Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yuqi From (G)-IDLE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Yuqi From (G)-IDLE

The 22-year-old Chinese K-Pop idol is part of the now Five-member South Korean girl group (G)-Idle, one of the fastest K-Pop Idols in their generation. Song Yuqi, also known as Yuqi, a part of being Singer and Dancer, also is a known Songwriter and Producer. With great visuals, she also debuted as the Face of the Group, allowing her to take several variety shows showing her great humor and personality.

Today, as part of our 4th K-Pop generation idol's fashion sense, we will dive deeper into Yuqi's fashion style and why people adore her style. 

     Yuqi Is An All-Black Outfit Of Shirt And Sweatpants Topped With A Green Windbreaker

In terms of Fashion, it seems like Yuqi is unstoppable. She's mostly known as someone who likes wearing different outfits and styles. She was given the title of being a Fairy, especially with the outfits she wears that suit her very well. She mostly goes to flowy and comfortable companies, making her outfits suitable for citizens like us to wear. 

In this blog article, we'll present to you the various outfits you could try to spice up your fashion sense, and maybe you could also find inspiration in Yuqi's fashion style.  

     Yuqi Is A Blue Patterned Flowy Ribbed Top Partnered With A Brown Corduroy Bottom With A Silver Waist Jewelry




Coordinate Of Halter Top And Mini-Skirt

Who is Yuqi without coordinates? Coordinates must be Yuqi's one favorite clothing type, and she slays wearing them. Recently, Yuqi wore a coordinate of halter top and mini-skirt in Water Bomb Seoul 2022- it was one of the best types of clothing to wear as it doesn't accumulate much water when drenched, allowing them to perform perfectly.


Denim Coordinates

She also posted a picture of herself wearing denim coordinates for a photoshoot while using orange heeled sandals. One thing about Yuqi's sense of fashion is she never backs out in exploring new fashion styles.



(G) I-DLE's Lead Dancer and Vocalist has been obsessed with shirts lately. She commonly loves wearing different types of shirts depending on the occasion and climate she's in, whether it's fitted or not, but she knows how to style them.

Black Oversized Graphic Tee

Yuqi is wearing a black oversized graphic tee in green and violet ink she partnered with a black sweatpants.


Cute White Tee

This white tee with a green vest overneath she partnered with a denim skirt with distressed hem looks good to use during the summers. The colors bring such joy during the blazing heat of the sun.


White Graphic Shirt 

She also likes partnering the graphic shirts she uses with the same color for the bottoms for a monochromatic look. This is also the type of hack you could use if you're petite like Yuqi. It adds a height illusion.


Black Graphic Shirt 

 Another one, Yuqi is a black oversized shirt with the same colored sweatpants.



If Yuqi knows how to slay with sleeved tops, she also knows how to do well with sleeveless tops. She can be seen rocking these sleeveless on comfortable days such as traveling or going for an outing- a valid point, to be honest.

Green Textured Sleeveless Top

Just like this green sleeveless top she's rocking while traveling abroad. It was the perfect type of top to wear during the sunny weather they had while traveling there. 


Brown And Green Halter Backless Top

Or these brown and green halter backless tops she wore while visiting a zoo. Recently, the world has been experiencing a scorching climate causing people to switch to sleeveless tops, and I am one of those. This type of outfit could also be the perfect outfit for beach outings. 




One thing to know about Yuqi is she likes wearing denim pants. Denim pants, at this point, are probably dominating in her closet for the bottom section. She likes wearing them to promotions, variety shows, or just when she has a light schedule for that day.

Wide-Legged Denim Pants

In this example, we could see her acing these wide-legged pants she paired with a red baby tee- so much 90s feel, especially the part of the black shoes. If you like wearing a cropped tee, high-waisted pants should be one of the pants you need to consider as they complement well when worn together.


High-Waisted Denim Pants

Another example of the cropped top and high-waisted bottoms. This time, Yuqi went for a layered top by wearing a cropped jacket and tube while pairing them with high-waisted jeans, accentuating the legs if you're looking for a more height illusion.


Gray-Washed Denim Pants

When Yuqi loves the pants she wears, she buys another pair. This type of pants was the same as the picture above, but this time, she bought them in a different color as it was more for washed ones. However, nothing has still changed as she still wore them with a cropped black baby tee.



However, if denim pants are not your tea, you could always go for the shorter ones. Yuqi specifically likes wearing denim pants during the summer. She wants to wear them with a baby tee or, for a bolder look, a sleeveless top.

Distressed Hem Denim Shorts

In a recent Instagram post-Yuqi posted, she can be seen wearing distressed hem denim shorts and a transparent sleeveless halter top with a yellow tube inside while wearing a high platform sandal. This type of outfit goes for a swim or just in the summer generally.


Black Denim Shorts

Denim shorts could also be the perfect bottoms for your leather jackets. Like in this outfit, Yuqi wore her black denim shorts with a brown leather jacket in the middle of the road. 




It looks like Yuqi has a thing for cute dresses. She specifically likes wearing mid-thigh dresses. These dresses could also be perfect for you if you have a mid-range height like Yuqi's, as it does not emphasize your shortness; instead, it makes you look taller than your actual height. 

Baby Blue Mid-Length Sleeveless Dress

Yuqi is wearing a baby blue mid-length sleeveless dress with cold shoulder cuts on the side. She is glowing in this one.



Sunny Yellow Polka Wrap Dress

Like this sunny yellow polka wrap dress, Yuqi is wearing. It does not compliment her skin very well but makes you feel youthful. The white shoes made the whole look go for a casual chic look- such a perfect outfit for summer. 


Yellow Full-Sleeved Dress With Layers

Another mid-thigh dress from Yuqi, but this time the dress she's wearing is a full-sleeved dress with layers. This type of dress could also be worn for formal events if partnered with heeled heels, but she went for a casual look, so she partnered them with white heeled slides.




Yuqi has a love for pullovers. She has a collection of these in her closet based on the pictures she uploads on the internet, and she likes having them in plain and pastel colors. She also likes wearing them with a pair of denim pants or sweatpants.

Calm Pastel Pink Pullover

Just like this one, Yuqi is in a calm pastel pink pullover. She may not be a calm person in real life as she likes adventures, but this picture represents her soul's calmness.


Ombre Green And Violet Pullover

The ombre green and violet she used over her white undershirt. It even provides such a dreamy feeling, especially because of the type of hat she used- the black beanie. 


Plain Black Pullover 

Pullovers could also be the perfect top you could use for your dance practice. Like in this picture, Yuqi is wearing an all-black outfit using a black pullover and sweatpants. I could already feel how good it felt after practicing for hours. 


Oversized Navy Blue Pullover

You could also use pullovers for traveling, just like what Yuqi wore in this one. This is a perfect garment, especially for colder areas, so you would not catch a cold easily.



It seems like Yuqi is also quite interested in Denim Jackets. She likes wearing them over her white tees- the most classic way to wear a denim jacket- it brings so much of the old days.

Oversized Denim Jacket

Just like this picture of hers in a denim-denim combo; denim jacket and pants over an oversized white graphic tee. This is such a vibe, especially when you want to wear a more comfortable way.


Fitted Denim Jacket

If Yuqi knows how to wear it in large sizes, she could too in fitted ones. Yuqi wore a semi-fit denim jacket once for their light schedule for that day. She then partnered them with a white tee.


Denim Vest

Denim Vests are such a vibe, especially when going for a trip. In this picture, Yuqi wore her denim vests over her, again, a white t-shirt. Such a perfect outfit, especially for country-side trips.




Regarding hats, Yuqi seems to have her heart only for one- beanies. She can be seen mostly wearing beanies, especially when traveling or going on random dates- hats are privacy for idols, and sometimes when they want alone time, they would refer to hats. It seems like Yuqi has found herself the perfect hat she could use for any moment. 

Brown Beanies

Just like this monochromatic look she had with her beanie and pullover. Looks really cute especially with the muted brown undertone of her bag.


White Beanie With A Little Pompom

She wore this white beanie with a little pompom with her jacket while roaming around the city. Still looks so fashionable even with the cold weather when this was taken. 


Blue Beanie

And who could say no to beanies when performing? The blue beanie she wore slays with her outfit for this performance. It looks cute and worth to try.



Yuqi can be rarely seen wearing eyewear so much, but I have found some photos of hers wearing them in two different contrasting styles but still slays with them. 

Tinted Pink Glasses

The first one of Yuqi wearing sunglasses was tinted pink glasses; the hair she had during the time this picture was taken was pink overload. What made them look even better was how it compliments the color of the top green, and red tints are contrasting in the color wheel, which makes them look good when placed together. 

Black Sunglasses

The second one was the exact opposite of the first picture, giving off a serious and formal look, especially when she paired these black sunglasses with blazers. Nevertheless, she still looks good with the glassess. 




Yuqi's choice of pieces of jewelry is more on the dainty side. She likes to wear jewelry with minimal designs, which is better for her since she enjoys experimenting with different outfits.

Round Earrings

She likes wearing round earrings, just like the picture below. We could also see that the silver chain choker she's wearing is dainty, complimenting her earrings. 

Dainty Earrings

Another picture of hers wearing dainty earrings while pairing them with the flashy outfits she has come up with. The bright fuchsia pink outfit was paired with a small hoop and delicate earrings for a more balanced look. 




When it comes to footwear, Yuqi mostly chooses between three types: sandals, boots, or sneakers. She mostly jumbles between these three depending on the outfit she wears or the looks she's going for.

Classic White Shoes

Classic White shoes are such a vibe, especially when you like going for different styles like hers. It's easy to wear and fits various types of styles. In this picture, Yuqi went for a more straightforward look by combining a white top and denim pants with chunky white shoes while in the dance practice room. 

Black Boots

She also likes wearing boots, to be honest, and she likes styling them. An example is this picture of her wearing boots while using high-knee socks to elongate the legs even more. It was a simple outfit perfect for the Christmas season. 


Heeled Sandals

Who is Yuqi at this point without heels? She likes wearing them wherever she goes and mostly opts for cigarette ones. Heels are such a favorite of hers mainly because as someone who wants to wear pants- heels go with pants as pants cover them well- adding an inch to your height. 



If you like reading fashion articles like this, You could also check out G-(IDLE)'s Main Visual and Vocalist, Shuhua, here.

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