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Is Fashion Chingu Legit / KPop Clothing Review? [Updated 2022]

Is fashion chingu legit?

There is no easy answer to this question since there are a lot of different opinions out there. Some people may say that fashion chingu is a great place to find stylish and affordable clothes, while others may say that it is not worth the money. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not fashion chingu is legit.


Like many clothing stores, clothing is largely based on sizing and fit. What we can say is that Fashion chingu is definitely a legitimate business that sells korean clothings in kpop and kdrama space.


So yes they are a real company which is legit. They deliver korean clothing and sell them to the USA and european countries like germany, france, italy, netherlands, UK and others.

Fashion Chingu Reviews

A review of a company is largely based on the products that they sell. Of course, what you order from fashion chingu depends on the clothes that you purchase as well.


Usually the clothes that they sell are largely made of cotton fabrics. Some people have said that the clothes are good and some people say that the clothes are not good.


But because clothing is such a subjective thing, its difficult to say whether its good or bad. If you order a simple cardigan or jeans for example, its hard for a supplier to mess that up.


However if you are ordering a complicated dress, that opinion may change as people may like a tight dress or a loose dress.

Fashion Chingu Coupon / Promo Code

Fashion chingu normally does not have any promo or coupon codes. However, if you are looking for a discount, they normally run flash sales every few months or so. These flash sales are not planned so you have to look out for them when they do happen.


What is korean chingu?

Korean chingu simply means korean friend in hangul or korean.

Fashion Chingu Tracking

If you would like to track your package for fashion chingu pieces, you can go to the tracking page or track my order page in order to do so.


Fashion Chingu BTS

Fashion chingu does sell BTS related clothing. If you want to dress like jungkook, jimin, taehyung V, RM, Jhope or suga, they sell an assortment of things.


Is fashion chingu fast fashion/good quality/ethical/safe/reliable?

Fast fashion is considered selling of many many designs in your store at extreme low prices. Fast fashion is generally considered unethical and not safe because the manufacturing process uses hazardous chemicals to manufacture.


Fast fashion, because of the turnover of clothes and price points, means that the manufacturer has to use questionable chemicals and extremely cheap labour in order to make profits.


This puts the customer at risk because the clothing may have chemicals that may harm the customer.

How fast does fashion chingu ship?

Fashion chingu ships in 10-20 days to the USA. Dependent on the country this may be faster or slower.

Shipping times to germany, EU countries are similar.


Where is fashion chingu located?

Fashion chingu is located in vietnam.


Where does fashion chingu ship from?

Fashion chingu is said to ship from China. Factories are located in China and vietnam.


Can you trust fashion chingu?

Yes you can trust fashion chingu, if you're looking for korean kpop or kdrama clothing.


Fashion Chingu ATEEZ / BTS / TWICE

Chingu has a variety of catalogues in their clothing collections, of which ATEEZ, BTS, TWICE, TXT, Blackpink, Red velvet, new Jeans, IVE and other popular kpop groups are covered.


Fashion Chingu Reddit

Fashion chingu does not have a reddit at the moment. But sometimes people discuss it online amongs the online discussions.

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