Kpop Idols Slays With Diesel's Pink Dress

Kpop Idols Slays With Diesel's Pink Dress



Famous Korean Idols Spotted Wearing The Famous Diesel's Pink Dress!


All of us are waiting what kind of iconic dress that our favorite Kpop idols gonna wear for their fashionable outfits. With their cool and fashionable vibe, many Kpop fans are wondering what kind of oufits they have so hat they can try that kind of look from their idols too. 


This kind of pink dress that hooked every Kpop idols to wear it is from the famous Italian fashion brand Diesel. The dress is well designed and can be recognized the brand easily because of its design in on the upper part of the dress. It also goes well with the latest Y2K comeback in fashion. And, given how many celebrities are grabbing this item given that many popular celebrities are keep wearing this dress as part of their outfit.


Idols With Diesel Pink Dress

The famous 2n1 member CL posted on her instagram wearing this dress. The pink dress was introduced to K-pop fans for the first time in July 2022, when rapper CL posted the pink dress as her  costume on her Instagram. CL resembled a modern-day Barbie, complete with matching barrettes and glossy blonde hair, a look appropriate for the 2022 barbiecore trend.




Red Velvet Joy also seen wearing this dress as she posted a poster for their new comeback on her Instagram account. Complementing the pink automobile on set. Joy has a history of having legendary costumes go viral online, and this time was no exception the ensemble was a hit with the group's fans.




Aespa Karina is also wore it on the cover of ViVi Magazin. Karina was adored across all social media platforms for her elegant appearance and purple toned hai and with her amazing visual.



The Dress

On February 2022, Diesel launched the M-Arcey Mini Dress as part of their Fall Winter 2022 collection. Since then, the item has appeared in a variety of pop cultural contexts, ranging from editorial shots to celebrity Instagram postings. Because of its shiny shine and enormous "D" brand emblem, the garment has earned a reputation for being fairly iconic. Its bodycon silhouette contrasts with the delicate pink tone, striking the ideal mix between traditional feminine style and current empowered vitality.

Pink M-Arcey Minidress

Pink M-Arcey Minidress

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The Brand

Diesel, the Italian label, has found new success. Glenn Martens, who joined Diesel in 2020, has transformed the brand, most notably through the popularity of the 1DR bag. The stylish pocketbook and the popular M-Arcey Mini Dress mark the beginning of a new era for the brand. 

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