Nam Joo-hyuk As  Nam Do-san Start Up Kdrama Outfit

Nam Joo-hyuk As Nam Do-san Start Up Kdrama Outfit




With the surge of the Korean wave, Korean products and even tourist spots are getting more and more attention. One of these is their drama, Korean drama is now being known as one of the best dramas that the world has. One of the best kdrama of 2020 is “Start Up” starring one of the most popular and handsome Korean actors, Nam Joo-hyuk, he played the role Nam Do-san, the nerd yet charismatic computer engineer from SamSan Tech. 

Nam Do-san catches the hearts of everyone with his lovely and soft character and also his simple outfit makes him more attractive. It’s been 2 years since the drama ended, but still many kdrama fans are still hooked and attached to Start Up. Everyone is inspired not only by the drama’s message but also by their outfits on the drama. Nam Do-san’s outfit became an inspiration also, his clean and fresh outfits are an ideal for everyday style. Here are some Nam Do-san Outfits! 

Photo credits to: TVN

Hackathon Outfit 

At the Hackathon event on Start Up Nam Do-san is wearing a calm and cool outfit. He’s wearing a plain hoodie jacket and a trouser. This kind of outfit is an ideal if you want to dress up and look clean and simple. We really can’t deny that wearing simple clothes for our outfit will really make us more attractive and pleasing. 

Photo credits to: Pinterest

Photo credits to: Pinterest

Money! Money Outfit

When Nam Do-san and his team, SamSan Tech won the grand prize at the international event and was about to film a thank you speech on it, he wore this kind of outfit. A black turtleneck and baggy denim pants partnered with his New Balance sneaker. This outfit became a trend because of his memorable scene in the drama. This kind of outfit is also perfect for you is you want to dress up simple but sophisticated. 


Photo credits to: TVN “Strat Up”


Night Shining Armor Prince Outfit 

One of Nam Do-San’s handsome outfits is from his scene where he had to attend the party and meet Seo Dal-mi. His cool, beautiful suit gives him an extraordinary look that makes everyone scream and go crazy ok that scene. He’s wearing a black t-shirt with his black coat and trouser pants, partnered with his loafer shoes. This kind of outfit is perfect for your formal and casual event especially if you really want to dress up more cool and handsome.

Photo credits to: Soop Entertainment

Photo credits to: Pinterest 

Photo credits to: Soop Entertainment

Shy Casual Plain Outfit

Nam Do-san loves to wear plain outfits on the drama. This look is perfect for his honest and gentle character. We believe that the outfit describes the character of a person. Nam Do-San is wearing a thin denim long sleeve that is perfect for his plain ehite t-shirt, partnered with black trouser pants. This fresh and casual outfit is perfect for everyone and this can be one of your favorite outfits, especially when you are going to a casual event. Just remember to roll up the sleeves so that it will add more fashion to your outfit. 

Graphic Long Sleeve Outfit 

We all know that He loves wearing long sleeves and trouser pants as part of his style, Nam Do-san is wearing an attractive long sleeve with his white t-shirt and off-white trousers. This outfit is more attractive because of the long sleeves design. 

Retro Stripe Polo Long Sleeves Outfit 

Sports inspired details, a contrasting rugby collar, and thick cotton jersey make this new athletic polo shirt an irresistible piece. Designed with horizontal black and white stripes.His simple outfit defines his character, Do-san is wearing a striped black and white long sleeve. The outfit highlights his soft  visual by its simplicity. He partnered his striped top with his black trousers that completes the simple Nam Do-san Outfit. 

Formal Attire 

When Nam Do-san is about to take a group picture with their magazine interview, he’s wearing a simple and pleasing attire. Everyone fell for him as they saw him wear this formal attire. Nam Do-san is quite competitive and confident with his outfit. Wearing formal attire makes you look more captivating and sexy.

Dream Boy Outfit 

Everyone falls for someone wearing a simple white t-shirt outfit. The aesthetics of this outfit is

so super-B! This outfit is a low key outfit to show off your natural visuals and look to everyone. This outfit never loses its spot on one of the best outfits that you should try. Aside from its convenient and easy to style and find, it is also a perfect outfit for your everyday outfit to look more charismatic.

Sweatshirt Outfit 

Sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover shirt fashioned out of thick, usually cotton cloth material. Sweatshirts are almost exclusively casual attire and hence not as dressy as some sweaters. Sweatshirts can be paired with anything and it’s pretty perfect if you want to have a quick fashion outfit for your everyday outfit. We can’t deny the supremacy of wearing sweatshirts. Nam Joo-hyuk a.k.a Nam Do-san is wearing a Libertad sweatshirt. This outfit is perfect for his genius and shy personality as a computer engineer.

Start Up Poster Outfit 

Last but not the least is Nam Do-san’s outfit for the poster of the drama. He’s wearing sky blue long sleeves that perfectly fit his body. He’s serving us a good looking leading man that will definitely enchant us once we watch the drama. With his brown trousers, Nam Do-san is such an ideal person to be your outfit inspiration. His outfit is perfect for his body and height and he partnered it with his white sneakers. He’s definitely a catch!

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