TXT Yeonjun and KARD BM wore VALENTINO Viscose Mesh Turtleneck

TXT Yeonjun and KARD BM wore VALENTINO Viscose Mesh Turtleneck


A Hot Look From Our Two Favorite Kpop Idols as They wore Their  VALENTINO Viscose Mesh Turtleneck


A new formal and sexy look brought by our favorie male idols. The 4th generation Kpop idol TXT member Yeonjun and KARD BM showed us a new ideal on how to dress and look fashionable over our formal attires.

The first Korean stars who wore the same outfit on different occasions and served different vibes were KARD BM and TXT Yeonjun slayes with their turtleneck from VALENTINO


Idols With VALENTINO Turtleneck

When KARD BM attended Valentino during Paris Fashion Week 2021, he dressed suitably in Valentino clothing. KARD BM maintained his black suit buttoned while wearing the see-through shirt. He appeared to be both sophisticated and hip.




Meanwhile, TXT Yeonjun, the '4th Gen-It boy,' donned the identical Valentino shirt for the Elle photoshoot. He did, however, exude sexiness and hotness with his unkempt hair and unzipped coat.




The Turtleneck

The Viscose Mesh Turtleneck is one of the best and top selling turtleneck of VALENTINO.  The turtleck became so poplar as the famous Kpop Idols started to wear it to their fashinable formal outfits, later on may idols wears it to to add some spice with their suits. 


VALENTINO Viscose Mesh Turtleneck

VALENTINO Viscose Mesh Turtleneck


The Brand

Valentino Fashion Group is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani. Pierpaolo Piccioli has been the creative director since October 2008, working alongside Maria Grazia Chiuri from 2008 to 2016.



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