Photo credits: Aya via Pinterest

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yeonjung From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Photo credits: Aya via Pinterest

Yeonjung’s mix and matching fashion style is definitely worth emulating!

Yu Yeon Jeong (유연정), is the main vocalist of WJSN, also know as cosmic girls. Hearing her voice would definitely make you fall in love with her. However, you surely have to pass on every WJSN members first as she’s also their maknae (the youngest). Despite being the youngest, her skills in matters of mix and matching fashion styles would certainly prevent you from thinking that she’s the youngest, as she look quiet expert in doing this niche. The product of her mix and matching staples either accentuate her slim figure that she perfectly maintain, or create an edgy yet fashion forward look. Surely, anyone could literally pull off any of which. That said, Unnielooks gathered several outfits of hers which you could surely emulate for your everyday look.


White Button Down Cropped Long Sleeves

Cropped button down staples are Yeonjung’s signature top. This easily left her waist noticed as its silhouette are surely flattering. For instance in the photo below, Yeonjung smoothly thrown off a casual chic look by wearing a white cropped button down wool long sleeve top, paired with a high waist denim jeans. Surely the space it left between the top and the base is very attractive and helped accentuate her slim waist more. Also, both staples did well in showing off her curves.


Black Variation of the Cropped Button Down

Meanwhile in this photo, Yeonjung illustrates that cropped button down long sleeves also goes well with mini skirts. Here, she add a touch of classic to her chic style by simply opting for the shade of black. Black is definitely a sleek and classic color that recedes, hence creates an illusion of minimizing someone’s body’s weight, making them look a little thinner than they really are. Also, to complete the look and balance the fit, she chose her black knee-high booties that made her look taller.


Cropped Denim Button Down

In this photo, Yeonjung shows another variation of a cropped button down long sleeves top. As seen below, she wears a denim variation that seems floating due to the hanging effect it provides. To create a fun and edgy look, instead of pairing it with fitted pants, she opted for a more loose base primarily a wide leg pants to create a unique statement.



Black Pleated Mini Skirt

Yeonjung’s wardrobe has variety of bottom sets. She has skirts, shorts and different kinds of pantsuits. But on this featured photo, she flaunts her modernized traditional office look, by wearing a long sleeve polo tucked under her base and layered with a cropped coat. To add a twist of modern feels and chic vibe, she let her pleated mini skirt do the work.


Denim Boyfriend Jeans

If mom jeans are fitted enough to show off your curves, boyfriend denim jeans are definitely the contrast but still leaves you stylish. Here, Yeonjung wears a boyfriend denim jeans paired with an acid wash wool coat, creating an edgy look. To complete the fit, she opted for strap sandals that gives a casual details.


Rugged Bermuda Denim Shorts

Below Yeonjung pulled another edgy looks with a twist of boyish fashion by wearing a rugged Bermuda shorts under her layered office coat, and a knee-high booties that gives a contrast touch. Her hairstyle that resembles boy’s side Mohawk hairstyle complimented her edgy boyish look even more.



Shining Powder Blue Backless Sheath Long Gown

While Yeonjung could be boyish, she can also easily pull off the contrast style when wearing floor length gowns. One concrete example is the photo being flashed below. Certainly, this backless long sheath gown made her look more feminine and elegant. Meanwhile, her hairstyle added grace to her overall fit even more.


Little Black Dress or LBD

But if floor lengths ain’t your types, worry no more as Yeonjung offers you an every women essential staple—the LBD. Here, Yeonjung wears an asymmetrical LBD that gave her sophistication and glamour easily. This type of dress goes well with night party, gala, dinner date, and many more formal events on which its dress code doesn’t require gowns and tuxedos.


Formal Coordinates

In matters of corporate formal events, nothing goes wrong with coordinates. It’s definitely the common and most popular formal attire. But it surely gives everyone a touch of formality and classic look, although matching coats and pantsuit are mostly worn by men. Here, Yeonjung definitely empowers every women by proving that girls could also wear and slay these style of staples. She also proved that being a girl doesn’t always requires femininity. Hence, wearing this over a dress or skirt on any corporate events is acceptable and must be a part of standards.



Layered Crop Top and Pleated Miniskirt

Chic ensemble are common among girl dancers as these staples accentuate their femininity easily and unveils their sexy aura effortlessly. Surely, when they wear clothes like these, everyone would be so focus on watching them. Here, for instance, Yeonjung wears a plaid inner top, and to give it a finer details she layered it with cropped bolero blazer. Then, she paired it with the K-pop’s signature base—pleated mini skirt. To make it look ubercool, she embellished it with a chain that served as her belt, and let it flow as well on the left side.


Chic Coordinates

Meanwhile in this photo, she achieved a chic but angel looking style by throwing off an all-white outfit, which also helped flatters her hair. Since its color is dark and brighter red, it’s easy to notice when she wears an all white. Obviously, their stylist doesn’t like plain and always opt for embellished ones to make an impact while performing. As seen on the photo, she wears a ruffled-embellished white tube top with only one strap wrapped around her neck for a more statement. Then, she paired it with a fitted mini skirt on which its end is also ruffled. This type of skirt goes by the name “Trumpet” skirts. Also as seen on the photo, it has a silver belt-like design, so to balanced this sparkling thing, she had worn the same style on her left hand as her bracelet.


Slit-Waist Mini Dress

If you think dresses aren’t for dance attire, think again. Take a look of Yeonjung’s white slit waist bodycon dresses which she wears for her performance on stage. The key to wearing dresses on stage without having to worry or feeling risqué is to wear a cycling shorts or any fitted shorts that won’t be seen or noticed while slaying your dress.



White Chic Mini Dress

Mini dresses are perfect for any outings and events as long as they’re styled right. Also, they are perfect for summer season due to their silhouette. Here, Yeonjung looks refreshed and very feminine with her white mini dress that compliments her porcelain complexion even more.


A-Line Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

If you’re going out for a picnic, date, or any weekend wonder, opting for dresses that give a more relaxed feels is preferable. These dresses wouldn’t only give you style, but would make you comfortable all throughout your outdoor adventure. One example is what Yeonjung wears below. She wears an A-line cut on which its silhouette is very flattering. Meanwhile its puff sleeve gives a classic feels, while having them in midi length provides you a comfort and prevents you to worry when a strong wind blew as it’ll stay as it is.


Floral Powder Blue Maxi Dress

But if you think sleeves are uncomfortable especially when the sun’s heat easily makes you sweat, opting strapless and sleeveless is better. Also, if midi dress aren’t longer enough for you, surely maxi dress are your types. Here, Yeonjung wears a tube maxi dress in the shade of powder blue with small prints of flower, scattered evenly. Surely, this dress helped unveil her delicate side, and if you’re going out for a beach and have no idea of what to wear yet, this can be one of your options.



Stripe Button Down Knitted Jacket

Slaying on a cold season is never impossible with knitted jackets, not only because they give warmth, but also because of the style they easily provide. As seen on the photo below, Yeonjung says “cozy” without literally saying it by wearing a striped button down knitted jacket. She paired it with a white base to create a more polished cozy style.


Black Button Down Jacket

Another button down jacket that she pulls in a different style, primarily a sporty one, is this black staple below. She paired it with a loose jogger to achieve the sporty vibes. Surely, this outfit is best for running, walking or strolling around on a cold weather. This can also be used as work out outfit if you want to sweat a lot.


Purple Knitted Sweater

While cozy style is the primary look that jackets or sweater may offer, they can be elevated into different fashion styles as long as they were styled and paired right. Here, Yeonjung wears a purple knitted sweater with slits on the bottom part on both sides. Also, she paired with white shorts to achieve a chic look in the midst of cold season. She also styled hers by sliding down its collar onto her shoulder to add a touch of sexiness. That’s the good thing about knitted fabric, they’re stretchy enough to style them the way you want.



Beige Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have the best brim among hats because theirs cover not only the front part, but the whole part instead. Hence, they are perfect when going out while the sun is shining so bright that its heat is irritating. As seen below, Yeonjung paired her outdoor clothes with this cute brown bucket hat that gives a girl next door vibes.


Black Beanie

But on a cold night, she prefers beanie to give her head enough warm and be in tucked to prevent flying away when the wind blew strong. Below, she pulled off a boyish and street style fashion by wearing a long sleeves polo layered with an oversized rugged denim, and paired with a fitted black jeans. She also worn black sneakers to complete and balance the look.


Purple Sombrero (Stetson Hat)

Meanwhile in this photo, Yeonjung opt for western style by wearing a stestson hat also known as sombrero which is popular among cowboy and cowgirl. But, Yeonjung in this photo, simply looked a hot mysterious chic due to her pose and the detail that the sombrero gives. This type of hats goes well when opting for a more fashionable headwear, and choosing the right color and design is very critical as they’ll either elevate or ruin your fit. But, if you’re going to beach, opting for whatever design is acceptable, but choosing the relevant one is preferable.

Photo credits: Wonder Land


Golden Stiletto Shoes

Going classy and all-feminine is easier with stiletto shoes. They’re also perfect in elongating your legs while at the same time gives you an additional height. Here, for instance, Yeonjung looks classy with her casual fits by simply pairing them with golden stiletto shoes. Surely, these footwear flattered her legs and elongate them even more.


Black Leather Knee-High Boots

But on her shoots or stage performance, she always choose knee-high boots over any other footwear as they easily give a chic style. Here, Yeonjung spiced up her dress by wearing one in a black shade which compliments her fit’s palette. They also added details in making her look fiercer.


Black Flat Sandals

However, on her relaxed days, she prefers wearing simple and flat footwear like what is being flashed below. The black flat sandals allowed her feet to breathe but still gave her outfit a style and detail. In truth, flat sandals work well in any outfit. They easily add a touch of casual look, so opting for these during your lazier days is a great choice.



Oversized Drop Earrings

If there’s one pair of accessories that Yeonjung could not live without, these are definitely the drop earrings. If you come across her Instagram, you’ll notice that she often flatters her ears with these gorgeous pieces of accessories. Also, they’re versatile as they come in different sizes, and design. With that, we’ll feature three of her shining earrings that never failed to elevate her looks. In the first photo, she opt for an oversized one. The design were specifically in a heptagon shape for the smaller one, and hexagon shape for the latter. Basically, they’re both silver and embellished with crystals on the sides. Surely, they work well in giving Yeonjung sparks and shine.


Pearl Drop Earrings

Meanwhile in the second photo, she showered herself with class by wearing a pearl drop earrings which speaks for exquisite look, as these are quiet costly. Also, pearl drop earrings almost work well with any outfit, and easily gives your look a timeless touch.


Palm Tree Drop Earrings

Finally, on the third photo, she elevated her beach summer look by wearing a palm tree drop earrings. Surely, these are unique and looks quiet edgy since they do not match her fit’s palette nor design. But, since she has gorgeous visual, these earrings totally flattered her. Opting for these types is perfect when you wear something floral and clothes that has beach vibes.

We’re pretty sure that these outfits are enough to give you an idea of how mix and matching staples could create various styles in order to dress like Yeonjung from WJSN. But, if her styles aren’t your thing, you may read her co-members’ articles: Bona'sSeola'sLuda'sDayoung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sEunseo'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's.


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