Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chaeryeong From ITZY

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chaeryeong From ITZY

If you're like me, who's a K-pop fan but at the same time a Fashion enthusiast, well, you are lucky today as we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite rising K-pop idols. 

ITZY's main dancer, Chaeryeong, is one of a kind. She's known for her powerful moves onstage, and just like Ryujin, she also started her career earlier as part of the Sixteen Program. Chaeryeong feels so different when she's performing- you can see how powerful her dance steps are and the aura when she's there. Her most iconic outfit was probably in the Not Shy era- the ruffled denim shorts and the printed jacket over the Rendez-Vous square scarf with a matching pair of gold knee-length boots to complete the look. It was one of the most unforgettable she wore, and until today, no outfits have topped that one.

Today, as part of the 4th Generation Queens Fashion Style series, we'll dive deeper into Chaeryeong's sense of style when she goes off-stage.


        Chaeryeong In A White Puffer Hooded Jacket

Photo Credits: @macaryeong0605


Off cam, Chaeryeong, however, is quite different. She has a sweet and innocent personality that mirrors her aesthetic and fashion style well. She likes wearing simple pieces or those with minimalist designs. She mostly goes around with the Light Academia theme. She's mostly known as someone who wears muted colors, colors that don't seem like screaming, and she likes calming and free-spirited outfits like her personality. A portion of this is probably because she wanted to have her free day as relaxing as she could from all the heavy and loud outfits she wears when they are performing on stage, and it's pretty understandable. 

If you're quite a fan of relaxing and free-spirited style outfits, Chaeryeong could be the one you are looking for. Scroll for more for much detailed explanation.



You could never go wrong with buying the same tops with different colors- I mean, why go for another when you already found "the one." In fact, Chaeryeong was wearing the same long-sleeves but in a different color, not just once, twice, but three times. Don't worry because we found the same top she's obsessing over, the Polo Ralph Lauren Women's Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater.  

Polo Ralph Lauren Women's Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater in Light Gray


Polo Ralph Lauren Women's Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater in Navy Blue


Polo Ralph Lauren Women's Cable Knit Crew Neck Sweater in Black



Sleeved tops are one of the things Chaeryeong likes to wear, and she totally rocks them. Black sleeved tops are her thing - over-shoulders, crazy-cuts, square-cuts, v-necks, and everything as long as it's black. It compliments her skin, so that's probably one of the reasons she's considering it. She usually wears shorts of the same color for a more monochromatic look, denim pants, or black sweat pants when she's in the dancing room for hours. 

You could also use sleeved tops as an undergarment for coats, especially for winter, to provide extra heat during the cold or under a dress during autumn when you're feeling shy but still want a sense of fashion. Don't forget to choose the right shoes when wearing this one, but if you're asking me, you could try boots for an extra classy style. 

Black Textured Halter Top With Sleeves

Chaeryeong once wore these Black textured halter tops with sleeves she paired with black denim pants for a monochromatic look.


Black Textured Long Sleeve Top

Chaeryeong wore these Black textured long sleeve tops she paired with sweatpants and white sneakers. Her favorite look to make perfect for dance practicing. 



Turtle necks are one of the staple pieces you need to have in your wardrobe. Chaeryeong, on the other hand, likes to wear these pieces during Autumn or Winter to have a more formal-looking expression. In her case, she usually pairs them with straight-cut jeans that match the palette and a pair of boots. You could also try wearing this pair- Make sure that the blazer is oversized to fit the fitted turtleneck. Try matching them with pieces of jewelry like necklaces or a cute little hat.

White Turtle Neck Top

Chaeryeong is wearing these white turtle neck top as a layering piece over a black blazer perfect for cold weather.


Black Fuzzy Oversized Turtle Neck Top

Chaeryeong wore these black oversized fuzzy turtle neck tops for a different size dimension while going out.



Sleeveless tops are one of the comfiest types of clothing you could wear and, surprisingly, it is easy to wear too. You could wear something on top of it when you're feeling a little shy, like a cardigan or some cropped-sleeved tops. Chaeryeong likes to wear just the sleeveless top and pants or trousers most straightforwardly for a more relaxed feeling. She usually wears it home based on the pictures she shares with her fans. Who would not love feeling cozy in their own home, right?

Blue Patterned Sleeveless Body Suit Top

In this example, we could see Chaeryeong sporting her blue patterned sleeveless body suit top with tattered denim pants for a more casual look. This outfit is perfect for traveling, especially during the summer. 

Textured Cream-Colored Sleeveless  

We could also see her sporting textured cream-colored sleeveless at home- Just the perfect outfit for chilling at home. 



Cute shirts are one of the things every girl can have. You can wear it every day or wear it with a blazer for a more smart-looking look. You can often see Chaeryeong wearing cute tees when she's at home or work while doing minimal activities. She usually pairs them with leggings or denim pants and white low-ankle shoes. This is something we often wear but seeing her pictures while wearing them makes it luxurious and doesn't feel basic. 

White Button-down Ribbed Textured Top

Chaeryeong is wearing these White Button-down ribbed textured tops lounging at their home with her dog.


Cute Shirts

You could also try wearing cute shirts with denim shorts and high-top shoes for a more youthful look or over a dress while wearing ankle-length shoes for a more relaxed feeling.



Trousers are one of the easiest types of bottoms to style. You could wear it with a simple tee or crop top or make it formal by wearing blouses on top of it. 

Khaki Trousers

Chaeryeong paired her khaki trousers with under polo and blue pullovers on the top for a more embellished look. 


Denim Jeans are one of the most versatile types of bottoms you could have. You can pair it with sleeveless tops or blouses based on the level of formality you are going for. In Chaeryeong's case, she likes to wear denim jeans with a simple top like long sleeves or cute tees. She likes simplicity. After all, she goes with a cleaner look.

Light-Washed Denim Pants

Chaeryeong is wearing these Light-Washed Denim Pants she paired with a navy blue long sleeve top for a more casual look.



Plaid Dress

Plaid is one of the most popular styles, especially for people who love the light academia aesthetic, just like Chaeryeong herself. In the photo she uploaded, she can be seen wearing a plaid-looking body con dress that compliments her very well. A lot of people actually praised her so much after uploading this one because of how good this look on her, and honestly, same!



Knit Sweater is one thing you should also consider if you love to add texture to your style. It is multi-seasonal, meaning you could wear it in different seasons, and it is easy to style too. Chaeryeong must be addicted to wearing knit sweaters. You could see pictures of her wearing them while having blazers over the top for additional heat, with the same colors for the bottom for a monochromatic look, with jeans and shorts. It's honestly one of the things you could add to your wardrobe to diversify your choices in style.


Cream-Colored Knitted Pullover 

In this outfit, Chaeryeong layered her cream-colored knitted pullover over an oversized black jacket in what seemed to be a restaurant. I could imagine her sipping some soup in the cold weather outside!


Lime Green Fuzzy Pullover

This lime green fuzzy pullover reminds me so much of December for some reason. Such a happy color to begin with. 



Earings are one of her favorite pieces of jewelry she wears. She loves to wear dainty earrings with a minimal design, like cute heart-shaped ones or the ones with small hoops. You can't see a Chaeryeong going out without a pair of pretty earrings, and honestly, same. I mean, earrings put the whole outfit together and make your face shine even more.

Dainty Circle Earrings

Chaeryeong paired these dainty circle earrings with her colorful sweaters.


Silver Semi-Hoop Earring

Chaeryeong wearing a silver semi-hoop earring partnered with a striped button-down shirt.


Oversized Square Frame Glasses

Oversized Square frame glasses are one of the favorite lenses for K-pop idols to wear. It was designed to be easy to style and almost everyone's favorite when they're not feeling to be seen - I mean literally. Chaeryeong once shared that she wore oversized glasses after her Lasik surgery and that it became one of the essentials she needed daily.



Chunky Boots

Chunky boots are intimidating to wear and also to see. It feels so overwhelming, especially because of its size and appearance. However, Charyeong feels the otherwise. She can be seen wearing chunky boots with her denim shorts or with dark pants. It makes her simple outfit stylish and is actually a good investment as it is made with sturdy and quality materials. 


White Shoes

White shoes are every girl's go-to shoes when they can't think of something else. It goes along with every outfit you could think of and instantly makes the outfit even more appealing. Chaeryeong likes to wear hers as her daily shoes. She wears them with her daily outfits or when she's working in the dance room.


White Running Shoes With Neon Highlights

Chaeryeong is wearing these White running shoes with neon highlights paired with leggings perfect for athletic activities.


Personally, I really liked how Chaeryeong put up these outfits together. It gives me so much positive energy, like she's always walking with all smiles and just being free by herself. I hope you got the information you're looking for!



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