KEP1ER’s ‘We Fresh’ MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

KEP1ER’s ‘We Fresh’ MV Outfits & Fashion Breakdown



On October 13th, Kep1er came back with their most recent mini-album and "We Fresh" music video!
K Z and B.O. are the authors. The uptempo song, which was written by K Z, Nthonius, Meisobo, and B.O., overlays rock and house musical components while describing the singers as new kinds of heroes that keep optimism alive. Five tracks make up TROUBLESHOOTER, which shows Kep1er's transition into those who swoop in to provide a helping hand to those in need and expresses that no problem is too huge to solve via teamwork. 

Kep1er consists of nine-female idols which are Chaehyun, Bahiyyih, Yujin, Dayeon, Youngeun, Yeseo, Hikaru, Mashiro, and Xiaoting. They were created by the reality television program "Girls Planet 999" and debuted in 2021.

We honestly couldn't have asked for more from the recently released music video, which had flawless singing, breathtaking visuals, fun choreography, and jaw-dropping outfit choices. But for now let us focus on their awesome clothing on their new MV. Let’s see what their ideal and awesome outfits are that you might love below!


KEP1ER ‘We Fresh’ MV Outfits

Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin’s Look #1 in We Fresh MV

On our list, Yujin. She was gorgeous in her Marni flower knit sweater and Margaret Fingers pleated skirt! Her looks and unique beauty really catches our attention.



Flower Knit Jumper
Flower Knit
margarin fingers biscuit pleats skirt

Yujin’s Look #2

Yujin’s Look #2 in We Fresh MV

Her second outfit, which included a white slim-fit shirt from Diesel, a black vegan leather gothic corset, and a pair of combat boots from Dolls Kill, was stunning.

Vegan Leather Goth Corset
Vegan Leather Goth Corset
Combat Boots

Yujin’s Look #3

Yujin’s Look #3 In We Fresh MV

Yujin pulled off another stunning look by wearing a faux-leather miniskirt by Courrèges with a ribbed knit turtleneck

Courrèges ribbed knit turtleneck 

Courrèges ribbed knit turtleneck

Courrèges faux-leather mini skirt


Courrèges faux-leather mini skirt


Mashiro’s Look #1

Mashiro’s Look #1 In We Fresh MV

Mashiro maintained her adorable appearance by pairing a utility skirt from Current Mood with a cropped blouse from Prada with logo trim. She’s so cute with her second outfit

Prada logo-trim stretch-poplin cropped shirt


Prada logo-trim stretch-poplin cropped shirt

Dolls Kill Devious High Security Utility Skirt
Dolls Kill Devious High Security Utility Skirt

Mashiro’s Look #2

Mashiro chose a striking jacket and a cotton T-shirt with the Diesel emblem embossed to achieve this beautiful appearance.

Diesel cropped vinyl jacket

Diesel logo-embossed cotton T-shirt


 Bahiyyih’s Look #1


Bahiyyih’s Look #1 In We Fresh

Bahiyyih flaunted a beautiful ensemble that featured a blazer from ZADIG & VOLTAIRE that was embroidered with crystals. Her unique beauty slayed during their

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE Viva Crystal-Embellished Blazer

Bahiyyih’s Look #2

Bahiyyih’s Look #2 In We Fresh MV

For her second outfit, which featured a string bodysuit from Namilia and vibrant buckle vinyl pants from Dolls Kill, was perhaps the coolest in the music



Kills Doll Sweet Things I Deserve Buckle Vinyl Pants


Hiraku’s Look #1

Hiraku’s Look #1 in We Fresh MV


Hiraku has the most endearing appearance, it's impossible not to adore her! The adorable chose a black chunky rabbit beanie from CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY, a pleated mini skirt from Tripp NYC, and a black vegan leather moto jacket from Glamorous to pull this one off.


DOLLS KILL  Black Vegan Leather Moto Jacket

DOLLS KILL  Black Vegan Leather


DOLLS KILL X Pleated Mini Skirt





Hiraku’s Look #2

Hiraku’s Look #2 In We Fresh MV

Hiraku changed her appearance from cute to cool by wearing a top from Namilia, a waistcoat tank top from 16ARLINGTON, and high-waisted fake leather shorts from Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini.



 Green Jos Waistcoat Tank Top

Faux Leather Shorts


Xiaoting’s Look #1

Xiaoting’s Look #1 in We Fresh MV

You may easily purchase your own black skirt from Tripp NYC if you want to dress up cool like Xiaoting

DOLLS KILL Tripp NYC Super Rocker Mini Skirt
DOLLS KILL Tripp NYC Super Rocker Mini Skirt

Xiaoting’s Look #2

Xiaoting’s Look #2 In We Fresh MV

Xiaoting wore a modified version of the cut-out mini dress from Courrèges with a T-angie red top from Diesel, a crescent moon-print top from Marine Serre, a canvas belt from Widow, and this ensemble was unquestionably one of our favorites in "We Fresh”.


<p style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Fresh."</span></p> <p style="font-weight: 400;"> </p> <p style="font-weight: 400; text-align: center;"><span style="font-weight: 400;"><img src="" alt="" /></span></p>

Marine Serre crescent moon-print top



Courrèges cut-out mini

Widow Wait And Seethe Canvas Belt


Widow Wait And Seethe Canvas Belt

Youngeun’s Look

Youngeun’s Look in We Fresh MV

Youngeun demonstrated that perfect clothes are possible with the aid of a pleated skirt from Current Mood and a brooch from Vivienne Westwood.

Lonely Antics Pleated Skirt

Chaehyun’s Look

Chaehyun’s Look In We Fresh MV

When Chaehyun first appeared, she was dressed in a pleated miniskirt by Dolls Kill, a mesh top by Poster Girl, a leather grommet belt by Steve Madden, and a tactical bandana top by Namilia.

DOLLS KILL Safe With Someone Mesh Top

DOLLS KILL Safe With Someone Mesh Top

Tactical Bandana

DOLLS KILL Wicked Make It Clear Pleated Mini Skirt

DOLLS KILL Wicked Make It Clear Pleated Mini Skirt

Yeseo’s Look

Yeseo’s Look in We Fresh MV

Yeseo rocked an extremely adorable ensemble a turtleneck jumper from Versace Jeans Couture, and a belt from Diesel with a buckled logo.


Versace Jeans Couture Space Couture turtleneck jumper

Logo-buckle Leather Belt


Dayeon’s Look

Last but not the least, Dayeon, stunning ensemble, which includes a D-Angiel cut-out dress from Diesel! Her simple yet stunning yellow dress as her outfit is so attractive to

D-Angiel Cut-out Dress



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