Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wendy From Red Velvet

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wendy From Red Velvet

Despite coming from a wealthy background, Wendy of Red Velvet is one of the most humble, kind, and sweet idols out there! From her insane vocals showing off in her Canadian school to her debut with one of SM's most iconic girl groups RED VELVET in 2014, she always had this girl-next-door vibe. And you'd never think that she is that unreachable alien thanks to her down-to-earth personality and delicate, appealing beauty.

But even not forgetting about her almost aristocratic background, fans have commended that Wendy and her fellow members are forgoing the purchase of expensive cars and homes in favor of contributing a percentage of their earnings to organizations that help others. And with the massive success of RED VELVET, their recent comeback with an album called "Feel my rhytm", and Wendy's own solo debut, we bet that the positive changes girls make in the world are amazing. Everything from the girls' and especially Wendy's actions screams kindness and modesty. Her style as well!

Today we are going to talk about Wendy's or Son Seungwan's - which is her real name - fashion. And before we jump in, you will find her style perfect if you like casual clothes, checkered shirts, and everything comfortable. Just like Seungwan herself - classy, simple, and humble - her style is the true representation of her personality.

Cropped Buttoned Shirts

Wendy loves to wear girly crop tops and shirts with large short sleeves and pleats. She prefers light colors like pale blue and soft pink and usually wears these shirts with a short skirt or high waisted wide leg jeans. 

This delicate type of clothing suits her soft features and her legendary bob hairstyle very well. And thanks to her bright smile she doesn't need any accessories and you don’t need to be worried about them.

Denim Button-down Shirt

The next thing we found for you while studying style of Wendy is denim shirts. It’s obvious that she loves them and wears them on every occasion like when she's on the radio, where she wore a denim shirt, a pearl necklace around her neck, and big nerdy glasses.

Or her other appearance at the event dedicated to the release of her solo album with the title song “Like water” that really helped the public see the full vocal range of RED VELVET’s lead vocalist, and her elegant and soft beauty. With her iconic blonde, greenish-gray lenses, she looked perfect and oncee again poved her love to denim, wearing a short-sleeved denim shirt.

Plaid Shirts

Seungwan definitely has a preference for specific parts of her wardrobe and the next must-have item for every fan of hers is the oversized plaid shirt. A shirt like this will definitely add coziness to your style and you can take Inspiration in Wendy and choose a dark blue plaid shirt and put on nerdy glasses or wear a yellow plaid shirt over a black sweater. Either way you’ll look casual and sweet like her. And we just thought… what if you bump into her and both of you wear a plaid shirt? That would be a real idol and fan moment!

Leather Jackets

Have you noticed something common in our - actually Wendy's - looks today? That’s right, Wendy is wearing glasses again and this accessory is definitely her top one. But showing how versatile both her glasses and Wendy herself can be: from casual plaid shirts to this time a black baggy leather jacket. With her dark hair and black jeans as bottoms, she looked bold, but without overdoing it.

Classic Pants

Wendy's style can be described as casual and classic. Even the pants she prefers are most of the time modest and classic ones in dark shades. They are usually high-waisted and look quite simple but immediately show Wendy's character and simplicity in an elegant preppy way.

There are a million ways and places you can wear pants like this. And we really mean it. Let’s see the travel photos of RED VELVET. Wendy wore dark gray high rise pants and a cozy sweater for a pic with Seulgi in New York. On another photo, again in another country, where she posed sitting on a bench with Joy, Seulgi, and Yeri, Wendy chose to wear a   jumper over a light-colored shirt and simple white sneakers.


Wendy's favorite type of shoes can be divided into two parts. And the first are these comfortable walking sneakers in black. In the first look she wore a cardigan over a t-shirt and a midi length denim dress. But you can style a versatile and classic pair of such keds with literally anything.

The second favorite type of footwear of Wendy is sneakers again, but in a more sporty style. As you can see in one of the photos fans have taken at the airport, she was once again spotted in her favorite plaid shirt - this time in white and blue - simple black pants, and sporty white sneakers with black lines that really completed her look.


And finally we got to the part of the style of our lovely Seungwan that you could see in almost all the photos. And of course it's the glasses, but they are as versatile as she is, so you can wear  them for both playful and sporty looks like in the first photo, where Wendy is wearing a simple white t-shirt with kittens, and black cardigan. Or you can look really cozy and cute and wear thin golden glasses with a caramel v-neck cardigan.

In the end, despite the status of a worldwide known celebrity, one of the greatest vocalists of K-pop, and the high position of her family, Wendy remains to be her true self: a very modest but stylish girl with a bunch of talent and hard work behind her. Her style can be suitable for almost any person because it is comfortable, and you don’t have to go overboard or buy expensive brands to dress like Wendy of RED VELVET.


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