TXT Beomgyu: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

TXT Beomgyu: Profile, Height, Dating, Facts & Information (Updated)

Beomgyu (범규) is a member of the boy band Tomorrow x Together or TXT under HYBE Entertainment (formerly Big Hit Entertainment).


Stage Name

Beomgyu (범규)

Real Name

Choi Beom Gyu (최범규)

English Name

Ben Choi

Date of Birth

March 13, 2001


180 cm (5’11”)


53 kg (116 lbs)


-Daegu Gwanmun Elementary School (Graduated) 
-Guam Middle School (Graduated) 
-Hanlim Multi Art School (Practical Dance Department)


Dancing, Singing, Rapping, Playing Guitar 

City of origin / country

Daegu, South Korea


Can play guitar, Singing, Dancing, Rapping


Beomgyu is shy and quiet to people at first but when he warms up, he can't stop talking. He’s a totally jolly person. 

Ideal Type 

Beomgyu doesn’t have any special characteristics in physics, because for him if we look at someone by their physical appearance it will no longer and will change all the time.

Personal Life

-Choi Beomgyu remains relatively quiet when it comes to sharing his personal life and makes it a point to stay out of the public eye.
-His family consists of mother, father, and an older brother (born 1998).


HYBE ENTERTAINMENT company employees went a little bit farther than the one who sought out Taehyun. As soon as they laid eyes on him in his hometown of Daegu, they immediately asked him to come to Seoul for an audition.
Beomgyu shared how the company cast him, he said "My hometown is Daegu. One day, I ran toward my dad's car after school and immediately got in, but someone suddenly knocked on the car window like crazy. It turned out to be a casting manager who asked, 'You're Beomgyu, right?' and that's how I was first cast."


Weverse Magazine 

BEOMGYU “Every performance has to be perfect”

Brand Endorsements



Fashion Brands Worn



TOMORROW X TOGETHER ‘minisode1 : Blue Hour’ comeback interview 2020.11.05


Dating History / Rumours



Beomgyu is ENFJ, also known as the Protagonist. People with this type are warm, loyal, and highly attuned to other people’s emotions. They love leading and inspiring others, helping everyone grow and fulfil their potential.



Instagram followers

@beomgyu_official (1.1M followers)

Beomgyu Facts

-Beomgyu is from Daegu, South Korea.

-Beomgyu has a Satoori Accent since he is from Daegu.

-He spent his childhood in Daegu along with his family.

-His representative animal is a butterfly 🦋 

-He is the visual of the group TXT.

-Beomgyu is the last and fifth member that HYBE Entertainment revealed on public.

-He is a dying hard fan of BTS.

-He is the center of the group.

-He calls himself a Tiger because ‘Beom’ means ‘Tiger’.

-He know how to play guitar.

-Beomgyu learned how to play guitar on his own.

-Beomgyu loves to tease Yeonjun.

-He is a shy tupe person but at the same time he is super hype and can’t stop talking on everyone.

-He became a student and Hanlim Multi-Arts School.

-He went to the same English academy/private institute that BTS’ Suga attended.

-He is practicing songwriting.

-Beomgyu is friends with Euiwoong and Hyugseob from Produce 101 and they both go to Hanlim.

-He really loves to sleep.

-Beomgyu is always the first to fall asleep in the group.

-He has a sharp jawline that makes him look more attractive.

-He’s favorite colors are pink and white.
-Beomgyu has a lot of pink clothes since he loves pink color.

-Beomgyu first time abroad was in Manila, Philippines when he was around 10.

-He loves garlic bread.

-His favorite food are Honey rice cake and stir-fried beef tripe from Daegu.

-He also loves his mother’s tteokbokki

-He dislike seafoods.

-TXT's Beomgyu loves spending time with BTS' V

-Beomgyu is good at claw games.

-His favorite fruit is strawberry.

-He is in a friend group called 이즈 (ee-z) with Stray Kids I.N, ENHYPEN Heeseung and Just B Lim Jimin.

 -His Dad Introduced Him to Music.

-TXT's Beomgyu loves spending time with BTS member V.


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