Who has best fashion in BLACKPINK?

Who has best fashion in BLACKPINK?

The enormous worldwide success that makes BLACKPINK one of the most popular girl groups doesn't come with just their music - the girls are well known for their perfect fashion too! But who has the best style: Jennie, Lisa, Rose or Jisoo? Let's figure it out.



BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her commonly being called “human Chanel” is definitely a candidate for the best style! Every time she is caught be paparazzi or is invited to an event, not just the fans, everyone can't hold themselves from praising her fashion sense.

Not only them, but the most respectable brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Burberry, Gucci, and dozens of others stand in line to become a part of her wardrobe! And even being the ambassador of Chanel, Adidas, and Gentle Monster, Jennie Kim never limits her choice when it comes to fashion. From being all elegant and glamorous, to styling her daily outfits, she never fails to have the best outfits out there among both idols and other fashion icons. So when it comes to the preppy Chanel girl look, or a Girl next door crush aesthetic, Jen is in a strong position to win.





However, there are still 3 other candidates that have just the same level of fashion industry success and just the same amount of chic to their style, each with her own charm and aesthetic. And here comes Lisa!

Being the most followed member with 78.7 millions of followers on Instagram definitely says something about her popularity and success, right? And it comes not only to her outstanding dancing skills and celebrity presence, but also about her top notch fashion style. If anyone questions this yet, the fact that miss Lalisa Manoban is the brand ambassador of Celine and Bulgari leaves no chance to argue that she IS the icon. And her style being very different to Jennie's, with more sport - or accessories when it comes to the glam looks - is definitely the best for those, who like bold fashion and edgy touch in fashion.




Roseanne Park is an ephitome of a real life Yves Saint Laurent girl, and again another choice to win when it comes to fashion! However, her style is again very different from her groupmates, which truly makes BLACKPINK all rounders not just in music, but in fashion terms too - everyone will find style they love the most in whoever in the group. In case of Rose, she prefers simpler looks, with basic colors like black, white, grey, and blue. 

But don't let this fact and overall neatless to miss the undebatable fashion sence of the singer! Even wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans one day, she takes everyones breath away coming to the lights in a vivid floral dress, looking like spring herself and taking over people's minds with her versatile fashion.




We talked about our Chanel, Celine, and Bulgary girls, and the last one but no way the least is the Dior girl - Kim Jisoo. There is a great reason the fashion house chose her to be the face of the brand, from Sooyas soft and elegant visuals, to her own style and looks she shows the world.

While wearing comfortable and soft looking outfits that usually include plain shirts, comfy cardigans, or feminine yet simple dresses, when coming to the lights of cameras, Jisoo is usually seen on the more classic side of fashion. And it suits her just right! And whether it's a daily look or a chic dress, she always makes sure everything is perfect together, being smart and stylish in every occassion, which is a decent reason to put her in the list of idols with the best fashion.



It is more than clear - each member of BLACKPINK is a walking fashion icon and there is no chance for us to pick just one to call the best. Each of the girls doen't just have a very distinct, unique voice and presence in the group, but also a very Jennie-Lisa-Rose-Jisoo-like presence when it somes to fashion.

Jennie being chic and preppy, Lisa preferring to be bold and sporty, Rose choosing neat classics, and Jisoo looking perfect in both regular fashion and elegant outfits: each member with their own charms and aesthetics to whatever they choose to wear. And for us, them being BLACKPINK is already being winners, each of them in terms of talent, music, and of course, fashion.

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