All ENHYPEN's Outfits In 'ParadoXXX Invasion' Official MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All ENHYPEN's Outfits In 'ParadoXXX Invasion' Official MV & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Photos credits to: HYBE Entertainment via YouTube


Known for being one of the most successful rookie Kpop boy groups in the history of Kpop industry, ENHYPEN consists of 7 male members that definitely gives you panic attacks whenever you see them performing their songs on stage. After their huge comeback last July and winning trophies on their hit performances and songs onstage. The Kpop rookie superstar boy group, ENHYPEN released another song in the same month. The official music video was released last August 20, 2020. 

ENHYPEN hypes the internet world after they finally dropped their most awaited music video on HYBE’s YouTube channel. The song is totally awesome as is the choreography of the groups. The concept is so cool and nice. In ParadoXXX Invasion, the Gen Z group questions the conventional standard of success by grown-ups from past generations. Their song gives a cool hip-hop vibe with inspired pop melody with retro outfits and backdrops to match. For now let’s talk about their outfits and their outfit concepts for the music video. 

Look #1: Student Outfit 

Their groovy outfits include oversized button-up shirts, emulating popular high school and boys hoodies and baseball jackets. The group members bring youthful, laid-back vibes in a combination of vibrant colors and baggy silhouettes. Serving their refreshing school-themed cool rendered in soft colors perfectly illustrates his boyish charm that definitely made us fall for them with this kind of look. A total heartthrob group!



Heeseung's youthful outfit with a school motif and gentle hues nicely captures his boyish appeal. He is dressed in a baggy long-sleeve T-shirt layered beneath a light blue shirt with enormous elbow sleeves. Heeseung's wide-leg cargo pants give the outfit a utilitarian elegant balance while his top radiates a casual, carefree vibe. His attire has a preppy feel thanks to the pastel blue striped tie.


Look #2: Colorful Hip-Hop Outfit

ENHYPEN show off their killer dance moves with their  hip-hop fashion outfit to express plenty of swag and attitude in this MV. They are wearing oversized jackets, sportswear items and graphic tees serve as the baseline for their hip-hop wardrobe. They also used a mix of colors that the outfit contrasted with each other that made it look interesting and catchy. Sunghoon becomes the center of attention in a zebra print. He’s a total dreamboat with this outfit and we can’t deny that our hearts melt when he goes to the center and shows off his unique visuals.


By pairing a leopard print oversized shirt with a black short-sleeve tee and a white long-sleeve T-shirt, NI-KI exudes B-boy cool. He mirrors Sunghoon's look with his wide-fit tie-dye cargo pants that have flap pockets on the sides, amplifying the early 2000s mood. NI-KI combines his ultra-masculine streetwear appearance with a false pearl necklace that references to the genderless jewelry craze.


With a dramatic suit that includes an eye-catching tiger print zip jacket and an enormous leather vest, Jungwon opts for maximum drama. The musician wears loose-fitting bleached denim for more grunge in addition to making bold fashion choices for his top half. He completes his look with a gold-tone pendant necklace that combines punk and hip-hop fashion features.



Look #3: Cool Denim Street Style Outfit

ENHYPEN proves to us that white T-shirts and denim pants can make you look fashionable. As the group dances in front of two gigantic cargo containers, they show their personalized ways of styling in the form of oversized white T-shirts and heavily distressed jeans with different add ons. From denim on denim looks to minimalist layering ensembles, ENHYPEN proves that there’s a slew of ways to rock the two wardrobe staples.


Jake looks effortlessly fashionable with a t-shirt and jeans. His extra-loose-fit distressed trousers with a street-style flair are tucked into his basic white top. He dons a light beige zip-up hoodie to make his stage attire appropriate for daily use. He completes his weekend-ready appearance with other accessories like a grommet belt and silver rings.


Show your love and support to ENHYPEN by watching “ParadoXXX Invasion” Officer music video on HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel.

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