Kpop Idols Seen Wearing The Same Cardigan from JACQUEMUS But in Different Colors

Kpop Idols Seen Wearing The Same Cardigan from JACQUEMUS But in Different Colors



Female Kpop Idols are Seen Wearing Same Cardingand As part Of Their OOTDs


Lately JACQUEMUS cardigans are in trend because of our famous Kpop idols wear seen wearing it, like BLACKPINK Jennie, where everything started as she shared a photo of hers wearing it on her Instagram post.

The famous 

JACQUEMUS  'La Maille Pralù' Cardigan became one of the best selling cardigana and was introduced to may Kpop fans as their favorite female idols has seen wearing it. The cardigan is so conviniet to be paired in any top you have and also it is so good and fashionable to look as part of everyone's OOTD.


Idols With JACQUEMUS Cardigan

As said above, BACKPINK Jennie is one of the female Kpop Idols who introduced the cardigan to the Kpop world as she posted herself wearing he green color cardigan in her Instagram account. The cardigan gives a cool and relaxing vive to her outfit photo and really suits to BLACKPINK Jennie's outfit.




ITZY  member Chaeryeong and Red Velvet Yeri is also seen wearing this pink shade cardigan for their trendy outfit.


IVE's wooyoung also wore this pink shade cardigan for her stage performance, giving her a feminine and fresh look make itd more trend all over the Kpop world. 


The Cardigan

 The micro-cardigan trend is here to stay, as evidenced by Jacquemus' La Maille Pralù design. The ribbed-knit black design is cut into a cropped, skin-revealing style and binds across the chest with a nameplate for a glamorous finishing touch.

JACQUEMUS Black 'La Maille Pralù' Cardigan

JACQUEMUS Black 'La Maille Pralù' Cardigan




The Brand

Simon Porte Jacquemus launched the French brand Jacquemus in 2009. Simon Porte Jacquemus, then 19, traveled to Paris from the region of Provence with the intention of launching his own label, Jacquemus.

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