Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Aisha From EVERGLOW

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Aisha From EVERGLOW

Photo credits: THE SHOW

EVERGLOW's Aisha loves to show off her out of the world proportions using her impeccable fashion styles

Heo Yoo-rim (허유림), popularly known as Aisha (아샤) is the lead rapper and vocalist of EVERGLOW. Besides her vocals and rapping skills, her outstanding visuals brought her more attention. But, what amazed people and gave her the whole spotlight is her proportions that is surely jaw-dropping. Of course, having an almost perfect body frame is worth showing off. Hence, she loves to flaunt hers by opting for outfits and fashion styles that flatters her both frame and visuals.

But, even without having the same proportions as hers, you would definitely learn how to look head turning. So, be sure to read every category to avoid missing a detail.


Cropped Tee

Crop tops aren’t only versatile but comes in different styles and variation which you can wear depending on your mood or what style you chose to pull. Here, Aisha wears the most basic type of these staples—a cropped tee. It’s not fitted and not to loose. It only comes in a regular fit where you could feel relaxed while being stylish. As seen below, she paired her white cropped tee with a high waist denim base. Also, these types perfect goes well with any bottoms may it be pants, skirts, or shorts.


Black Fitted Crop Top

Here, she opts to flaunt her curves and sexy waist by choosing to wear this black fitted crop top. It fits her perfectly and its length is not too short, and just enough to show a little portion of her skin for more touch of chic. Also, we can’t forget about the details which is why she chose one that has cut on both shoulders to give the look a more sexier effect.


Black Off Shoulder Cropped Long Sleeves

Another variation that works well in achieving a sexy and feminine look is this cropped long sleeve. But, as you see on the photo, she left her angular shoulder to be seen and notice by opting for the off shoulder type. In addition, it also unintentionally helped flaunt her neck.



Red Plaid Pleated Miniskirt

While pleated miniskirt are common among high school uniform, they have also other types which are great for throwing off a chic, sexy, or feminine style. Besides, they can be used for dance attire or costumes like Aisha’s for instance. Here, she wears a red plaid pleated miniskirt. The shade of red may seemed odd as it’s not a popular color among bases, but she surely slays it especially when she knows how to balance it. Basically, she topped it off with a black and white long sleeve crop top, to avoid overdoing her fit and balance the color palette.


Black Knife Pleat Miniskirt

In the photo below, she wears another miniskirt but its pleated pattern is specifically a thin knife style. While the previous skirt’s pattern is the most common and popular, this thin knife pleats also looks great as long as they’re styled right. For instance, Aisha achieved an all black chic and a bit badass look by pairing hers with fish net long sleeve layered with a black printed muscle tee. Of course, Aisha won’t forget to add finer details by embellishing her waist with a black belt.


Yellow Asymmetrical Plaid Micro-miniskirt

If you think, the aforementioned skirts aren’t short enough for you, then opting for micro-miniskirt is better. It isn’t for everyone but once in a while you might consider looking edgy and stylish. As flashed below, Aisha wears a yellow asymmetrical plaid micro-miniskirt which she topped on the previous cropped long sleeves that we featured earlier. Surely, this elevated the look into a chic fashion forward style that you might try recreating to accentuate your curves and great body frame.



Disney Princess Blue Long Gown

The primary factors when choosing for a formal attire are the venue, theme, and type of occasion. You may never want to look ridiculous in an event full of crowd. Hence, taking note of that mentioned matters is very essential. As mention on Yiren’s article, her and Aisha together with other Everglow members has probably a Disney princess theme. Thus, following the dress code is important and so Aisha dressed up like one. As flashed on the photo below, she completely transformed herself into a princess for that night. Specifically, her blue Disney princess long gown has definitely resemblance to Cinderella’s gown, but of course with a modern twist and variation to make more unique. Instead of tying her hair up, she chose to kept her hair down and accessorized it with a crown to perfectly complete her Disney-like princess formal attire.


White Sheath Dress

In this section, we provide you another example of formal attire which is perfect for not so fancy formal events and are more common and general, like christenings, funerals, and many more. Also, this dress may be worn in selected corporate events as well like conferences or seminars for instance. As flashed below, Aisha looks delicate, pure, and elegant in her white sheath dress. Its fit is not too tight, which allows the air to go through your body for more relaxed feels. Although it is sleeveless, it still falls under the confinement of formality.

Photo credits:

Plaid Coat

But in matters of corporate events, coats are very necessary and a signature staple in this setup. Opting for plaid patterns may be allowed for some and it’s perfect to elevate your formal look, giving it a bit of style effortlessly. Plain ones are boring as well, so considering this plaid coat of Aisha is ideal. It can be used as layering for dresses, or any tops. Meanwhile, in this photo Aisha used hers as a layer for her inner white top to have herself a more classic feels. Despite not going for a formal setup, she instantly looked formal with this outfit.

Photo credits: Chny via Pinterest


White Coordinates: Crop Top and Asymmetrical Miniskirt

Nothing is ever flattering than a coordinate or matching dance outfits. They look polished and neat, but at the same time stylish and harmonious. Surely, they are signature among K-pop idols. You’ll probably noticed that if you’re a multi-fandom, especially among girl K-pop groups. In this category, we’ll provide three sets of chic coordinates that Aisha surely slays. First, this white coordinates where Aisha had worn a white crop top and white asymmetrical miniskirt. It certainly gave her a clean but sexy look. Meanwhile the silver chain embellishments on her fits speak for finer details and probably made Aisha sparkling when she dances.


Cream Beige Coordinates: Asymmetrical Cropped Coat, Miniskirt and Knee-high Boots

In this second set of coordinates, she opt for a little bit darker shade which is beige cream. Here, Aisha pulled an office-like style with a modern and chic twist. Specifically, she wears an asymmetrical cropped coat. Surely, she loves asymmetrical staples doesn’t she? Well you may want to scroll back for that fact. Then for her base, she wears a miniskirt. The key to wearing miniskirt comfortably without feeling risqué or conscious especially when performing on stage, is wearing fitted shorts underneath. As seen on the video, Aisha did the same so she can execute her dance moves comfortably without worrying about her undies being seen or exposed. Also, footwear are essential in every dance outfits so Aisha opted for knee-high boots for more chic and sexy touch especially while hitting the stage.


Royal Blue Coordinates: Asymmetrical Crop Top and Miniskirt

Here we go for asymmetrical staples again, and we’re sure you’re probably convinced by now, that these are Aisha’s signature staples. For this third set of coordinates, she had worn a royal blue matching fits that speaks for confidence. Specifically, she pulled an asymmetrical crop top and a miniskirt for an easy chic look.



White Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress with Pink and Silver Sequin Embellishments

No one would probably argue that bodycons are the sexiest type of dresses due to its perfect silhouette that flatters every body, may it be petite or thicc. Aisha, in particular surely loves bodycons and we’ll present three of which. First, in this photo, she prioritize elegance by choosing a white long sleeve mini bodycon dress embellished with pink and silver sequins. Although the dress is not super fitted due to its slit on its bottom part, it still helped accentuate her curves. But, most importantly, the dress didn’t only showered her with confidence, but with grace and magnificence as well.


Orange Sleeveless Bodycon Minidress

In this second example, this surely proves why bodycon dresses are the sexiest. Here, Aisha wears an orange bodycon minidress with perfect fit and silhouette. Obviously, the dress followed the sexy frame of Aisha, unveiling her sexy aura more. Also, who would have thought that the shade of orange could look sexy? It surely a playful color, but Aisha here made difference by making it sexy. Another thing that we have to point out is its sleeveless cut that add a more chic effect where it unveiled and emphasized Aisha’s angular shoulders. Surely, when you pull this dress, everyone’s head would be turning back at you.

Photo credits: Yellow rose via Facebook

Sequin Tube Bodycon Minidress

Finally, on this third photo, we present the last example of bodycon dresses that Aisha nailed. Here, she went a bit playful by choosing a tube bodycon mini dress with multiple colors. Surely, Aisha knows how to play her fashion game, and give her look an A+ points. As seen on the picture, her dress has five shades: black, violet, dark pink, red, and blue. Although these colors doesn’t belong from the same palette, their darker shade unbelievably complimented each other. Moreover, Aisha surely loves to standout which is why she opt for sequins to make her look dazzling and sparkling.

Photo credits: KPOP Asianchan



White Button Up Cardigan with Diamond Pattern

Aisha loves to cozy while strolling out in the city with her white button up cardigan. The cardigan is not thick enough to make her sweaty while having her weekend trip. It’s just right to make her comfortable and relaxed. Also, to protect her skin from the heat rays of the sun. Meanwhile, its diamond pattern gives the cardigan a more detail, and to complete her cozy chic style, she never forget to pull off a black leather knee-high booties.


Gray Long Coat

Meanwhile, coats are one of her choices as well in layering, not only they’re stylish but also they look more formal and classic. Here, Aisha had worn a gray long coat to spice up her airport outfit. Surely, this coat will keep her warm while traveling especially when the air conditioned is set on a lower temperature. But most importantly, she effortlessly look cool and stylish with this coat.


Lamb Wool Light Blue Sweater

But when it’s really cold and she likes to keep herself warm and comfortable, lamb wool sweater is definitely her top choice. Here, she wears a light blue lamb wool sweater which she specifically used to layer her floral blue dress. The coat didn’t overpower the feminine touch given by the dress, instead it elevated her look more, turning it into cozy feminine look.



Oversized Pink Straw Hat

Aisha isn’t really a hat person but she has few pictures where she looked cute and one that look sophisticated, primarily in the photo that is being flashed below. Here, she wears a pink oversized straw hat during her photo shoot to look more fashionable and sophisticated. This hat surely unveiled her expensive aura as it compliments well with her overall fit. But, choosing this type of hat is more advisable when going for an outdoor adventure like beach trip for instance. It’ll surely elevate your look smoothly.


Pikachu Ears Hat

No one would disagree that cartoon and animal ears hat looks really adorable, and surely fans love to see Aisha pulled off an aegyo (cute) face so they definitely give her these hats. The first one is this pikachu ears hat that flatters Aisha and helped her easily pulled that aegyo face.


Koala Ears Hat

Meanwhile in this photo, another fan gave her this koala ears hat. While these type of hat primarily makes one cute or adorable, Aisha here pulled a sexy cute look by striking a wink pose while wearing her koala ears hat. Above all, whatever your outfit is, these type of hats would surely give you a touch of cuteness no matter how sexy or cool your outfit is.



Wool Knee-High Fitted Boots

Knee-high boots are indubitably sexy and chic. They’re also versatile as they easily match with any fits. Most importantly, they could be worn in any agendas you have. Aisha, in particular, loves these so much as she wears them while she’s out looking casual, strolling somewhere, and especially during her performance. Needless to say, they are her go-to footwear. In this first photo, she wears a wool knee-high black boots while she’s strolling around London, enjoying her vacation. Obviously she opt to look chic while wondering around by pairing these with an LBD.

Photo credits: EVERGLOW OFFICIAL via Twitter

Zipper Black Boots

Meanwhile on this photo, she elevated her casual look by pairing her oversized jacket and miniskirt with these pair of chic zipper boots. Surely, does like to look chic wherever she goes.

Photo credits:

Black Leather Knee-High Boots

Finally, this third picture proves how much she loves knee-high booties, as she also wears them during their performances. Here, she completed her sexy all black look by simply wearing a shiny leather black knee-high shoes which flatters and elongates her legs more. Above all, going for this type of footwear is ideal when love to look chic and bold.

Photo credits: OSEN


Round Clear Glasses

Although Aisha doesn’t usually wears glasses, she has few shots where she nails them. In this first photo, she wears a round clear glasses that compliments her face. Meanwhile the round frame gave her oval face a more softer and balanced appearance. Thus, easily emphasize her ethereal beauty even more. Also, it’s important to note that clear glasses like this works on any shape, age and hairstyle. Hence, anyone can wear them in spicing up their fashion game.


Iconic Thug Life Sunglasses/Black Tinted Glasses

Surely, Aisha’s fans love to make her tried various things including bringing this iconic thug life sunglasses in real life. No one would forget this sunglasses as it’s a filter or an icon that is widely used for memes. Thus, we can conclude that her fans would truly want to play with Aisha by letting her wear this iconic sunglasses to create a meme. As flashed on the photo, Aisha didn’t let her fans down and even strike a pose while wearing this thug life glasses. So, if you want to look like a real life meme or simply wants to look uniquely stylish, then don’t forget to add this glass on your wardrobe.


Heart-Shaped Red Transparent Glasses

Another iconic glasses that Aisha definitely rocked is this red heart-shaped transparent glasses. Here, she looked happy and adorable while wearing this glasses and it also matched her beret hat. Thus, pulled off an aesthetic style and that’s the primary role of this glasses. They work well in doing that style and also do well in letting one go all-feminine by simply wearing them.


Dressing like Aisha is not hard now especially after reading this article, right? Surely, her fashion styles excite your chic soul. But, let's give it a more thrill by reading Yiren'sSihyeon'sOnda'sMia's, and Eu's fashion guides where you could learn more fashion styles that would help you unleash your stylist self.

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