All Of IVE's Outfits In 'After LIKE' MV

All Of IVE's Outfits In 'After LIKE' MV

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IVE's newly-released music video hyped the fans with its new concept filled with glamorous outfits that unveil a new side of the girls.

IVE captured everyone's hearts and attention again with their newly-released music video 'After Like'. In the passed twenty four hours, the video already reached over twenty million views and took the second spot for trending music in Youtube. Hence, it's an understatement to say that their fans, DIVEs have been waiting for their comeback song.

The song itself is empowering as its message talk about self-love through having a self-confidence. But to boost and awaken that self-confidence, this article would showcase all of the outfit they had worn in the video which also revealed a new and more mature look of the girls. Surely, every fashion enthusiast would squeal with the aesthetics  and big brands flaunted by IVE in 'After LIKE' mv. So, brace yourself as you would definitely LIKE each style.

IVE's solo outfits in their MV, 'After LIKE'

Rei's Solo Outfit #1

The music video started with Rei being firstly exposed where she flaunt her green ensemble fit on which her green long sleeve abstract top came from an italian brand, Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini. Then, she topped it off with a black tube nylon dress from another Italian lxurious brand, Bottega Veneta. Both staples came out unexpectedly good, thus creating an A+ elevated chic look.

Rei's Solo Outfit #2

Rei pulled a sexy look with sporty vibes in her second solo outfit while riding a sportscar. Here she had worn an AGR pairs: a yellow sweater which she folded to create a new stye; and a brushed-knit mini skirt to compliment the look.

Leeseo's Solo Outfit #1

Leeseo bloomed like a sunflower in her first outfit where she showcased a yellow coordinates, primarily a Dsquared 2 graphic print cropped long sleeves paired with a yellow micro-miniskirt. Also, the Jordan sneakers completed her look.


Liz's Solo Outfit #1

Liz entered the frame with her colorful outfit and iconic hairstyle that best defines her. She also flaunt big brands like her co-members as she had worn the logo print colorful cropped long sleeves from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. A micro-miniskirt is a quintessential base of IVE, and Liz only showed how to style it so she embellished it with a designer heart belt from Y/PROJECT.


Yujin's Solo Outfit#1

Yujin strut like a runway model in her pink tube mini dress with bow-detail from Rebecca Vallace. To complete the feminine gait, she throw off a pair of silver pumps. Details are important so Yujin accessorized her fit as well with a bow necklace, and crystal drop earrings.


Wonyoung's Solo Outfit#1

As the visual of the group, Wonyoung never give us anything less. She lit up the MV by wearing an all spicy red appliqué tulle mini dress from Loulou. As a queen of details, she also throwed off a pearl and silver embellished necklace and hoop earrings.


Gaeul's Solo Outfit #1

Gaeul blew the fans with her sexy yet sophisticated look. She pulled a DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER sparkling sequin mini spaghetti strap dress that flatters her blonde hair and fair complexion. The accessories also added a magic touch to her overall chic appearance.

Gaeul's Solo Outfit #2

Gaeul styled her own sporty style with a jersey top from Supreme paired with a mini skirt for a chic touch.

IVE's first chorus outfit set in their MV, 'After LIKE'

Rei's Chrous Outfit #1

Rei created an illusion of her wearing a dress, but in truth she paired her Dion Lee mini skirt with a square neck crop top. Her green belt also helped in creating the look.


Leeseo's Chrous Outfit #1

Leeseo flaunt her ethereal visuals in the chorus by wearing a Courrèges cutout mini dress paired with an ankle booties. But what made the look more appealing are the jewelries she wears, the bracelet from Valentino Garavani and the ring together with hoop earrings from Swarovski.


Liz's Chrous Outfit #1

Liz styled a Dion Lee corset tank paired with a Courrèges high-waist mini skirt in creating her white chic ensemble. To preserve her iconic look, she never forget to flaunt her full-bangs hairstyle.


Yujin's Chrous Outfit #1

Yujin joined the girls with her corset crop top paired with Dion Lee mini-skirt with slits on the side. She also opt for more finer details by wearing layered choker and a hoop earrings.


Wonyoung's Chorus Outfit #1

Wonyoung first appeared in the chorus where she pulled a clean chic look by wearing this white draped mini-dress . But for further details, she throwed off red jewelries which also matched her plaid white and red nails.


Gaeul's Chorus Outfit #1

Gaeul also first entered in the chorus matching the girls' oufit. She pulled an all-white chic ensemble by wearing tube crop top paired with the luxurious Courrèges mini skirt from France.


IVE's second chorus outfit set in their MV, 'After LIKE'

Rei's Chorus Outfit #2

Rei pulled another chic look in her second chorus outfit by wearing a cropped turtleneck long sleeve top paired with an asymmetrical mini skirt. To add a dose of edginess, she finished the look with fur booties.

Leeseo's Chorus Outfit #2

Leeseo unveiled her expensive aura with this Dion Lee lace zip mini dress. For more lavish feels, she also layered it with a fur bolero.


Liz's Chorus Outfit #2

Liz flaunt her gorgeous visuals in this black square neck mini dress paired with combat boots for a cool touch.


Yujin's Chorus Outfit #2

Yujin looked expensive in her chic coordinates as her second chorus outfit. Here, she wears a black top embellished with fur. Then, she paired is with a stylish mini skirt from Dion Lee. To finish the look, she opt for knee-high booties embellished with fur again.


Wonyoung's Chorus Outfit #2

Wonyoung flaunt her visual line and sexy frame with this backless bra-like crop top with cross straps that flatters her flat belly more. Then she brought a 90s style by wearing a Courrèges flare pants.

Gaeul's Chorus Outfit #2

Gaeul slayed another Dion Lee top, primarily a tailored bustier which she paired with Prada draped mini skirt. Surely, Gaeul enjoys luxurious brands and the shade of black perfectly suit her hair and complexion.


IVE's final outfit set in their MV, 'After LIKE'

Rei's Final Outfit

Rei's final look is mixture of plain and glamorous staples which turned looking bomb. Specifically, she had worn a Courrèges cropped tee and paired it with a glamourous and parkling silver sequin mini skirt.


Leeseo's Final Outfit

As usual, Leeseo knows how to accentuate her ethereal looks as she pulled an Alexander Wang white and sequin embellished bodycon dress in her final outfit.

Liz's Final Outfit

Liz enjoys her luxurious moments with her sparkly mini dress from Prada and Vintage Hollywood earrings that brought more details to her look.


Yujin's Final Outfit

Yujin's final chic look is full of luxurious brands. Her sequin embellished silver crop top is from Paco Rabanne which she paired with a frayed Alexander Wang denim shorts that she accessorized with Courrèges leather belt. Then, she finished it off with AlexanderMcQueen boots.


Wonyoung's Final Outfit

Wonyoung looked drop dead gorgeous in her final outfit consisting of mesh tank top with crystal embellishments on both sides, an Alexander Wang high-waist jeans, and a silver sparkling thigh-high boots.


Gaeul's Final Outfit

Gaeul flaunts Dolce & Gabbana sequin mini dress in her final look which she paired with Koi Footwear knee-high leather boots. Also, she added a fishnet stockings which gave the look a hot flare.


Surely, after going through each IVE's members outfits, you'll end up singing a line from their song, "It's more than LIKE" as their looks definitely hyped your fashionista soul.


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