Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeji From ITZY

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeji From ITZY

If you're like me, who's a K-pop fan but at the same time a Fashion enthusiast, well, you are lucky today as we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite rising K-pop idols. 

Itzy's Main Dancer and Leader are one of the most popular members of her group. She's known for having popular moves onstage and personality while performing. She could do diverse dance styles and could definitely nail them off. Aside from that, she's also known for her unique vocals when singing - she's called an ace for a reason and could justify why she's known for that. Despite the powerful aura, she shows when performing, she's known for having a sweet personality, which also describes her fashion style. She likes to mix and match different garments but would still revolve around simplicity and comfort.

Today, as part of the 4th Generation Queens Fashion Style series, we'll dive deeper into how Yeji styles herself.


         Yeji In Denim Cover All Paired With A White Textured Beanie


Yeji's fashion sense revolves around shirts, denim pants, and outerwear. She's more into a chick but still simple fashion and knows how to style herself by experimenting with different kinds of garments. She's mainly into blazers and comfortable clothes like sweatpants since she mostly goes to dancing room practices.

If you're into chick, classy, and simple styles, Yeji might be the person you need. Scroll for more on how Yeji styles herself revolving around these aesthetics.



Oversized shirts or shirts, in general, are one of Yeji's staple pieces. She likes experimenting with them. Put something over it like corsets, denim jackets, or fuzzy ones and pair them with denim shorts or pants; the result is impressive. Sometimes, she likes to wear it as it is but would hair accessories would also be great for a pop of color.

White Statement Shirt

Yeji is wearing a white statement shirt she paired over a denim jacket and matching red glasses.


Gray Statement Shirt

Yeji is wearing a gray statement shirt in pink ink- perfect as loungewear.



Sleeveless blouses go perfectly with anything. You could wear them with different bottoms, and you could also wear them on other occasions, just like Yeji has worn sleeveless tops but with a different level of formality.

Cream-Colored Sleeveless Top

In the first picture, it seems like she's going for a more chick semi-formal look by using a cream-colored sleeveless top as outerwear.


Brown Textured Ribbed Sleeveless Top

Yeji wore these brown textured ribbed sleeveless top as an overlayer for her pink striped button-down shirt.


Simple White Top With Hem Details

Yeji also likes wearing crop tops. Crop tops are good and are easy to style whatever you want. It could go well with shorts, skirts - short or long ones, trousers, and denim pants, just like how Yeji styled hers. Although she used a simple white top with hem details, it still shows the simplicity of her fashion sense.


One way to spice your wardrobe is through your textured garments. Depending on the texture design, it could create different types of illusions. Just like in these examples, vertical textures also appear to have a longer body frame.


 photo credits: bubble for JYPnation



Denim pants are one of Yeji's favorite bottom wear to wear. She uses them during the hot summer and even winter- a wild choice of a garment for winter. But you could use them if you want to be stylish even during the cold winter- just wear some heattech clothes under them.

Gray-Washed Denim Jeans With Knee Cuts

Yeji is wearing these gray-washed denim jeans with knee cuts she paired with a black tank top.


Light-Washed Denim Jeans With Knee Cuts

Yeji is wearing these light-washed denim jeans with knee cuts she paired with a fuzzy jacket in the midst of cold weather.



As a dancer, sweatpants should be one of the things you need to have in your wardrobe. They are easier to wear and comfortable to dance with, especially when executing complex dance moves that require you to move so much. It is also easy to style and could also be worn as loungewear.


White Sweatpants

Yeji is wearing these white sweatpants, perfect for her all-white outfit.


Pastel Yellow Sweatpants

Yeji is wearing these Pastel Yellow sweatpants paired with a cute graphic tee perfect for lounging.


White Casual Dress

A white Casual Dress is a way to go if you want a cleaner look. White, in general, is associated with purity and cleanliness, and when it comes to dresses, it's usually worn in formal events. However, you could also wear them if you're going to the beach, white and cooler to feel since it does not attract the much heat compared to other colors, or just use them for your staycation. It is also a good base garment if you want to do layering since it compliments every color.


Textured Sweaters

Textured sweaters are best to wear in the winter or could also be perfect loungewear if you want to be comfortable. Yeji likes wearing hers as it is, like as a top, but sometimes wears something over it for more heat, especially during winters, but she loves using them when she has calming activities.

In this example, we could see Yeji in a cream-colored textured sweater for their promotional activity.


Blazers are definitely one of Yeji's favorite pieces to wear on stage and off-stage. She has them in different colors - classic black, cream, beige, and brown. She likes wearing them as an outer layer of the outfit she already had, like over a simple shirt, jacket or pullover, and even sleeveless top, and would pair them with denim pants. She sometimes goes for sneakers or a pair of heels for a much more formal and chic look.

White Oversized Blazer

For example, Yeji is wearing these white oversized blazer worn over a shirt and paired with a light-washed denim pants. To top the look, she paired them with these baby blue beanies.


Brown Oversized Blazer

For a more relaxing feels, Yeji is wearing these brown oversized blazer worn over a layered white button down shirt and orange ribbed tank top. She then  paired it whit a light-washed denim pants. 


Black outerwears are another favorite of hers to wear. Yeji has them in different styles and textures - fuzzy ones, bubble jackets, or leathers, and she also likes having an all-black outfit to suit the outerwear color she wears.


Black Puffer Jacket

Yeji is wearing these black puffer jackets with fur details on the hood, perfect for cold weather.


Black Velvet Jacket

Yeji is wearing these black velvet jackets paired with black sweater pants and a Burberry scarf.



Hats are also one of the dancers' favorites when it comes to practicing because, according to them, it makes them easier to figure out who did the wrong head movement when practicing. Yeji has a different hat collection; she has fuzzy, colorful ones, knitted pastel bucket hats, or classic black baseball caps- I guess the black caps are already a given, considering she's a dancer.

Cream-Colored Knitted Bucket Hat

Yeji is wearing these cream-colored knitted bucket hats paired with a green ribbed top. 


Black Baseball Hat

Yeji is wearing a black baseball hat that goes with her gray sleeveless top



Sunnies would be an underrated accessory if you wanted to spice up your outfit. Yeji can rock her in both- innocent-looking or a rich, luxurious person vibe. The key here is to find the perfect type of lenses for your face.

Rectangle-Shaped Sunglasses

Yeji is wearing rectangle-shaped black sunglasses that go with her khaki trench coats.


Semi-Circle Shaped Glasses

Yeji is wearing these semi-circle-shaped glasses that go well with her layered outfit.


Dainty Earrings

In terms of ear wear, Yeji usually keeps hers simple and classy - she usually goes with earrings with minimal design and in silver which suits her personality very much.




White Shoes

White shoes are one of the pieces you could have in your wardrobe. They are easy to wear and can go with every outfit since they complement every color. The key here is to find the perfect type of white shoes- you could have white sneakers for a more casual vibe or running shoes when going to work for something that includes physical work, just like dancing.



Knee-Length Black Boots

Black Boots are perfect to wear if you want an edgier style. For example, Yeji already have a classic black and white outfit, and since the bottom is already considered long, it would be awkward to pair them with low-sneakers, and the perfect solution would be pairing them with knee-length boots. You just have to find an ideal outfit that could go with your shoes.


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