Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeonjun From TXT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeonjun From TXT

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen representatives, Tomorrow by Together, popularly known as TXT. TXT is a five-member group that debuted with their hit song, Crown, released on March 04, 2019.

      Yeonjun in a purple fuzzy jacket paired with black leather pants and ankle-knee shoes.


Yeonjun is considered the ACE of the group, which means he could do all the positions given to a single member- sing, dance, and rap with excellent skills. He is also known as the 4th Gen IT Boy because aside from the skills he had shown, he also got a taste when it comes to fashion. Yeonjun loves mixing and matching styles like Gen Z People style themselves these days- a mix of fashion, minimalistic, and clean style.


      Yeonjun in an all-black combination outfit of vest, blazers, and trousers.


If you're still wondering how K-Pop's 4th Gen IT Boy styles himself, brace yourselves as we have so much to discuss.




Starting this list from the simplest and most minimalist garment Yeonjun likes to wear, Muscle Tees. Muscle tees are one of the tops Yeonjun likes to wear, especially after performing on stage - not gonna lie, dancing while singing takes a lot of effort and sweat.

Plain Black Muscle Tee

Just like in this photo, we could see Yeonjun wearing this plain black muscle tee under his graphic jacket. It must've been so hot primarily because of the type of cloth this jacket was made of.


Plain White Muscle Tee

In this second example, however, was for a pictorial shot. Yeonjun wore this plain white muscle tee with black trousers- it seems like they were going for a minimalist fit.


Cutted White Graphic Shirt In A Muscle Tee

Like the second pic, this photo of Yeonjun is for their group comeback teaser. They cut a white graphic shirt in a muscle tee paired with shorts for a semi-athletic look.



If Yeonjun likes wearing tank tops, he also likes to wear a shirt- like most males in the world. Yeonjun wears all types of shirts- graphic, minimalistic, or plain, and usually wear them with pants or trousers.

Simple White Shirt

In this TikTok video he shared with his fans, we could see him wearing a simple white shirt which he probably also used while practicing.


Powder Blue Shirt

He also used some powder blue shirt for a photoshoot- It was a simple shirt with a minimalistic design you could also wear with a pair of white buttons down for a preppy look.


Black Graphic Shirt With A Print Of His Face

Does the face of the graphic shirt seem familiar? Yes, it is what you think it is. Yeonjun wore a black graphic shirt with a print of his face- such Gen Z behavior, to be honest.



Yeonjun is a fan of denim pants- I wonder where he got those, to be honest, because of his height. Fun Fact: Yeonjun is standing tall at 6 feet height, and he is considered one of the tallest in his generation with these denim pants. 

Black Denim Pants

For example, he used plain black denim pants to pair with his simple shirt—such a simple look to recreate. 


Straight-Cut Jeans Pants With Diamond Details

Yeonjun is also sporting these straight-cut jeans pants with diamond details; he partnered with these white sleeveless top. Also, a simple look you could recreate and try while using a cream-colored denim jacket for a more casual look. 


Straight-Cut Denim Pants With Tattered Holes In The Knee

Yeonjun also tried using these straight-cut denim pants with tattered holes in the knee- stylish and casual. If you want to try this look, a graphic tee could be used as a top. 



If you prefer going for a comfier look, Yeonjun also likes to wear sweatpants. As a dancer, it seems like this is one of the things that occupy most of his closet.

Black Sweatpants

Yeonjun once shared a video of him dancing to EXO's Kai Mmmh, which went viral on the internet due to the preciseness of his dance cover. He was also wearing black sweatpants a blue button-downs like what Kai wore for his dance practice for this song. 


Black Sweatpants With A Minimalist Logo On The Side

This is another picture of Yeonjun wearing an all-black outfit with a black textured pullover and sweatpants. Such a perfect lounge fit.



If you know Yeonjun, you probably know he likes wearing pullovers wherever he goes. Different styles, different textures, and different fits- he knows how to do well with them.

White Knitted Pullovers

We have this photo of Yeonjun with his ad with Burberry wearing these white knitted pullovers they partnered with tan-brown shorts. 


Mocha Knitted Pullovers

Yeonjun also has these mocha knitted pullovers he used during the holidays. Such comfy pullovers during the cold weather. A similar pullover could be sourced here.


Plain Black Pullover

He also likes wearing pullovers when in the dance practice room. Dancing is a perfect exercise when you have no time, so better utilize those.


Plain Blue Pullover

When Yeonjun has them in black, he also has them in blue. Just like these pictures he posted on social media, he partnered with acid-washed denim pants.


Statement Pullovers

Of course, this collection would not be complete without statement pullovers. It is simple, but you could do a lot with them.



Hooded jackets are another favorites of Yeonjun to wear. He wears them on different occasions and has a whole collection of different types and colors.

Patterned Hooded Jacket

An example is this Tiktok video Yeonjun shared online, where he can be seen wearing a patterned hooded jacket. Since the hoodie already had some patterns, he chose simple bottoms for it to match with.


Gray Pullover

Yeonjun also likes wearing a hooded jacket as loungewear when he has nothing to do, just like the one in the picture below- just chilling and watching movies at the dorm. 


Plain Black Pullover 

Yeonjun also likes wearing blain hooded jackets in the practice room, especially when we tend to get lazy dressing up; hoodie saves the day. 



Yeonjun can be seen sporting different types of glasses at different events. He got them in clear ones, tinted ones, and metal frame ones. Honestly, he's got the style.

Orange-Tinted Glasses

For example, these orange-tinted glasses Yeonjun wore. This type of glasses reminds me of SUGA from BTS because he loves wearing tinted glasses.


Clear Glasses With A Silver Metal Frame

Yeonjun has also worn these clear glasses with a silver metal frame.



When it comes to hats, I do fairly think that Yeonjun likes wearing two different types of them- the baseball cap and the beanies. 

Black Beanies

For example, Yeonjun wears these black beanies under his cream-colored hooded jacket for a more fashionable accent.


Powder Blue Beanies

He also likes wearing this powder blue beanies them inside the dance practice room for a much cleaner look. He partnered them with a simple pullover and denim pants.


Black Baseball Hat

Aside from beanies, Yeonjun also likes wearing these New York Yankees Black 9Forty that he paired with a blue button-down shirt in this picture.



Yeonjun is pretty popular for wearing hoops as his choice of jewelry for his earrings. He has two piercings on the right and three on his left and mostly wears silver hoop earrings for them all or layers them with stud ones. 

Hooped earrings 

For example, in these pictures, Yeonjun wears hooped earrings for all his piercings.



High Top Shoes

Who is Yeonjun without a pair of high-top converse shoes? He loves wearing them to the point he already has a fair collection of these high-top converse shoes.

Yeonjun got these black high-top with a square outsole- such an exciting piece.


Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Unisex High-Top Shoe

Yeonjun, of course, had these classic black high-top everyone has been obsessed with forever.




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