Kep1er Dayeon: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kep1er Dayeon: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Kep1er Dayeon: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)
Kim Dayeon (김다연), better known as Dayeon, is a member of the K-pop girl group Kep1er. She is a Jellyfish Entertainment trainee. She finished fourth in the Girls Planet 999 finals, making her a part of the final group.


Stage Name 


Birth Name

Kim Da-yeon



Birth Date

March 2, 2003

Place of Birth

 Seoul, South Korea



Blood Type





158 cm (5 ft 2 in)


41 kg (90 lbs)

Zodiac Sign


Final Rank


Individual Fandom


Years Active



Jellyfish Entertainment

STARDIUM (former)

CNC Entertainment (former)


Girls Planet 999
 Produce 48


Produce 48: 2018

Dayeon debuted as a competitor on the girl group survival show Produce 48 in June 2018. She was eliminated during the fifth episode, finishing 70th overall.


Girls Planet 999: 2021

Dayeon's participation in Girls Planet 999 as a member of K-Group was disclosed in July 2021. She did a cover of "Pop/Stars" by K/DA for her evaluation performance, but she was not accepted as a TOP9 candidate. Her starting position was K01, and her first Planet Top 9 position was P02.

Dayeon finished fourth in the final episode on October 22 with 885,286 points and 219,125 votes, becoming a member of the show's final group Kep1er.

On November 21, it was announced that Kep1er would make his debut in December 2021 with the launch of the website Hello, Kep1er.


Dayeon Facts

- She was born in  Seoul, South Korea.
- Her favorite colors are sky blue, black and purple
- Her areas of expertise are dance and leadership.
- Her supporters have given her the moniker Bread.
- Puppies are her favorite animals.
- She is represented by Jellyfish Entertainment.
- She de-stresses by listening to music.
- She has worked with Cube Entertainment, CNC School, and Stadium.
- She trained with the LaChica Dance team, a Street Women Fighter dance team.
- She is the group's genuine middle member in terms of age.
- She made her debut as a child actress and in advertising when she was two years old, thus she was the first, even before Yeseo, but owing to her insignificant roles and the vast gap between her final works and involvement in Produce 48, even she had no recollection.
- She graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul on February 10, 2022, the same day that both she and Yujin were declared COVID-19 survivors.
- She graduated in the same class as Rei of IVE and Jiheon of Fromis_9.
- Mathematics is her best subject.
- She is known as the Mafia Game's best doctor.
- She had the most hair color changes in a month, from Kep1er's debut to the end of Wa Da Da's promotion: blonde, grey, and ivory blonde.
- Her birthdays are frequently celebrated on the first day of school. In 2022, though, she began filming Queendom 2 instead.
- She understands spoken English but does not speak it fluently.
- She prefers to pack a wall charger for her phone instead of a power bank.
- Her favorite boy group is NCT.
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