Top 10 Louis Vuitton Outfits NewJeans' Hyein has worn in 2022

Top 10 Louis Vuitton Outfits NewJeans' Hyein has worn in 2022

NewJeans' Hyein Joins The 'Louis Vuitton' Family As A New Ambassador!

NewJeans' Hyein has been chosen as the newest Brand Ambassador of LOUIS VUITTON, a French luxury fashion house.

On December 30th, Louis Vuitton announced the launch of Hyein as a new ambassador, saying, "We begin a new journey with her that defines the style of NewJeans with her unique charm."

Let's take a look at these eye-catching Top 10 outfits worn by NewJeans' Hyein below!

1. NewJeans' Hyein Dancing To Hype Boy

In NewJeans' Tiktok video update, Hyein together with co-member Hyein were seen dancing to their debut song "Hype Boy." She adorably wore a Louis Vuitton LV Match Polo Top for her top and a Magnetic Slingback Pump for her footwear.

2. NewJeans' Hyein at Danfesta

Last September 20222, Hyein's group NewJeans has perform at Danfesta as part of their debut promotion. She proudly enjoys wearing a Ottolinger Denim Top partnered with a Louis Vuitton Baggy Denim Pants.

Her accessories are NiRO Custom 혜인 Necklace #999, Toki Ring, and a Louis Vuitton LV Sunrise Necklace. Her footwear is an LV Trainer Sneaker.

3. NewJeans' Hyein Posing For W Korea

Hyein look stunningly gorgeous as she posed for the W Korea December 2022 issue. She wore an all-Louis Vuitton outfit here.

It consists of an LV Stamp T-Shirt and accessories such as Louisette Marco Earrings, Louise Hoop GM Earrings, Cruiser Earrings, an LV Futura Earrings, a Vivienne Over The Moon Necklace, and lastly, a Louise Long Necklace.

4. NewJeans' Hyein For Vogue Korea

Prior to her W Korea December issue, Hyein has posed for the digital cover of Vogue Korea November issue. She dignifiedly present her all-Louis Vuitton outfit.

Her top wear is a Jet Ski Box Top partnered with Draped Linen Layering Skirt and a Textured Silk Carrot Pants underneath it. Her accessory is an LV Circle Twins 35 MM Belt while her footwear is an LV Archlight 2.0 Platform Ankle Boot.

5. NewJeans' Hyein For W Korea December Issue

Her another outfit for her editorial photo for W Korea is an all-Louis Vuitton attire. Her top is a Checkerboard Strap Crop Top that goes a long with her bottom wear, which is a Lambskin Panel Side Tie Skirt.

Her sole accessory is a Since 1854 Cap Ou Pas Cap.

6. NewJeans' Hyein Pridefully Posed For Vogue Korea

Her further outfit for Vogue Korea is a Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023 Collection. These are Crinkle Effect Metallized Trench Coat with a Salk Institute Print Pocket Mini Skirt on the inside.

Her accessories are B Blossom Ring and a Louise Long Necklace.

7. NewJeans' Hyein For Vogue Korea November Issue

Her zebra-like outfit is all from Louis Vuitton. Her top is a Fray Knit Cropped Pullover and her bottom is a Fray Knit Bloomers.

Her accessories are a Nanogram Hair Clip and a Side Trunk. Her footwear is a Westside Flat High Boots.

8. NewJeans' Hyein at Incheon Airport

Hyein's fashion airport look is very stylish yet cozy. On NewJeans' Instagram post of her, she comfortably unveils her overall outfit. It consists of a Fray Knit Cropped Pullover and underneath it is a Thin Rib Long-Sleeve Polo Top.

Her bag is a Palm Springs Mini and as for her footwear, it's a Ruby Flat Half Boot.

9. NewJeans' Hyein Looks Comfortable In Her Outfit at Incheon Airport

It looks like Hyein will only sleep in her clothes but it looks very comfortable. It's a combination of a EENK and Louis Vuitton brands.

For her EENK cloth, it's a Venny Single Mac Trench Coat while her Louis Vuitton accessories are Nano Noé bag and an LV Beaubourg Ankle Boots.

10. NewJeans' Hyein at Music Bank

Her last outfit in our list is when she was in Music Bank. She totally rocked this look. It has a chic and punk vibes.

Her all-Louis Vuitton outfit are Monogram Denim Bomber Jacket with a High Turtleneck Compact Knit Sweater on the inside. Her bottom wear is an Oversized Pocket Cotton Drill Shorts.

Her sole accessory is an LV x YK Twist PM bag and her footwear is an LV Archlight 2.0 Platform Ranger.


[All Images by NewJeans & K-Medias via ADOR Entertainment]
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