All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Pink Venom' MV

All Of BLACKPINK's Outfits In 'Pink Venom' MV

All photo credits to YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK via YouTube)

BLACKPINK's ‘Pink Venom’ exhibits not only an eye-popping concept, but also multiple experimental yet impeccable fashion styles.

Blackpink’s comeback is definitely the most awaited, and their first single ‘Pink Venom’ from their upcoming album, Born Pink definitely made waves in the different social media platforms due to their eye-catching and popping concept as well as the grandeur fashion exhibited in the music video. In truth, it even reached over a hundred million views in Youtube in twenty-four hours which only speaks that fans have really killed their time, waiting for their return.

Surely, everyone would bang their heads to its thundering beats made better using various instruments which is of course accompanied with sick lyrics that would make everyone get an LSS – last song syndrome. But what made the Pink Venom MV strikingly impressive and catchy is the visuals of each member accentuated with their signature chic style. However, for this specific MV, their stylist added a touch of eclectic style to elevate their fashion game more, making them look more attractive. Below shows all of the outfit of each member in their MV, Pink Venom that definitely shouts for a dangerous aura of each girls.

First Set of BLACKPINK's Outfit in the Pink Venom MV

Jisoo’s Oufit #1

The introduction of the video flaunts the Korean culture as Jisoo plays a geomungo or a zither – a Korean music instrument, while wearing a black hanbok made by Miss Sohee. However, the traditional Korean hanbok was given a modern twist by embellishing it with sequins and beads for extra details, and a belted black sash on the waist for more fitted upper part so as to create a voluminous skirt. An ornate hair accessory is essential when wearing a traditional costume, and so Jisoo styled her hair with these.


Jennie’s Outfit #1

Jennie entered the frame with her all-red attire that echoes for an eclectic fashion. She steals the spotlight by flaunting her Alaïa sheer pants dress with leopard prints that shouts for confidence. Meanwhile the deep shade of blood – red gave Jennie a fiercer and more dangerous look. Since their stylist aimed for eclectic looks, Jennie’s dress was layered with another mini bubble Alaïa dress, making the fit resemble those in runway industry. To complete the look, she had worn another luxurious brands – GCDS platform heels, and Chanel rings to accessorize her fit.


Rosé’s Outfit #1

Rosé followed in the scene looking sleek and fierce with her monochromatic outfit. She also didn’t miss her chance flexing bigger bands, as the asymmetrical dress she had worn is made by Fanci, a Vietnamese brand. To give her angular shoulders more attention, she opted for braid hairstyle which contributed in making her ethereal visuals look like a Barbie.


Lisa's Outfit #1

The lead rapper of BLACKPINK didn’t only showed off her skills in rapping, but also flaunts her fashion game by going eclectic on her first appearance. She wears a fitted crop top layered with an asymmetrical cropped blazer jacket. Surely, this kind of design is not only new as it also instantly provided Lisa a cool touch. Meanwhile, her micro-mini skirt perfectly showed off her legs, while also elongating them.


Second Set of BLACKPINK's Outfit in the Pink Venom MV

Jisoo’s Oufit #2

In the chorus of the song, their outfit changed and Jisoo looked chic with her fitted top and base. However, she added a dose of edginess as her top has a long trail that extends at the back for further details. Also, the high-ponytail style made her look even sexier and more eye-popping.


Jennie's Outfit #2

Jennie’s second outfit is also an edgy chic style where she had worn a crop top with a long trail at the back, but provides a sexy detail in front, revealing her flat belly. She had also worn a belly chain that added a hot flare on her fit. Meanwhile, the loose base offered a perfect balance in a way that it avoid overpowering the sexy aura of the overall outfit.


Rosé Outfit #2

In the second outfit of Rosé on Pink Venom, she had shown everyone how to create a perfect chic ensemble to bring out your sassiness. Specifically, she had worn a white asymmetrical crop top and opted for another neutral shade for base so as to ensure balance in the overall aesthetics. To prevent overpowering the style, she also opts for an ankle boots that gives her both chic and cool touch.


Lisa’s Outfit#2

Lisa’s stylist did well in trying to match her copper pink hair with an outfit that would best compliment it. As flashed below, she had worn a copper shade for crop top layered with black bralette as well to ensure that her flat belly is highlighted. Then, she paired it with a cream base topped with a tied jacket that added an additional swag to the look.


Third Set of BLACKPINK's Outfit in the Pink Venom MV

Jennie’s Oufit #3

Jennie knows how to play her fashion game as she created her own version of sporty style in her third outfit in Pink Venom. As flashed below, she sported an Adidas staple, primarily a customized Manchester United jersey shirt with her name printed at the back. To create a new style out of it, she folded it, making it appear like a cropped jersey. As for the base, she actually had worn a quilted leather jumpsuit, however she didn’t wear the upper piece and let it flows down. But what made this outfit entirely unique and captivating are the layers of jewelries she wears – a choker from Vivienne Westwood, and string pearl necklace from Chanel.

Lisa's Outfit #3

Lisa flaunts her signature style – streetwear fashion – while delivering her sick lines. Her outfit consist of cropped basketball jersey that gives a 90s feels; a matching sporty style bikini and a chunky denim jumpsuit to show off the thong. She completed the look with a Celine bucket hat that she certainly loves to show off, as her line speaks for that and it goes by, “Masked up and I’m still in Celine, designer crimes or it wouldn’t be me."


Jisoo's Outfit #3

Jisoo’s usual elegant look was best accentuated with her third outfit where she had worn a white corseted dress from Marina Eerrie which comes with a lace choker that flattered her sexy neck even more. In accesorzing her sophisticated outfit, she opted for a Clash de cartier ring that compliments her pink metallic nails.


Rosé’s Outfit #3

As one of the faces of Saint Laurent, Rosé flaunts her third outfit from this brand and strut like a badass rock star in her all-black ensemble. She had also worn jewelries to elevate her look – the heart pendant coming from the same brand, and for more elaboration she throws off a gold Tifanny & Co. chain necklace.


Fourth Set of BLACKPINK's Outfit in the Pink Venom MV

Jennie’s Outfit #4

Jennie’s fourth outfit is probably the most trending photo in social media among K-pop fans, primarily Blinks due to its sultry appearance which unveiled her sexy side. Here, she had worn a short denim jumpsuit that has open cuts on both sides in the upper part. To add more volume, she topped it off with a Jeff Hamilton leather vegan cropped jacket embellished with basketball sticker patches. Then, she finished her fire outfit with a knee-length chanel booties.


Lisa’s Outfit #4

Lisa is definitely a catch among bigger brands and she flaunts that truth in her fourth outfit. Surely, this is the most peculiar ensemble in this MV, but she definitely slayed it off. Here, she wears a navy green crop top layered with an Alexander Wang baby pink cowl halter top in cropped variation. Then, she paired it with Sicko Cartel camo pants with different color blocks, and throwed off a hiking boots from Dr. Martens.


Jisoo's Outfit #4

Jisoo styled her hair like a doll leaving her full bangs placed in front of her forehead, while the rest of the hair was tied into two pig tails for a change. Here, she looked sexily cute in her Dior cropped sleeveless top paired with a high-waist shorts with basketball patches embellishments. To complete the chic sporty look, she chose an ankle boots paired and worn them with socks that has laces for finer details.

Rosé’s Outfit #4  

If edgy is a person, then anyone from the Blackpink like Rosé would definitely be it. Here, Rosé added a dose of edginess to her fit by pairing her Didu corset with a ripped walker pants from Skoot. Also, she layered her bright red inner top with a dark knit arm jacket, and had worn a RICK OWENS sneakers to give herself comfort and style in one.

Fifth Set of BLACKPINK's Outfit in the Pink Venom MV

Jennie’s Outfit #5

For the final look, Jennie went all sexy, chic, and feminine by opting for the shortest staples such as Demobaza crop top layered with cropped bolero from the same brand. Then, she finished it off with a micro-miniskirt worn with shorts to avoid feeling risqué. As a chanel girl, Jennie never forgets to accessorized herself with a chain that has chanel pendant.


Lisa’s Outfit #5

Lisa surely brought a staple usually seen in an anime–the one shoulder avant-garde Demobaza jacket that shouts for futuristic yet fashion forward style. Meanwhile the micro-miniskirt added a touch of flare and sultry feels in the overall fit while in the same manner allowing her to move freely like Jennie.


Jisoo’s Outfit #5

Another anime-like outfit was brought in real world by Jisoo. Here, she wears a Demaboza coordinates like her co-members to create a chic fashion forward ensemble. Also, the leg belt and the one sock style added more details and shouts for a bit of eclectic style.


Rosé’s Outfit #5

Rosé joined her co-members in completing the futuristic chic style using staples from Demaboza, and Rosé herself, opt for black coordinates to compliment her fair complexion. To add a dose of edginess, she had only worn one gloves. In finishing her look, she paired her fit with a knee-high Dr. Martens booties paired with fishnet socks for more flare.

Surely, after being able to explore the different outfits of BLACKPINK in their MV Pink Venom, you would probably like to emulate at least one of the styles. Don't forget to stream their MV, and stay tuned for more BLACKPINK related articles.

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