BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ Album Review

BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ Album Review



The cyber world is now on fire as the famous K-pop girl group sensation finally dropped their most awaiting comeback album. BLACKPINK literally shocked the entire social media platforms and even the entire world as they dropped their other tracks from the ‘BORN PINK’ album. After BLACKPINK released their first full length album ‘The Album’ in 2020, they took time and made their solo debuts and tried different avenues of interests. Their almost two year hiatus is over as they come back with their big surprise and they are ready to take the center stage again as they perform their newest hit songs of the ‘Born Pink’ album. 


Born Pink album is another masterpiece by the best K-pop girl group Blackpink, from the beats, rhythm, lyrics and even vocals, the album is totally perfect! You can simply define it as a literary new era for BLACKPINK. The song style and even the vibe is totally insane. It makes you groove whenever you hear the tracks of the album. 

The album contains eighth tracklists consisting of Pink Venom, Shut Down, Typa Girl, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Hard to Love, The Happiest Girl, Tally, Ready for Love. BLACKPINK already released their first comeback song, Pink Venom last August and this song really booms the internet world. This song charted on top for weeks until now.



After releasing Pink Venom, BLACKPINK made provisions outside South Korea and announced their upcoming world tour. The second track ‘Shut Down’ gives a classical hip hop vibe as the song has the touch of Paganini’s ‘La Campanella’. At first when I watched the teaser video on their YouTube channel I got goosebumps, the La Campanella touch to the song literally made it look expensive and classy. In short, the song ‘Shut Down’ is perfect. The album ‘Born Pink’ has 4 English tracks( Typa Girl, Hard to Love, The Happiest Girl, Tally ) and 4 Korean tracks (Pink Venom, Shut Down, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Ready for Love). 

The other part of ‘Born Pink’ tracklist is replete with emotionally charged ballads. ‘Hard To Love’ is led by a gentle piano that eventually builds up into a disco track assisted by a funk inspired guitar. ‘The Happiest Girl’ utilises a melancholy tune to describe a desire to be happy in the face of adversity. With ‘Tally’ Blackpink presents their free spirit as they openly speak about the importance of being yourself through the use of a rock infused ballad.

We can say that BLACKPINK is now in their more mature and stronger era. The real queens are back as stronger than before. Their songs are more classy and braver and even stronger that will make everyone turn down. BLACKPINK never failed to impress us on their comebacks. My overall review score for the ‘Born Pink’ album would be 11/10, Shutdown really catches my attention . This album is so perfect for me. They are so smart to add classical music to modern and hip hop music. 


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