Top 10 FILA X BTS Clothing Outfits

Top 10 FILA X BTS Clothing Outfits





Aside from being known as a talented sensational kpop group, BTS is also known as one of the biggest brand endorsers. Recently FILA announced that the biggest kpop group, BTS, is their newest global brand ambassador. Fila is known for its great sense of fashion tastes and offers affordable and friendly prices with high quality products . Fila never failed us on their product design and everything. They always give nice and perfect fashion products to complete our fashion outfits. Since BTS is their Global Brand Ambassadors everyone got excited and wanted to know their best outfits from FILA. Here are the “Top 10 FILA BTS Clothing Outfits”.


1. BTS X FILA Dynamite Edition

Dynamite is one of BTS biggest comeback and this song gives them a large opportunity to perform on different bigger stages outside their country. Since Dynamite makes everyone go crazy on BTS, FILA decided to have a Dynamite version of clothing outfits with the k-pop group BTS. As the Dynamite theme on their MV, FILA used pastel and light colors to match the aesthetic vibe of the said music. BTS members Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-hope are wearing pastel colors to their top and bottom, while RM and Suga are wearing light and dark clothes for their outfit. BTS V is wearing darker colors to contrast the colors of their comembers outfit. The Dynamite Edition is featuring their pants, hoodies and sweatshirts and shoes that are inspired by BTS “Dynamite”.  


2. J-Hope FILA Winter Collection Outfit

Even if it's the winter season we still want to dress more fashionable. Everyone loves winter but at the same time they are excited to flex their winter outfits. J-Hope is wearing a winter outfit from FILA. A black hoodie and a black and white winter jacket for his top and black jogger pants on his bottom. He’s also wearing a pair of FILA white sneakers. A good outfit for winter, right?


3. RM FILA Winter Collection Outfit

We can’t deny that BTS RM is good at carrying his outfits. His body posture, build and everything are so perfect. His FILA winter collection outfit makes him more attractive and swag. He’s wearing a gray hoodie and a black vest jacket for his top, and gray jogger pants for his bottoms with a pair of white, black, blue and gray sneakers from FILA. He totally makes our winter warmer.


4. Taehyung FILA Neuron Collection Outfit

Everyone loves to workout and take a jog everyday to have a healthy lifestyle. BTS member Kim Taehyung slays on his exercise outfit as he wears FILA’s cool workout outfits. He’s wearing a white shirt and white and black FILA sweat jacket for his top and black jogging pants and running shorts for his bottom. He’s also wearing a black FILA headband and a pair of FILA’s running sneakers. This kind of outfit is really good especially if you want to look fashionable while working on your healthy lifestyle. 

5. Suga FILA Explore Collection Outfit

Are you a fan of hiking, hunting or even exploring nature? Well if you are you must have this kind of outfit like Suga of BTS. FILA’s Explore Collection is for someone who loves exploring nature. Their aim is to give you a good outfit on exploring everything about nature. Nice and good outfits for your social media posts right? Suga is wearing a green and offwhite wool coat jacket and dark moss green long sleeve shirt from FILA for his top and a cargo pants for his bottom, he’s wearing a nude color FILA sneakers and a black sling bag to complete his outfit. It’s fun to explore something with your nice outfit, especially this kind of outfit.


6. Jungkook FILA Fall Collection Outfit

Let’s fall in love with Jungkook as he wears FILA’s Fall Collection. We can’t all deny that Jungkook really steals our hearts whenever he wears his swag and chill outfits. For Fall Collection BTS member Jungkook is wearing a navy blue FILA hoodie and jogger pants terno with a white round t-shirt, paired with whit FILA sneakers. This outfit is fit for some college students who enrolled in their fall semester. What a nice and simple outfit right?




7. Jimin FILA Project7 Collection Outfit 

We all can’t deny how beautiful Jimin is, especially if he’s wearing a simple outfit. His visuals are really stunning every time he shows off his fashionable look. Jimin is like a flower on a spring day that blooms its best to look more beautiful. His fresh and chill aura really fits his Project7 collection. He’s wearing a white FILA project 7 round neck t-shirt and denim jeans partnered with white FILA sneakers and project7 white tote bag. This fresh-simple look outfit is ideal for your everyday style.


8. Jin FILA Spring Collection Outfit

Jin is as beautiful as flowers, especially when we talk about his aesthetic beauty. Jin is a total bombshell on his simple outfit on FILA’s spring collection. He’s wearing a white FILA hoodie jacket and denim jeans paired with black Fila sneakers. Simplicity is beauty right? This outfit is good for the spring season. Be simple and beautiful as the flowers of spring.


9. BTS X FILA NOW ON Collection Outfit

Since BTS released one of the best songs they had, FILA and BTS had a collaboration based on their new released song “ON”. BTS members are wearing cool colors for their t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. The color scheme and combinations are perfect for the group’s fashion style. This kind of outfit is good for fall season.


10. BTS X FILA Winter Collection 2020 FILA ON THE STREET

BTS always make sure to warm our winter season as they slay on their different winter outfits with the collaboration with FILA. They are wearing warm colors for their winter jackets to make sure that you still feel the warmth of their love in the winter season. All their winter jackets are perfect for everyone who wants to be fashionable even though the weather is negative. Maybe these winter jackets are for you!


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