BLACKPINK’s Outfits in the ’Pink Venom’ Dance Practice Video

BLACKPINK’s Outfits in the ’Pink Venom’ Dance Practice Video

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BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom dance practice video outfits combined fashion and comfort in one.

Recently, BLACKPINK released their comeback music video ‘Pink Venom’ which garnered millions of views as fans awaited for so long. A day after, they released the dance practice video that exhibits the song’s choreography. While its steps are the main highlight of the video, no one would probably argue that the girls’ clothing preferences in this video shouts for comfort and fashion in one. Below are the key details.



Jennie opened the dance practice video with her killer lines which was made better by her looks. As seen on the picture, she wears a very chic but comfy outfit. A white cropped tank has the perfect silhouette that fits Jennie perfectly, thus accentuating her curves and flat belly. Meanwhile, she her black wide leg pants impeccably matched her top, creating a very chic ensemble. Since they’re dancing on a slippery floor, a black sneakers did great in making sure she’s safe while executing her dance and in the same manner matched her fits nicely. Also, Jennie preserved the iconic ponytail look leaving a strips of her hair on both sides, creating a side-like bangs.



The lit rapper on the other hand, wears a white chic ensemble—a bustier crop top and a tattered high rise shorts. For a fitter look, she added belt on the shorts, thus making sure it would stay tucked while she’s dancing. Also, she paired the coordinates with an Adidas black shoes, hence, creating a perfect balance in the overall look. To look more iconic, she thrown off a crew cut socks, making the shoes stand out. But what made her more iconic, was of course her signature bangs and hairstyle.


Rosé also opted to flaunt her slim frame by wearing a bralette top layered with a cropped and fitted bolero. Then, she matched these with a baggy cargo pants to create a balance among the volumes of her staples. Meanwhile, if you noticed her shoes, she matched Lisa’s. However, hers were in the neutral shade of white to balanced off the black base. Also, she let hair down but clipped the sides, leaving a little side bangs in front.


Jisoo on the one hand, flaunts her Adidas crop top with an open chest slit for an extra style and detail. Pairing it with a high waist shorts is the perfect match and Jisoo showed us that. Surely, Jisoo enjoys her luxurious feels as she wears another big brand clothing—Christian Dior crew cut socks—to compliment her white sneakers that perfectly matched the whole chic fit, while providing her comfort. Thus, combining style and comfort in one.

Surely, every dancer would find the dance practice video helpful, meanwhile every fashion enthusiast would focus their eyes on the fit.


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