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Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Wonyoung From IVE

Photo credits: Starship Entertainment

IVE's visual, Jang Won Young (장원영)'s fashion sense garners massive attention for consistently doing great in experimenting different styles.

Jang Won Young is one of the members of the newest K-pop girl band, IVE. However, she's probably not new to the eyes of some K-pop fans especially those who had been following the popular survival show Produce48 in 2018. Back then, she was the youngest contestant in the competition, aging 13 to be exactly. But, what made her instantly popular aside from her visuals and charms, is the fact that she ranked 1 on the said survival show which pave the way in securing her spot in the project girl group IZ*ONE. Now, she continues to be a hot topic when she was revealed to be the third member of IVE, primarily becoming the face of the group. Surely, no one could argue that as she has ethereal visuals that most of us dream of having. 

But, worry no more, as we will dive deeper on how Wonyoung dolls her self up, accentuating her sophisticated aura and always look good in almost everything.


Get that Chic yet Cozy Look with Turtlenecks

Wonyoung loves turtlenecks whether they are cropped, sleeveless, or long-sleeved. Surely, she likes to keep her neck warm while still looking stylish to emphasize her gorgeous visuals. For instance, in the photo below, she wears a long-sleeves white turtleneck layered with a fur jacket creating a fashionable ensemble while staying cozy. Obviously, this look showed that turtlenecks works well with layering, and proves that these type of staples saves you from sacrificing style during colder days.


Layering Never Goes Wrong with Turtlenecks

However, opting for fitted turtlenecks when it comes to layering is ideal, as these stay fully tucked. Meanwhile, choosing blazers are great option in layering turtlenecks as it saves you from looking and feeling bulky. As seen in this photo, Wonyoung wears a white fitted sleeveless turtleneck layered with white blazer giving her a polished and clean look. Obviously, she adjusted her blazer a little to show off her angular shoulders. 


Crop Turtleneck to Highlight that Waist!

Crop turtlenecks are surely a staple in every girl's wardrobe because they are both functional and fashionable. As previously stated, they provide warm to anyone's neck, but having them in a cropped variation definitely helps in accentuating that narrowest part of your torso or showing off that belly. Here, Wonyoung styles her light brown crop turtleneck which help flex her flat belly. Then, she paired it with a white high-waisted pants and layered it with a cream bolero sweater embellish with gold accessory. Certainly, all the shade matches, creating a beige palette that screams for aesthetic vibes but still keeping the sophisticated look.


Black Turtlenecks Do Magic in Showing Off that V-line

Black visually recedes and absolutely helps one minimize efforts in selecting outfit to look good because this shade easily makes a sleek look. However, in matters of turtleneck, this shade goes well in terms of accentuating oval and diamond face shapes. Wonyoung for instance, has an oval face and the turtleneck she had worn in this photo flatters her V-line smoothly. But, even without having the mentioned facial frames, black turtlenecks works best with everyone as they help creating an illusion, making your face looks smaller.


Crop Blouses to Look Fine

As mentioned on the previous article, any cropped staples are Yujin's favorite go-to. But, looking at these photos, Wonyoung could definitely slays them as well! On the first photo, she styles her crop blouse with a neutral shade of white, creating a perfect balance. Meanwhile the light green shade of the embellished flowers on her top gives a summery casual look.


On the second photo, as flashed below, she styles her white crop blouse with a fitted high-waist washed denim that helps elongate her legs more while creating a fine sophisticated look. High-waist bottoms are ideal to partner with crop blouses to avoid feeling risqué but still looking stylish and classy.


Square Neck Off Shoulder Drawstring Crop Top for Sweet Chic Look

While crop tops give a sexy touch, they can also make you look sweet but still keeping the chic vibe alive. As seen on the photo, Wonyoung looks sweet and delicate despite wearing this black square neck off shoulder drawstring crop top. Its silhouette is just enough and not too tight to overpower the sweetness in Wonyoung's face, while its square neck and off shoulder sleeve helped accentuate both of her sexy clavicle and angular shoulders.

You may get one of this Wonyoung inspired square neck off shoulder drawstring crop top to accentuate your sweet and chic side at once.

Photo credits:엑스포츠뉴스

Hanging Neck Striped Long-Sleeve for Casual and Relaxed Look

Wonyoung also wants to feel cozy while in the public and as flashed on the picture, she wears a striped long sleeve for more relaxed feels. But, to give the cloth a style and detail, she opt for the one with hanging neck. Hence, defintely achieving a casual style with more relaxed feels.

If you're interested in throwing off the same style and get yourself one of this hanging neck striped long sleeve, you may check it here.

Photo credits: Ditto via Pinterest


A-Line Miniskirt for Neat but Chic Look

If you come across Wonyoung's instagram (for_everyoung10), you'll see for yourself that she loves skirts so much. Surely, they are her favorite go-to bottoms whether she's having shoots, travelling, or just simply doing her own thing. As seen on the first picture, she wears a white A-line skirt paired with a white crop top, creating the best and sexy white ensemble. To create a perfect balance, she had worn a black combat boots which helps accentuate her long legs.


Yellow Pleated Skirt Makes You Instantly Timeless

Yellow bottoms are very underrated, but as what the photo displays, Wonyoung effortlessly rocks this shade. Since the shade is bright, she topped her skirt with a darker shade of royal blue crop top embellished with a renaissance inspired collar. Then, she had worn a white gloves and a long white socks partnered with black flat shoes. Thus, creating a sophisticated look that speaks for a timeless fashion which gives a very vintage vibes, touch with a bit of modern feels. 


Black Variation of Pleated Mini Skirt

Here, Wonyoung wears the same type of skirt, but in a different shade and style. She paired her skirt with a classic top embellished with huge lace collar and puffy sleeves which again, gives a touch of the old styles, making her look timeless and in the same manner made her look mature yet lavish. Needless to say, skirts whether pleated or not goes well with any tops, and are good for any styles may it be classic, chic, or casual.


A-Line Micro-mini Pleated Denim Skirt

For an edgy chic look, this flattering A-Line micro-mini skirt is an ideal especially if you really want to show off your beautiful legs. Here, Wonyoung easily emphasized her attractive skinny legs by wearing this type of skirt and paired with a fur sleeved top to give it a touch of lavish.

If you're interested in pulling an edgy but chic style, get yourself one of this Wonyoung inspired A-Line Micro-mini Skirt. 

Photo credits: NAVER


Teal Chiffon Fit And Flare Cocktail Dress

In matters of formal events, Wonyoung should be the one who would you be calling because she never fails to slay and look expensive in any outfit, especially when wearing formal dresses whether long ones or shorter variations. In the first photo, she wears a teal chiffon fit and flare cocktail dress which flatters her slim figure while giving her an ethereal look. Surely, the dress did magic in  accentuating her gorgeous features to the best of its ability. However, even without having the same figure, chiffon type of dresses easily gives anyone a touch of glamour as it falls beautifully on any body type. Meanwhile, the cocktail types are good for any formal occasions such as prom, hosting, wedding, formal dinner date, and many more.


Long Gowns to Look Elegant and Luxurious

Long gowns of any variations or color never goes out of style in any formal events, especially during beauty pageants. They easily give elegance and glamour to anyone who wears them. Here, Wonyoung wears a red one shoulder sleeve mermaid gown which gives her an exquisite look. Meanwhile, the shade of red shows off a little bit of her sexy aura but still maintaining the sophistication. Also, she embellish herself with different silver accessories like rings, earrings, bracelet, and necklace which made the over all look more luxurious. Not to mention that the silver stilettos matches with the accessories too.


High-low Cocktail Dress for a Sophisticated yet Chic Look

If you are opting for more playful and stylish dresses for any formal occasion, high-low dresses are the great choice. Meanwhile, the cocktail types gives more impression while easily helps you highlight those long legs. As seen on the photo below, Wonyoung wears a black high-low cocktail dress paired with a golden stilettos which gives her a more mature yet sophisticated look while still maintaining the chic look. However, if you are opting for a more casual feels while in a formal event, pairing these type of dresses with sandals or flats are great alternatives, especially if you're not into heels.



White Crystal-embellished Coordinates

Wonyoung's visuals are always emphasize with the different dance or performance attire she had worn. Surely, her stylist knows how to accentuate her beauty as she never fails to impeccably dolled her up. For instance, in the photo below, she wears a matching pieces of clothes. Her top is a fitted crop long sleeve embellished with different  sparkling stones that gives her a very luxurious look. Also, choosing tops with sparkly ensembles are great option in matters of performing on stages as it helps gives one an attention from crowd because it'll make you shine. Meanwhile, her A-line skirt embellished with golden chain, white pearl, and black ribbon speaks for a feminine vibe. Finally, the make-up also did well in giving her a sexy aura.


Crop Top, Shorts, and Boots Gives a More Sexy yet Stylish Look

But, if you're looking for a sexier yet stylish look for whatever agenda you have. May it be a dance performance, or you want to elevate your Tiktok dance films, or you just simply wants to look stylish, mix and matching cropped garments and shorts paired with boots work best. In this photo, Wonyoung  wears a plaid sleeveless crop top embellished with black ruffles, giving her a chic look. Then, she paired it with a fitted black shorts with chains, accentuating her slim waist. Also, she wears a long gloves with ruffles which made the look more unique. Finally, she finished the look with high-cut boots that helps elongate her legs more. Obviously, this look emphasized her sexy aura but still keeping that sophistication and style alive.


All White Ensemble for a Polished and Clean yet Chic Look

No one could argue that the neutral shade of white effortlessly gives anyone a warmth. But, in other way around, it unconsciously give one an excitement and thus, it is perfect for dancing. In this video, Wonyoung is wearing a white sleeveless fitted crop top which helps show off her slim waist and flat belly. Meanwhile, the fitted cropped bolero blazer highlighted her angular shoulder, and her white legging trousers provides comfort which is good for dancing. Finally, her white sneakers completed the best all white ensemble.

Get the exact white legging trouser that Wonyoung below to create a comfy chic look.



Puff Sleeve Floral Dress

Puff sleeve and floral dresses are the most popular basic staples in emphasizing your femininity and delicate side. Surely, they never go out of style and are good go-to especially on dates. Wonyoung loves to wear these type when showing off her dainty side. For instance, in the first photo, she wears a white puff sleeve dress embellish with flowers while she's having her cake and coffee meal. Obviously, this dress help reveal a cute side of Wonyoung, and certainly would work to anyone who wish to look cute while feeling cozy like her.


Sleeveless Floral Dress

While puff dresses shows her cute side, floral dresses, primarily the sleveless one like what is being flashed below, emphasize her femininity nature. Here, she wears a white sleeveless embellished with bigger light pink and light green flowers that create a perfect balance. Obviously, the look is casual but she layered it with light pink denim jacket to make it more flattering. Needless to say, layering is ideal in sleeveless dresses to elevate the overall outfit more.


Puff Sleeve Dresses Instantly Makes You Classy

Here, Wonyoung wears the same type of dress in the first photo but in another variation. The puff sleeve in the video looks more bulky which gives a Victorian style vibes that once again speaks for a classic timeless look.


Tulle Pastel Green Mini Dress For a Fresh Look

Another mini dress that Wonyoung definitely slay is this tulle pastel green minidress which gives her a more refreshing feels, and at the same time flatters her skin complexion. But, surely she knows what she wants as she added a touch of edgy look to her feminine style by wearing a sneakers paired with a pastel green high socks. This outfit is perfect for outdoor activities like picnic dates.

So, if you're interested in this very flattering dress which you could wear on your outdoor adventure, you may check this Wonyoung inspired tulle minidress in the exact shade of pastel green.

Photo credits: Innisfree


Leather Jackets Are Still In Vogue

Leather jackets are one of the underrated staples, but are surely stylish when styled correctly. They are good for layering especially when achieving a street style fashion. Here, Wonyoung had worn a cropped leather jacket which adds a cool touch to her inner powder blue crop top. Then, she pairs these tops with a pleated mini skirt and a high-cut socks, and embellishing her look with a bright yellow bag. Thus, creating a runway style look.


But, if opting for a more casual yet sophisticated look, mix-matching clothes and accessories go well with leather jackets. For instance, in this photo, Wonyoung wears the same tops including the jacket, and bottoms. The only difference is that she extends the sleeve of her inner top outside the jacket, making it more stylish. Also, she changed her footwear into white sneakers, and opted for a color black bag, creating a perfect balance in the overall look.


Fur/Wool Jackets to Keep You Cozy and Stylish During Winter

You do not have to set-aside fashion even during the coolest time of the year as fur or wool jackets could keep you warm while still making you look fashionable. Also, these are great alternative if leather types are not your style. As seen in the photo, Wonyoung still slays even by just layering these type of jacket alone. In the first photo, she layered her white lamb wool jacket underneath a knitted long-sleeves, keeping her warmer and stylish. Who would have thought that she can still look expensive even through those thick layers? Meanwhile, her bear hat added a touch of cuteness to her visuals.


Fur and Pastel Color For a More Feminine Look

However, if you are opting for a more feminine vibes, choosing any shades of pink would do magic, and selecting fur types over wool is ideal. Here, Wonyoung wears a pink fur jacket which is layered under a white top, paired with a pastel pink A-line skirt, creating an aesthetic look.


Long Coat for a Semi-formal Winter Look

While Wonyoung slays on the thick layers of fur and leather jackets, she could also pull a coat, primarily this gray long jacket coat below. Surely, it gave her chic look a touch of semi-formal vibes by layering it under her white crop top. Also, coats are quiet stylish and thus are very advisable when you want to combine fashion and comfort in one like Wonyoung.

Get this exact look by checking out this Wonyoung inspired long sleeve jacket coat.

Photo credits: @ayano_wonyoung


Crystal-embellished Black Beret Hat

Beret hats are surely Wonyoung's thing. She loves to wear them to add more glamour to her look. Here, Wonyoung wears a black beret hat embellished with various stones, giving her a more expensive look and helps emphasize her gorgeous features more.


Plain Berets to Embellish Your Look

But, if you're opting for a simpler side, plain berets are ideal, as long as you match them with any shade from your outfit's palette. For instance, Wonyoung instantly elevated her look by wearing a black beret hat. She chose the shade black from her top to maintain balance, preventing the look to appear exaggerated.


Replace Those Beanies with Berets to Achieve that Parisian Chic Style

Whether you're going to Paris or not, you can still bring that French style wherever you are right now by just wearing berets. Obviously, they are staples in French women's wardrobe as they pair them with almost anything. Meanwhile, Wonyoung in the photo below, wears another black beret but with a minimal white pearl design. In this case, she matched hers with a flowy long sleeve embellished with bow neck collar, paired with a plaid skirt, creating a Parisian chic style.



Boots are Coming Back in Vogue

Nowadays, boots are becoming trending again not only in the runway setting. They now appear in some people's wardrobe. If one knows how to style them right, they can be versatile and looks great with almost anything. In Wonyoung's case, you can find more of her instagram photos where she wears boots. Obviously, she loves them. For instance, the photo below shows Wonyoung wearing a plain high-cut boots which flatters her long legs. Also, she pairs them with a fitted dress, creating a chic style. Needless to say, boots suits well with fitted or tight dresses.


Boots Embellish with Strings and Chain

But, if opting for a more stylish yet maintains the sophisticated chic style, going for the embellished ones is ideal. Here, Wonyoung matched her red and black bodycon dress with black high-cut boots embellished with strings and chain. The designs smoothly added a touch of coolness and sassiness but still keeping a perfect balance to the over all fit.


Flip-Flops for a Cozy and Casual Style

However, if you are into a more simpler side and prioritize comfort, flip-flop slippers are ideal. Although, these are the most basic type of footwear, they can still look stylish and fashionable as long as they are styled correctly and match with right outfits. Here, Wonyoung still look expensive even she's just wearing a white slippers embellish with a plaid design. Surely, the slippers create a cozy style, but her choice of tops and bottoms kept the chic look alive. 



Shades Never Fails to Upgrade a Look

Sunglasses are the most basic accessories that can upgrade anyone's visuals. Also, they are both functional and fashionable as they provide comfort in eyes during sunny days, and adds style on a latter side. Wonyoung loves to wear them especially when she's strolling around. In the first photo, she wears a navy green pilot shades with a plastic frame. Plastic frame sunglasses are lighter than metal ones and they do not easily rust. Meanwhile, the pilot frame shape works well with any face shape. But, opting for darker color like Wonyoung's is ideal as they match well with any shade of your outfit, whether neutral or dark.


Cat Eye Frames For a Splash of Sassiness

Meanwhile, if you are looking for frames that gives a touch of sassiness, cat eye frames are the answer. In one of Wonyoung's instagram post, she mentioned that these cat eye frame displayed on the photo below are her favorite go-to shades. Obviously, this sunglasses made the look more expensive but still keeping the chic style. Meanwhile, this type of frames works well with round, triangular, and square faces. But, if you have an oval face like Wonyoung, worry no more as any frames work well with this shape.


Clear Round Frame Glasses Slay with Any Outfits!

Clear glasses are still on top of the list among trending eyewear. No doubt because they are classic and can be mix and match with any outfit of your choice. Here, Wonyoung wears a clear glasses with round frame to emphasize her almost perfect oval face shape. Also, since it is oversized, it helps bring more attention to her face, and thus highlight her ethereal visuals. 


Life is not perfect, but surely your outfit can be, especially after looking deeper into Wonyoung's styles. To develop your fashion sense even more check out IVE's other members articles: Yujin's, Leeseo's, Rei's, Liz's, and Gaeul's.

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