Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Bae Suzy From Miss A

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Actress Bae Suzy From Miss A

Looking closer at the fashion style of one of Korea's favorite darlings, Bae Suzy 

By Julianne Babaran

The household name carries a lot of weight and a lot of affiliations as one of the most known and recognized stars in the industry. Bae Suzy is a multi-talented star dabbling into and succeeding in plenty of roles in entertainment, namely a K-pop idol, actress, TV presenter and model. Also known as the “Nation's First Love", the star has a solid fanbase that cheers her on in whatever role she takes. With kind eyes and such a soft and sweet aura, it's no surprise this alluring actress attracts a lot of attention from fashion brands as well. 

It's known the actress stars in many brand deals almost looking like she has photoshoots on the daily if you check out her Instagram. But her style and looks is the inspiration for many fans. With such a doll-like figure it's no surprise people would want to look and dress like her. Living such a busy lifestyle as documented in her IG, you might mistake her set outfits for her real style. In this article, we did a deep dive into what she wears so you can emulate her style in the way that suits you.

Tops : Long Sleeve Blouses

White Button Down Blouse 

There's no escaping button downs in K-beauty fashion. Suzy is no exemption. She wore this white ruffled one with eyelet design while out in Europe. The clean looking silhouette is perfect for any time of the day. 

Puff Sleeved Button Down Blouses 

There are many different kinds, this one for example has puff sleeves making it more breathable and casual. It's time to breakdown the habit of thinking polos are boring and that they only work for casual occasions. 

Solid Color Tees

Plain Solid Colored Tee 

In aiming for that relaxed but super busy aesthetic, the goal is not to try too hard. It's no surprise the star would opt for simpler outfits that focus on the fit and colors instead of something too loud.  

Basic Colored Plain Tees 

In learning, there is also un-learning. Simple styles such as her outfit below is very easy on eyes and simplistic. Just make sure you add little details like glasses or jewelry that also compliments the look and doesn't take away from comfort. 

Bottoms : Wide leg pants  

Black Wide Leg Pants 

No surprise here, one of Korea's darlings is sporting their uniform: wide leg pants. For that perfect off-work look, wide leg pants would be the perfect choice for comfort and relief after a tiring day. Styling them or lack thereof, won't be seen or noticed.  

Wide Leg Pants in Classic Denim 

A variation of them in jeans, paired with a simple tee is a perfect casual look that is ubiquitous. When it is styled this way, there becomes little to no rules with shoes. Here she wears an orange color sneaker but anything will do.


Skirts : Midi all the way  

Designed or Printed Midi

Specifically pairing them with long sleeves, the look emits a mature and carefree aura that is unmatchable. In a series of photo Suzy styles them with either button ups or a blazer jacket is the perfect way to be warm and breathable. 

Tulle Style Midi in Neutral Colors 

Some midi skirts by default are already very dressy, if it's a solid color, pairing it with a multicolored or printed top makes it look more expensive and creative. She styled it as such below culminating in a perfect city look. 

Dresses : Floral and Midi 

Floral Dresses 

What says girl next door better than a floral dress? Probably a bunch of other stuff but this one is a close second. Our girl doesn't like showing too much so a shorter dress as these need sleeves. Might not be everyone's go to but this aura is not for everyone. 

Textured Dress

Ones with different fabrics and puff sleeves are rare to come by these days! Wearing a low pony makes for the perfect picnic look. Try to opt for these styles in achieving her look as it exudes class and playfulness.  

Plain Black Midi 

If floral doesn't fit the look you're going or, she styles dark colored ones like these too. Layering is super important so mixing different textures and colors with similar shades becomes important. 

Jackets :  Leather Jackets

Classic Biker Style Leather Jacket 

As someone who loves to bundle up, rocking leather jackets is only to be expected. To dress up such a manly piece. she accessorized it with a printed silk scarf for that day time look to give for a more feminine touch. 

Cropped Leather Jacket 

But this perhaps is the best way to style them. Pairing it with a textured midi skirt looks so elegant, chic and expensive. Something very high fashion and fit for the city lifestyle, as someone who lives such a life, this is no surprise. 

Structured Blazers 

Neutral or Darker Colored Blazers 

If you want the look of a blazer but fear it might be too formal, oversized blazers is the best option. It gives the look but the size makes it more comfortable and laid back. This is best for more fancier leisurely activities such as brunch, see below. 

Blazer in lighter tones 

This can also be an option for a dress cover up, what better option can there be? As a cover up and not necessarily a major part of the whole ensemble, any neutral color will match seamlessly with any dress, long or short. 

Hats : Berets 

Red Beret

As part of the people who make trends as opposed to following them, berets are definitely in for this group. Suzy wears a bold red one for a series of photos, styling them would be best suited to monochromatic looks. 

Classic Black Beret 

In any case that it's not, the beret in its classic color black will do just fine. Don't over think and just wear it if your outfits is monochromatic or follows a cohesive set of colors. 

Shoes : Doll Shoes

White Doll Shoes with Kitten Heel 

The pair is a hit or miss but the star loves them, if you look for them she styles doll style shoes for casual and high fashion looks.  Wearing ones with heels do wonders and gives it a chic edge open toe shoes won't. 

Designed or Printed Doll Shoes 

In another version, printed ones are more high fashion. It goes well with her slim silhouette and girly and flowy looks. Time to let go of the fear to mix match, if you find complimenting patterns that don't over power each other, you can end up with a one of a kind look, see below. 

Black Velvet Doll Shoes with Velvet Finish

These ballerina ones with tie up design is perfect if you wanna put focus on your legs and make them appear slimmer. In the photo she matched it with a midi skirt for an even girly-er feel. 


If there's one takeaway, that is to keep it simple and classy. Less is more, focus on fit! Check out  BTS V's style guide here for more preppy and classic style inspo!

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