sneakers

Nothing goes wrong with any Nike sneakers for they are simply stylish. Here, Taeyong opted for red shade in pairing his leopard print outfit.


Black Chunky Crocs

Meanwhile, in sporting his black ensemble, he opted for this chunky crocs that added an additional inch of height while keeping himself comfortable.



Silver Curb Necklace

In adding a finer details, necklaces are Taeyong's secret ingredient. Starting off with one layer of necklace, where he had worn a silver curb below to accentuate his sexy neck.


Here, Taeyong had worn the same type, however, he added a padlock pendant and its size increase a little so as to get more attention and provide a cooler touch.


Layered Necklaces

Meanwhile in looking edgy, layered necklaces work best. As flashed below, the multiple layers of necklace gave Taeyong a more sparks.


Looking iconic wouldn't be hard now after going through this article, right? Stay tune for the guide of the other NCT members.

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