Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yoona From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yoona From SNSD

Worldwide known singer turned actress Yoona still keeping her spotlight well lit

By Julianne Babaran

1/8 of Girls' Generation, Yoona has come along from her super stardom as a K-pop idol. The star held the positions of lead dancer, sub vocalist and rapper and visual in the girl group. As one of the early groups in the budding rise of K-pop, SNSD was well on top of that game achieving awards and recognitions at home and worldwide. As one of the most 'prominent idol-actress', Yoona would be one of the girls to look up to for classic and trending style. 

Read more to see how the famous idol styles herself from everyday looks, formal and informal events and all things in between via her Instagram.

Tops : Stylish Long Sleeves, Printed Blouses 

Baby Pink Knit Sweater

The actress loves to wear stylish long sleeves particularly ones in bright colors. Colors are all the rage now and styling such in different kinds of clothes are more youthful and fashionable. 

Black and White Floral Dress with Bell Sleeves 

Dresses with bell sleeves are maybe more suited for older ages but styled with long hair and simple makeup it looks just as youthful and playful. Bell sleeved dresses are all the rage now especially in floral print to add fluidity. 

Pink Denim Jacket 

Colored pieces that are specifically for practicality, things like shoes, jackets or coats are a status symbol that show you value style and fashion than safety. The star likes to cover up in a stylish way, find a color you love and everything will come to place. 

Green Puff Sleeve Blouse with Floral Detail 

A crop puff sleeve blouse is a staple for any young adult, plus points if it's in floral print. The chic style is perfect for brunch and they come in a variety of prints and endless little details and style perfect for any semi casual occasions. 

Oversized Pastel Pink Floral Polo Shirt 

Pastel and monochrome colored polos provide a more low key feel if you're going for a specific vibe without attracting too much attention, they go especially well with solid colored bottoms just like how Yoona styled it below. 

Pink and Orange Striped Polo 

Yoona wore this pink and orange polo shirt with a ribbon detail by the neckline. The fun and somewhat groovy top was for a photoshoot and we can't help but think this piece was secretly kept by her, the blouse style is office friendly and definitely one worth a try in the summer. 

Bottoms : Slacks, Straight Leg Jeans 

White Linen Slacks

Yoona likes to dress the occasion and for a casual museum date, she wore white linen pants paired with a tweed blouse and white loafers. The white pants took the most attention as it is not an easy choice of bottoms, pairing it with an equally delicate or soft colored top makes it more cohesive and expensive looking. 

Black Wide Leg Pants  

This black and white city outfit is a timeless classic. She paired the wide leg pants with black jacket and pants, the white top and bag will serve as accents to create the classic black and white contrast. 

Black Wide Leg Slacks  

The original and default way to wear slacks are seen below, the pair she wore had been pressed at the center to create a nice shape. She paired it with corporate style heels and a low blazer for that feminine suit style. 

Wide Leg Jeans 

Yoona wore the classic K-fashion outfit, for filming. It's wide leg denim jeans and a colored button up cardigan. The contrast is simple and the silhouette is fairly basic but you can't go wrong. 

Dresses : All Things Midi Length 

Bright Yellow Midi Dress 

When on vacation, the star prefers to keep it flowy and hidden with a mid length dress. The bright yellow dress with white floral detail was paired traditionally with a straw hat and brown leather purse. 

 All Knit Beige Midi Dress

Yoona wore this while posing for a holiday gift. This solid knit dress is simply so ethereal. The delicate color looks so expensive especially when styled simply with her makeup and hair and matched with a beige belt. 

Midi Tweed Coat Dress

She wore this brown themed tweed midi dress for Miumiu, the silhouette is classic especially paired with the prominent white collar and boots.  The girly silhouette was paired with high knee boots to contrast the feminine shape. 

Jacket : Brown Coats 

Brown Blazer Coat 

While out on the beach Yoona wore a formal style brown blazer jacket. Not necessarily a choice for many, the star went the stylistic route and wore something more formal. She wore it with dark colored jeans and loafers.   

Brown Sleeveless Fur Coat 

Yoona likes to dress like a polished queen and nothing says that more than a  satisfying color cohesive outfit. She wore this beige and light neutral ensemble with a dramatic sleeve less fur coat to add an accent. 

Accessories : Headband, Caps, Bows 

Purple Accent Headband 

Museum dates are the perfect time to wear a low key head accessory because you'll have your back turned the whole time. While on that location, Yoona wore a purple headband with a pink knit sweater, the subtle contrast added a cute touch to her outfit overall. 

Green Cap 

Colored caps are all the rage now more so than neutral ones, if you have a fairly basic outfit, they can be a great way to add in some color naturally. 

Hair Bows

Hair bows, depending on the style, emit a feminine aura that is ubiquitous in tying different looks all together. A think style is perfect for editorial shoot and doesn't look out of place for a lot of hairstyles. 


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