Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Bomi From Apink

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Bomi From Apink

Bomi from Apink is the perfect mixture of everyday girl style and celeb looks 

By Julianne Babaran

The talented maknae of Apink takes on a lot of important roles as a main dancer, center, vocalist and rapper. Native to South Korea, the starlet to be was trained in Taekwondo, earning a black belt. Debuting with Apink in 2011, meant she's also delved in other affiliations. She was an MC on Weekly Idol, cast member in 'The Human Condition', along with group member, Namjoo. 

Apart from keeping busy on their Youtube channel, you can find more of Bomi's style on her insta. Where she documents amazing show outfits to more everyday fits. Her style is easily relatable to other celebs and even normal people as her she keeps her look simple and fun, nothing too out of the ordinary. 

Tops: Midriff Tops, Button Downs, Graphic Tees

Pink Ribbed Top

Matching elements and other stylistic additions to an outfit with the same or similar colors makes a look more put together or editorial. 

Beige Ruched Top

Ruched blouses are elegant and sexy, pairing it with a simple bottom is best so as to not obstruct the flow of the top too much. 

Silk Fabric Marble Top

Button downs are vey common, getting ones in different fabric such as silk give a nice sheen on an outfit, allowing for more give opting for simple bottoms and shoes. 

Oversized Pink Button Down

BTDs for outdoor events work the best in bigger sizes. It gives you more flow if outdoors and is overall more comfortable. Bomi paired hers like everyone else with shorts, sandals and tied up hair. 

White Graphic Tees

White graphic tees can work as a blank canvas or a complimentary accessory for color. Paired with a leather jacket and jeans, a white graphic tee is the classic choice that can and will never go out of style. 

White Graphic Long Sleeves

Some days, in support of others, dressing down just means dressing simply. Bomi kept the stylistic practice of colors by matching the color of her sweater to her shoes for more cohesion. 

Jackets: Knitted Pullovers, Blazer Jackets, Crewneck Pullover  

White Wide Neck Pullover 

Wide neck knit pullovers give a relaxed cabin vibe that is unexplainable, paired with loose wavy hair and the outfit is pretty much done. Wide necks give the clavicle room to breathe. 

Gray Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere lounging is a sign of a tired days. Button up ones are less thick and more comfortable, not to mention easier for layering. 

Brown Blazer Sweater

Blazers can be both the jacket itself or the final coat layer, here Bomi has it over a cardigan, the similar brown tones adds dimension and makes it look like a pair rather than two separate pieces.

Black Oversized Blazer

The rise of long blazers with casual wear is truly captured in this photo. Graphic tees with dad shoes paired with a masculine blazer is a style people are bound to try. 

Teal Pullover

Crew neck pullovers with midi skirts are criminally beautiful, its the perfect pair to wear while out of a beach as it can get both cool and sunny. Wearing sneakers only adds to the carefree and youthful look to the whole outfit. 

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Black Minimal Text Crewneck Pullover

A field day with animals best goes with a simple no hassle outfit. Solid colored pairs are easily to blend in, consider ones you won't mind getting dirty. 

Dresses: Midi Dresses, Dainty Ditsy Dresses, Puff Sleeve Baby Doll Dresses

Beige T-shirt Midi Dress

T-shirt dresses are a solid option for more casual and relaxed outdoor activities, you'd only need to find a good complimentary shoes and jacket and everything's all good! 

Dark Teal Puff Sleeve Dress

Walking dogs in midi dresses is Bomi's thing. Colored midi dresses don't only come in fancy styles, wearing ones for morning activities can also be easily suitable and transitional for day time occasions. 

Floral Printed Button Down Dress

Floral printed dresses are beautiful on its own and do not need more help! Opting for softer makeup and more stylistic hair styles work best to elevate your look. 

Chiffon Floral Dress

Floral dresses with long sleeves and ruched skirt detail is timeless and looks great for occasions at any time of the day. With hair in low pony and stud earrings, Bomi understood the assignment. 

Black and White Lace Dress

Show or not, when called upon, Bomi goes all out. To match the haunting theme of grunge child, she wore a tiered lace dress with laced up shoes, ribboned hair and sparkly combat boots. 

All White School Girl Dress

White dresses are quintessential for photoshoots. Simple style and bold hair balances a look and makes it appropriate according to age and theme. 

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