Hidden Things you may have missed in BLACKPINK'S 'Shut Down' Music Video

Hidden Things you may have missed in BLACKPINK'S 'Shut Down' Music Video

Talk about Easter Eggs!

The latest 'Shut Down' MV release from BLACKPINK has got fans reminiscing and looking at back at some previous MVs from the group with similar props. Many of which were easily traced as each element was iconic and unique to each member. The drop of the new song and album has fans busy hurrying and deciphering other easter eggs in lyrics and so much more given their upcoming overseas events in the U.S. The current status of the first few hours... fans are delightfully shocked by how refreshing the album is!

Packing yet another powerful punch for this new release, we've listed down the common references of the 'Shut Down' MV to their older music videos, these references are seen in outfits, props, sets, etc. 

Scroll to see if you've spotted all of them as well!

1. Previous Music Video References (Props, background sets, scenes, etc.)

'Playing With Fire' Match Scene

'D4' Lisa's BLACKPINK Katana Prop

'Whistle' Sitting on the Globe Scene with Rosé

'Boombayah' Cruising Down Pink Skies and Palm Trees

'Lovesick Girls' Rosé Car Scene 

'Boombayah' Truck Scene with Lisa

'D4' Umbrella Scene with Black Outfit from Jisoo

'D4' Mirror Jeweled Tank Prop with Pink Shopping Bags

'D4' Swinging Chandelier Scene with Rosé

2. Signage Posters relating to Meaningful Words (Song Titles, Fandom, Collabs, etc.)


The only ones permitted to enter/ 'know or a part' of something. 

'BLACKPINK in your area' Signature line 

Alluding to their 'coming back' to limelight, performing, touring. 

'GONE', 'PINK VENOM', 'CDs and DVDs'

Probability of songs being performed in concerts plus other plans for content and merchandise. 

'JEN's Radio T.V.'

Foreshadowing of Jennie's past and future plans to endeavor in different types of collaborations and affiliations in shows. 

'Lovesick' 'Solo'

More song title signages probable for concert line-ups.


One of their debut singles, and a video used for refences all over this MV. 


Another reference to 'Playing with Fire' (though this one might be a stretch).

'Crazy over You'

B-side track in The Album. 

'Sour Candy'

Sour Candy is BP's collab song with Lady Gaga. Perhaps a sign to expect more collabs with American artists. 


The song that started it all, aka one of their debut singles. Another one of the MVs used for previous references.


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