Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jeongyeon from TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jeongyeon from TWICE

Each of TWICE member's has their own charm and one of those who stand out for fans are definitely Jeongyeon's charms! She is different from the usual girly aesthetics when it comes to personal fashion choices, so let's dive into Jeongyeon's style in our fashion guide!

Yoo Jeongyeon can be called the tomboy of TWICE and fans know it well! Despite the flowers and fancy dresses, the top group's member is all about being genuine to herself and choosing comfort with simple outfits. And we think it's perfect for any ONCE who wants to be like their idol.

Jeongyeon's style is the style of a true tomboy, so after all the girly outfits she wears with her group, she usually changes into a pair of comfy pants, big hoodie or a t-shirt, and often wears beanie. Jeongyeon's style can be described as a mix between dancer and a humble girl-next-door. Her style is simple but unique and many people like it because she doesn't try too hard to impress others.

Jeongyeon has an adorable personality that makes her cute and playful at times. She loves to play around with her friends and make them laugh with her jokes and funny comments. She also has a very sweet and kind heart which you can see from her smile on most occasions. So if you want to meet an amazing girl who will make you feel like your best friend, then look no further than Jeongyeon!


And especially oversized t-shirts! Starting with a beautiful photo of Jeongyeon during one of TWICE's Japan concerts, we couldn't help but to add it. And we think Jeongyeon loved changing from the glamorous outfits to a nice black tee for the more active part of the concert.

Why? Even on the regular days, for example spending time with her pets, Jeongyeon is caught wearing big comfy t-shirts in base colors like black, white, or blue, with very simple prints on them.

Or no prints at all!


When it comes to choosing hoodies, Jeongyeon tends to go for the basic colors that suit her stunning visuals just right. She's got a very simple style, so she doesn't need anything too flashy or complicated. As she puts it: "I like to keep things simple." For example, you can go for the simple beige hoodie.

Or choose another classic color - light grey. Whatever make up, hair or skincolor you have, you can never be wrong by getting yourself another oversized hoodie.

Especially when it comes to the funny phrases on the, like Jeongyeon's: "My dog is Rockstar and I'm a manager".

Denim Button-down Shirts

Another top piece Jeongyeon seems to love is a denim button-down shirt.

It can go perfectly with any bottom piece and any occassion, from meeting friends to going to classes.


When it comes to jackets, baby Jeongyeon prefers the black ones, but in different designs. For example, the one she wore at a cafe, is a baggy buttoned shirt, a beige cap, and earrings. No make up, and we don't need it on a daily basis, right?

Another way to style a jacket, this time a striped velvet and again black jacket, is to wear it on top of a hoodie. Perfect tip for colder days!


You've already noticed from the previous pic, but Jeongyeon loves beanies. She usually goes for the black ones and owns a number of them.


No idol fashion guide can possibly go without mentioning caps, and Jeongyeon is no exception! With her overall sporty style, they feel just right! In the first picture, a mirror selfie from her earlier idol trainings, she wore a red NY cap.

But being loyal to her love for black pieces, on her sweet photo with her little best friend, Jeongyeon is wearing a simple black cap, black sweatshirt, and Adidas joggers with black athletic sneakers.


Talking about sneakers, those are Jeongyeon's favorite footwear! Jeongyeon is all about classic, timeless pieces that are easy to wear and give off a strong sense of style. She likes to invest in items that will last her a long time, so she doesn't want anything that might fade or fall apart after just a few months—and she's not just talking about her clothes! The same goes for shoes; anything too flashy or trendy isn't going to get any love from her. You probably won't find her wearing anything else but sneakers, and she has a plenty of different ones. Starting from the running grey sneakers baby pink laces:

To the classic white ones she wore with Adidas tracksuit, posing cutely near her birthday banner in Seoul:

All in all, no surprise that TWICE tomboy girl Jeongyeon is all about comfort and simplicity! It's not that she doesn't want to stand out from her peers—she absolutely does! But when it comes down to it, she knows that the best way to do that is to stick with the basics and let her stunning visuals do all the talking. You see, when you're a celebrity and you have a lot of fans following your every move, it can be easy to get caught up in what other people think of you and forget why you're there in the first place: to make music and inspire others through your artistry.

With athletic or more sporty pieces in her wardrobe, she is one of the most relatable idols, and everyone can get themselves a nice pair of sneakers or an oversized tee with a hoodie to be just like her!

To check other TWICE members' fashion guides and learn more, don't forget to check articles on our website!


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