Top 10 Charles & Keith Outfits ITZY has worn in 2022

Top 10 Charles & Keith Outfits ITZY has worn in 2022

ITZY selected as Charles & Keith Global Brand Ambassador!

ITZY has been chosen as a new ambassador for Singapore's global fashion brand CHARLES & KEITH last August 2022. Since then ITZY starts its activities by introducing the collection and campaign of the brand.

Charles & Keith co-founder Keith Wong said, "I think ITZY is the perfect family of our brand because they are not afraid to be honest with themselves as the voice of a new generation."

Are you interested in looking what they chose to wear? Then, let's look at these remarkable Top 10 outfits worn by ITZY members below!

1. ITZY's Yeji Wearing Casual Chic Outfit at Incheon Airport

Yeji's airport fashion look is something that you'll probably wear. She's wearing a Dark Blue Blazer with an RVN Crepe Knit Rib Racer Cutout Cropped Top underneath it. It was partnered with a NILI LOTAN Arielle Pant In Brown Check.

Her Charles & Keith accessory is a Charlot Bag and as for her footwear, it's a Recycled Polyester Knotted Platform Mules.

2. ITZY's Lia Looks Pretty In Her Teeny Vibes Outfit at Incheon Airport

Lia's airport fashion outfit is simple yet adorably to wear. She's wearing a THOM BROWNE 4-Bar Cashmere Cardigan with a Black Sando Top on the inside. She partnered it wit a Dark Blue Pleated Skirt.

Her only accessory is a Charles & Keith Nylon Ruched Mini Bag.

3. ITZY's Ryujin Looks Badass In Her All-Black Outfit at Incheon Airport

Ryujin's airport fashion look is to die for! She rocked her all-black outfit from head to toe. She wore an EnoughOne My First Shirt with a Sleeveless Crew Neck Shirt on the inside. Her bottom wear is a Leather Short.

Her footgear is a Charles & Keith Recycled Polyester High-Top Sneakers.

4. ITZY's Chaeryeong Wearing A Simple Casual Outfit at Incheon Airport

Chaeryeong's airport fashion look is very simple yet comfortable to look at. She wore a Denim Jacket with a White Top underneath it and partnered with a Long Denim Skirt.

Her accessories are Charles & Keith Double Chain Bracelet and a Gabine Tweed Saddle Bag. Her footwear is a Charles & Keith Recycled High-Top Sneakers.

5. ITZY's Yuna Looks Stunningly Gorgeous In Her Cozy Yet Stylish Outfit at Incheon Airport

Yuna's airport fashion wardrobe outfit is really captivating and charming to look at. She's wearing an Adidas x Gucci Mohair Knit Sweater partnered with a Black Leather Skirt.

Her accessory bag is a Charles & Keith Nylon Ruched Mini Bag and her platform shoes is a Recycled Polyester High-Top Sneakers from the same brand.

6. ITZY's Yeji Is Superb In W Korea Pictorial Shoot.

Yeji proudly worn a Son Jung Wan SS017 Collection dress. Her Charles & Keith accessories are Gabine Chain-Link Bracelet and a Charlot Bag while her footwear is an Aberdeen Denim Checkered Platform Boots.

7. ITZY's Lia Looks Stunning at the 2022 KBS Song Festival

Lia looks splendid in her red carpet look at the recent KBS Song Festival. She donned an Alexander Wang Off-Shoulder Mini Dress while her accessories are Charles & Keith Gabine Cuff Bracelet and a Gabine Chain-Link Ring.

8. ITZY's Ryujin Looks Tantalizing And Voluptuous at the 2022 KBS Song Festival

Ryujin looks very sexy and proud in her red carpet look. She wore a DION LEE Strap Detailed Corset Vest as her top and partnered it with a VERSACE Flared Velvet Trousers.

Her accessories are all from Charles & Keith. These are Gabine Cuff Bracelet and a Gabine Chain-Link Ring.

9. ITZY's Chaeryeong Looks Like An Ethereal Black Swan

In her W Korea's photoshoot, Chaeryeong looks elegant and graceful. She presently flaunts her AKRIS Asymmetrical Wool Gabardine Midi Skirt. Her sole accessory is a Charles & Keith Gabine Belted Hobo Bag.

For her footwear, she's sporting a Charles & Keith Aberdeen Platform Boots.

10. ITZY's Yuna Look Heavenly In W Korea Shoot.

Yuna looks celestial as she proudly donned her all-Charles & Keith accessories in W Korea shoot. She beautifully displayed a Gabine Recycled Acetate Oval Sunglasses, a Gabine Chain-Link Drop Earrings, a Gabine Chain-Link Bracelet, and lastly, a Gabine Chain-Link Ring.


[All Images by ITZY, W Korea, & K-Medias via JYP Entertainment]
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