Top 10 Online Stores To Buy K-Pop Clothing In The USA

Top 10 Online Stores To Buy K-Pop Clothing In The USA

Dominating all forms of entertainment, the Korean wave or "Hallyu" seems to be setting the trends and inspiration for the next big step. Their new feat: Fashion

By Julianne Babaran

It seems the global wave have influenced consumers to take a closer look into their fashion.

From the clean-cut look in K-dramas, to the badass colors and styles we see on K-pop.

It sure seems there is something for everybody in the market. 

It's no surprise Korean fashion brands is ready for this newfound attention as they now sell globally, fulfilling any style you could ever want.

In this article we've compiled Korean fashion brands that is available internationally, we'll break down the unique selling proposition to help you find ones best suited for your style. 

To make it easier, we'll breakdown the main styles of each brand that is unique to them and mention the price ranges to save you some time. 

1. W Concept

If you're in the mood to deep dive into Korean fashion, W Concept is the way to go. As one of the top online fashion stores in Korea, they have a wide arrangement and selection of all things fashion, home and lifestyle. Almost like an official Korean department store. For the fashion selection, you can find any article of clothing no short of contemporary to casual fits. Their selection mostly focus on high end quality clothing, with prices north of $50. 

2. Yesstyle

Yesstyle lives up to its name of being truly stylish. Having both men and women fashion, their selection has every Instagramable outfit and style you could ever think of. Focusing on more dressy, edgy and trendy looks for Korean aesthetics, their wide selection has no shortage in supply for graphic tees, wide leg pants and accessories. It's almost hard to summarize their selection as there seems to be no end. Their prices ranges anywhere from $10 upwards, word of advice is to come in knowing what you're looking for. 

3. Kooding

If you're looking for a family friendly, clean-cut style that keeps a timeless charm, Kooding is the best place to go. They offer pieces that'll make you look like you've got it all together from top to bottom. They have the most reasonable price for everyday quality items ranging from $20 to $350. Think Uniqlo but in a different font. An offering unique to them is their modern hanbok pieces that capture the contemporary and modern style. These pieces are particularly dressy but still keeping traditional elements. 

4. Dabagirl

Dabagirl is best suited for women with a budget. As a brand selling under the Yesstyle site, their clothing focus on modern casual chic fashion. They offer everyday pieces you see in Pinterest. It is best suited for more mature and working class category for women, but there is definitely something for everyone. Similar to other stores in selection but dissimilar to price. Think along the lines of casual styles of IU, and city girl fashion. With prices ranging $20-$200.  

5. Sthsweet

As a one stop shop for all things K-beauty fashion and skincare, look no further than Sthsweet. They carry an extensive list of smaller brands. You can shop by article of clothing or by brand. This also means they have a wide price range of $17 to $200. Mainly composing of cute and playful styles, emitting 'that girl' energy. If you're looking for that "Korean look" you'll surely knock yourself out before you get to the skincare portion. 

6. Lianox

Lianox is an aesthetic shopper's safe haven. If style and creativity is important to you, you'll definitely appreciate this site. They focus on East Asian fashion with a high focus on aesthetics, so much so that you can shop from that category directly. Namely cute, elegant, edgy and streetwear. The site is easy to navigate and they offer free shipping for orders above $47! Romanticize your life and dress as though it's perfect, that is how the site feels. 

7. Dark Victory

Like the name suggests, there can be some rare gems you can find here. Focusing only on women, their style is focused on streetwear. The 'cool girl' aesthetic comes first to mind when browsing through the site. There's no shortage of casual knit tops, crop tops, shoes and accessories. The simple style offerings make it so incredibly easy to mix and match. It's hard to go wrong. The range is middle to upper for average pricing. 

8. Unnie Looks

In a sea of fast fashion, we should remember quality! Unnie Looks is a fairly new online K-fashion store that offers K-pop idol clothing. You can get the look for cheaper while not compromising on quality. The top picks and iconic looks selection makes it easier to see who wore what and gives no hassle in acquiring it. There's balance between everyday outfits, to high quality knit and set wears, it's easy to take advantage of the $60 free shipping discount. 

9. Mixxmix

Get the look for cheaper, it's no surprise Mixxmix is one of the top online stores for Korean fashion. They have selections that K-pop idols wear, everyday pieces to higher end clothes. They carry well known local brands like Heart Club, Lonely Club, Essay, etc. The site is easy to navigate, except for the sudden image flashing. Just be sure to have enough time to browse through!

10. Stylenanda

Whether you're on a budget or ready to splurge, Stylenanda has something for you. They're a trendy online store that offer pieces that might not be easy to find. While there's a healthy choice of items under $20, you should definitely check their in-house, Nanda Made designs that's bound to give you hard to find pieces that no one else can copy. The premium range emits an aura and class that's unique to them. 


Feeling overwhelmed? Here's our top pick from the list to get you started, check to find something you'll like here.

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