Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Outfits Of BLACKPINK's JISOO in 2022

Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Outfits Of BLACKPINK's JISOO in 2022

Kim Jisoo, or most commonly known as JISOO, one of the members of the biggest girl group right now, BLACKPINK, is among the most followed K-Pop idols on Instagram, and it's no wonder that she always gets so much engagement, such as likes, on every photo she posts. She remained one of Instagram's most popular K-Pop idols, with 67.7 million followers as of January 2023.

Recently, she was hailed "Influencer of the Year," after topping the list of the most influential people in the fashion business for 2022. According to Lefty, her 48 posts generated $198 million in earned media value for DIOR in 2022 alone, with an average of 9.55% engagement rate.

Curious to know her top 10 most-liked Instagram posts? Then take a look at these gorgeous outfits worn by your favorite idol, JISOO. 

JISOO at DIOR Couture Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Show
Image by DIOR

1. BLACKPINK In Santa Outfits

This post has garnered 9,504,594 likes as of the moment. This was surely a good present to end the year for all the blinks worldwide. They managed to pull off this Santa outfit as a wonderful gift and greeting to all their fans.

Jisoo, together with her fellow members, were wearing a Santa costume in various styles. Jisoo wore a red spaghetti strap mini dress with high heel boots!

2. JISOO's Sexy Body Is Flaunted In A Cozy Outfit In Newark, New Jersey 

This photo has accumulated 7,580,340 likes as of the moment. This photo was taken when they were on their North American tour during their "Born Pink" world tour stop.

Jisoo has confidently posed and shown off her stunning body. She wore a DIOR's cardigan with sailor collar with YUSE's vintage pigment print long sleeve t-shirt inside paired with LOTSYOU's lindsay cargo pants for her bottomwear.

3. JISOO's Sweet And Charming Photo With Jennie

This photo has garnered 7,304,938 likes as of the moment. Many fans around the world, including the "JENSOO" shippers, have definitely adored and admired this photo of them.

They are both wearing comfortable clothes. JISOO wore a white oversize polo shirt with light brown wide-leg pants.

4. JISOO's Happy Moment With Rosé in Times Square

This photo has amassed 6,872,616 likes. This CHAESOO photo has drawn attention as they happily enjoy their New York stroll.

JISOO wore a gray oversize sweatshirt paired with jeans. In addition to that, she proudly flaunted her small DIORCAMP bag.

5. JISOO's Cutely Posed In A Casual Outfit In Los Angeles, California

This post has exceeded 6,849,793 likes. It looks like Jisoo enjoyed her short trip to Los Angeles because she posted a selfie of herself there and the sky sight a well.

Her clothes are simple and comfortable to look at. It's a printed jacket with DIOR's vibe t-shirt and gray acid-wash jeans for her bottomwear.

6. JISOO Had A Blast Wearing An Astonishing Outfit In Chicago

Jisoo was able to garner 6,456,811 likes with this photo. She expressed on social media that it was great to perform in Chicago again, and she undoubtedly enjoyed the concert.

Her stunning attire featured stage concert outfit that emphasized her beauty and sexiness!

7. JISOO Displays Her Youthness and Attractiveness In a Pictorial Shoot

More than 6,282,958 people have liked this post. These images were taken for a shoot with Christian Dior Beauty and Marie Claire Korea.

In these photos, Jisoo has displayed her femininity and youthful beauty. Her entire clothing was sponsored and provided from DIOR.

8. JISOO's First U.S Concert Tour Stop In Dallas

This picture has received 5,926,977 likes. Jisoo has expressed her excitement and joy at being able to perform for the first time in Dallas.

She wore a BLACKPINK sweatshirt paired with a pleated skirt and in the third photo, she's wearing VERSACE's medusa detail corset top paired with ALICE + OLIVIA's toni tweed mini skirt.

9. JISOO Is Shining In Her Shimmering Outfit In Berlin, Germany

This photo was able to exceed 5,730,922 likes. The photo was taken at their Berlin concert, and Jisoo surely understood the assignment as she radiates these sparkly outfits!

In the first two photos, she flaunted the AADNEVIK's glittering set of mini skirt and bustier with braided leather details while in the third photo, she donned this another AADNEVIK's couture dusky pink velvet mini dress with teardrop crystals, silk chiffon and braided leather details.

10. JISOO Looks Hot and Daring In Their Day 2 L.A Concert

This photo alone has received 5,726,699 likes. Jisoo looks proud and fulfilled as they finally finished off their North American tour in Los Angeles.

She posted these photos as a way of thanking their LA fans. She was dressed in an AREA crystal trim leopard print cotton blend top paired with black shorts. In other photo, she's wearing a BLACKPINK jacket and printed shirt merchandise.


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