IVE Wonyoung: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

IVE Wonyoung: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Wonyoung is a member of Starship Entertainment's South Korean girl group IVE. She was a member of the South Korean-Japanese girl group IZ*ONE, which was managed by Off The Record Entertainment.

Stage Name

 Wonyoung (원영)

Real Name

 Jang Won Young (장원영)

Date of Birth

August 31, 2004


173 cm (5’8″)


47 kg (103 lbs)


School of Performing Arts


Wonyoung's hobbies include dressing up, sleeping, playing with her older sister, and playing phone games.

City of origin / Country

 Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.


Singing, Dancing


She is energetic and there's nothing she loves more than being in the spotlight. 

Ideal Type

Someone who is tall and sporty.

Personal Life

Wonyoung became a trainee when she was only 12 years old and was only 13 years old when she participated in Produce 48. After IZ*ONE's dissolving, Wonyoung was introduced as a member of IVE.


Kpop idol, Dancer, Singer

Hidden Talents

- Having an angel face.
- Modeling

Brand Endorsements


Fashion Brands Worn


Dating History / Rumors







Wonyoung's Facts

- Wonyoung was born in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
- Wonyoung was officially revealed as the third member of IVE on November 5, 2021. 
Wonyoung was a trainee for 1 year and 2 months prior to competing on Produce 48. 
- During PD48, the Taiwanese media reported that Wonyoung is part Taiwanese. According to them, her father is ethnically Korean but grew up in Taiwan while her mother is part Taiwanese and part Korean. This hasn’t been confirmed by Wonyoung or her company. Her Chinese name is Chang Yuanying (張員瑛).
– Her father is a music teacher.
– She can speak English.
- She used to wear braces before.
- - Jun Jihyun is her role model.
- She said she'd date Nako if she were a boy (IZ*ONE Chu Season 1!).
- She can make her brows move up and down.
- Rei refers to herself as "Princess" as a nickname.
- She worked as a Music Bank MC from October 8, 2021 to January 13, 2022.
- If she was an IVE fan, Yujin would be her favorite.
- She is a pianist, violinist, and flutist.
- Wonyoung was ranked first on Produce 48.
- She enjoys spicy foods.
- Wonyoung was one of Produce 48's youngest trainees.
- She has a younger brother.
– Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate.
– She was invited to Dispatch’s Girl Group Maknaes promotional Christmas party.
– Her birthday was the same day as the Produce 48 final and so she debuted and got the center position on her birthday.
– She went to Seoul Shinyongsan Elementary School, Yonggang Middle School, and School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA).
– Her dance specialty is girl’s hip hop.
– Wonyoung used to wear braces.
– She trained for one year and two months
Wonyoung finished first overall (338,366 votes) in the Produce 48 finale episode, thus joining IZ*ONE.
-Wonyoung was chosen by Rei as the cutest IVE member.
-In 2017, a Starship casting agent saw Wonyoung at the graduation ceremony of the agent's sister and "fell in love with her tall height and cute mask."
-  She prefers tarts to cakes.
- Wonyoung wants to remake "U-Go-Girl" by Lee Hyori.
- Snow White is her favorite Disney Princess.
On her 14th birthday (August 31, 2018), she finished first overall and became a member of IZ*ONE.
- Wonyoung She wants to create her own fashion line someday.
- Jang likes to go shopping in her spare time, and her favorite color is pink, but she doesn’t usually buy pink clothes because she believes black and white look better on her.
She is the only member with an English name that was given to her in kinderarten.
- Her English name is Vicky Jang.
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