All Of NMIXX's "DICE" M/V & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks

All Of NMIXX's "DICE" M/V & Fashion Breakdown | UnnieLooks


All photo credits: JYP via YouTube

NMIXX Is Back As They Dropped Their Newest Song “Dice” With Fancy Looking Outfits


JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group NMIXX made their comeback again on September 19, 2022. With their outstanding talent and visuals they made another great music accompanied by a visually stunning music video with impressive bits of choreography. The seven-member girl group also had their stylish moments on screen with bright and eccentric fashion. The rookie girl group from JYP Entertainment has released their first comeback song "DICE" and album "ENTWURF". 

"DICE" is a complex song with different genres like jazz, dreamy trap, pop, and hip-hop. Its rhythmic brass-based chorus and the powerful vocals provided by the girls of NMIXX will make you addicted to the song. The music video is a mix of colorful world views and different places that the members of NMIXX faced. Their music video is really good and totally proved that the rookie K-pop girl group can beat anyone with their great talents. 

In "DICE," the journey of NMIXX advancing despite hindrance from enemies is compared to a game. The song depicts the idea of pushing on while relishing the tension even if it's a difficult game, with a hidden warning to avoid falling into a dizzying trap.

The song is so perfect, the rhythm, beat and even lyrics are totally awesome. No wonder why NMIXX bloomed faster in the K-pop industry. The fancy royal vibe of the music video made it more interesting. Aside from the members looking so expensive and fabulous in their outfits, the set design of the music video is totally majestic. Their outfits are all dreamy and ideal so that many are curious what kind of theme and outfit they used to wear. Here are the concept outfits that NMIXX used to wear on their “Dice” M/V.




Outfit #1 (Royal-Carnival Attire)

On the intro of the music video of Dice, the concept is a carnival place where the NMIXX members are wearing colorful and strong royal carnival outfits that totally made the look amazing with it.



Outfit #2 (Colorful Attire)

The second outfit concept is so colorful and fun. The clothes that NMIXX members used to wear matches to the background and the part of the song. The colors are attractive so the outfits are. They used bright colors to look stunning and stand out on the scene. 




Outfit #3 ( All White Attire)

The girls look like fairies in their all white attire on the Dice music video. They look amazing and attractive to look at with it. They raised the attractiveness index with white outfits. They gave a strong impression by exuding charisma with a look that showed a determined will and a firm gaze.





Outfit #4 (Fiery Attire)

A cool Black, Red and Orange color scheme for their outfits on the third concept outfit looks amazing and cool. The swagness yet girly type of outfit is totally an ideal for your extraordinary outfit. 





Show your support and love to NMIXX by streaming their newest song “Dice” on JYP’s YouTube Channel.


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