Top 10 Plus Size Kpop Inspired Outfits

Top 10 Plus Size Kpop Inspired Outfits



Everyone loves to have a perfect outfit that will fit their body shape and size. We believed that having a good outfit can make you more attractive. The consistent daily act of dressing well not only helps you fine-tune your taste, it also helps increase your confidence because you will trust your ability to pick out a stylish outfit to wear. Being trendy and fashionable transforms your self-perception. I will influence the level of your self esteem that signifies how others perceive you. Studies show that you can tell a lot about a person's personality, status, and income just by looking at their shoes.

Everyone has the right to dress whatever they want and be fashionable as long as they want, whatever body size and shape you have you still can wear those ideal clothes you want to try.

Plus size outfits are one of the best outfits in the fashion industry. There are so many plus size models that are slaying on their photo shoots and runway events while showing off their best fashion outfits and style. Also, there are a lot of famous instagram influencers that influence plus size outfits to everyone. Their great fashion sense will help you to figure out what style of everyday outfit you want to have. 

Here are the “Top 10 Plus Size Outfits From South Korea’s Plus Size Fashion Influencers”. 


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1. School Girl Nerdy Look Outfit

This outfit is so famous around the country of South Korea, having this look will definitely make you look young and innocent. This style is perfect for your everyday outfit especially when you are still a university student and still studying for your spring or fall semester. She’s wearing a nude color checked shirt as her base of the outfit and put on the knitted cotton v-neck sleeveless vest, partnered with dark gray trousers and white sneakers. This outfit should be on your list you should try!


2. Casual Cool Style Outfit

The simplest the better, everyone loves wearing simple clothes for their simple outfit. We believe that the more simple your outfit is, the more the outfit will show off your beauty. If you try to combine all your plain and simple clothes it will make an expensive but simple aura of outfit. She’s wearing a plain midnight blue long sleeve polo shirt and a below the knee skirt with slit. She completed her look with her black combat boots and her black belt for her waist design.



3. Printed Long Sleeves Polo Outfit

Everyone loves wearing long sleeves, especially South Koreans. This outfit makes you more sophisticated and casual looking. It is perfect for your everyday style like office outfits or blind dates outfits. She’s wearing a printed long sleeve polo tucked-in in his black trousers. She partnered it to her black high heels. This outfit is perfect for your formal events or plan.


4. Clubbing Party Outfit

Are you a fan of clubbing? Partying? Night out? Well try this perfect outfit for you! She’s wearing a black fancy leather and cotton puff off shoulder with her checkered mini skirt with waist belt with chain. This kind of outfit will give you a hot looking vibe. It will also make you look attractive and captivating that will definitely catch everyone’s attention when you walk inside the party or in the club. This outfit will be perfect if you partner it with a black combat boots. What a nice outfit right?



5. Sweet Girly Outfit

If you want to look sweet with your outfit well this kind of simple yet cute outfit is for you. She’s wearing a knitted cropped top with her high waisted pants. This outfit will make you look more sweet and innocent. High waist pants are very popular these days. It's better to wear it with your favorite knitted crop top and pair it with your any white sneakers to look more fashionable and nice.


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6. Kpop Inspired Outfit

Everyone loves to get an inspiration outfit from their favorite kpop idols. This outfit is inspired by one of those outfits. She’s wearing a white mini dress and a jacket partnered with her favorite boots. This outfit is perfect for your spring season or you can even wear it to attend your upcoming concert schedules. This simple yet fashionable style will definitely make you more attractive and feel comfortable with this outfit.


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7. Kdrama Inspired

Outfit As you always see in every kdrama you have watched, this kind of outfit is very popular among those outfits. An oversized knitted turtleneck partnered with silk high waist long skirt and a pair of black, shiny combat shoes. Well the outfit will not be perfect if you added a fancy belt with your style. It is also better if you wear a beret hat to complete your kdrama outfit. What a nice combination of clothes to be a perfect outfit right?


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8. Blue Floral Puff Dress

This dress is perfect for your spring vacation while enjoying the bunch of flowers around you. The floral dress that makes you feel like you're in a Korean drama where you are enjoying your youthful spring vacation with your special summer. The puff sleeve makes the dress look more pretty and sweet looking that will really make you more attractive. 

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9. Crochet Cardigan With High Waist Pants

This kind of outfit can be your everyday outfit that will really make you look captivating. By just wearing a simple crochet cardigan and a plain white crop top t-shirt partnered with your denim high waisted pants will surely give you a vibe of a univer student who is attending his spring and fall semester. This outfit is very popular among kdrama and also for some Korean pop idols as their everyday and simple event outfits. 

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10. Coat and Denim Jeans Outfit 

Everyone loves to partner their coats to some high waisted denim pants. How about changing the traditional style and putting a little twist on it? A coat partnered with a denim mini skirt is also good as your outfit-of-the-day. By just wearing a denim mini skirt and a coat partnerd with white oversized printed t-shirt makes you look fashionable and presentable. This outfit will look more cool if you partnered it with your converse high cut.



Photo credits to: Pinterest 

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