Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chaeyoung from TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Chaeyoung from TWICE

TWICE is a group full of charms and Chaeyoung is definitely a charm herself! Therefore, it is obvious fans want to be like her and even dress like her, so let's study TWICE's Chaeyoung in our fashion guide!

Son Chaeyoung is definitely an interesting member to look at when it comes to style! She can be both feminine, bold, but most importantly comfortable and true to herself when it comes to fashion choices.

She always makes sure she's wearing something that makes her stand out from the crowd and that she can feel comfortable in - and that she wants to wear. But what really sets Chaeyoung apart from other K-pop idols is her ability to make an outfit work for any occasion. Whether she's walking down the streets of Seoul or hanging out at home in her PJs with a glass of wine in hand, her outfits always put together perfectly.


Before we dive into the realest Chaeyoung in her natural habitat which usually is her music studio, let's appreciate the elegant and artsy Chae. If you're looking for someone who embodies the phrase "artsy, elegant, and comfortable," look no further than Chaeyoung.

Chae is the realest Chaeyoung in her natural habitat which usually is her music studio. She loves to wear soft and girly pieces that make people feel their best. She also tends to stay away from bright colors because she believes that light colors are more flattering on most people.

For shirts, she really loves to wear soft and girly pieces. For example, this off shoulder fluffy white shirt with her pretty blonde hair up. 

Another and again white shirt she wore is this one with cloud-like long sleeves and a trendy square neckline. Revealing her neck and collarbones, she smartly added a choker chain with pearls. Take notes, ONCEs!

The next option she usually chooses - and looks gorgeous - is a short sleeve top with delicate floral patter and another white top peaking underneath it. Thin necklace and cute butterfly hairclips complete the look perfectly.


Now, let's see what Chae wears almost on a daily basis and those are oversized t-shirts! Oversized t-shirts are the new staple of our wardrobe, and for good reason. And Chaeyoung wears them notably in basic colors like white or black, but as they offer the best of both worlds: a casual look that's perfect for everyday wear, but with an edgy twist, she always goes for a tee with a unique edgy print with either something alienlike (besides her big fancy platforms): 

Or something boney with skulls and scolopendras, Chae is not afraid of showing her bold preferences in fashion and doesn't just stay in her girly TWICE concept in her free time.


Her favorite top is definitely an ACDC one. Perfect for summer, as itself or with some jackets thrown on the shoulders to hide some skin. What we know for sure, Chaeyoung loves it and if you love her and want to dress like her - this top is a must have!

You see, even in her early photos, the top is the same. She just loves it this much!

Cropped Shirts

Chaeyoung's punk story doesn't end here and with her fun pigtails, playful peace sign, and a typical k-idol pleated skirt, she wears a black cropped shirt with safety pins as a decor on her neckline.


However, we all know how versatile Chaeyoung is in her talents and in her style, so we don't forget about her cute girly side. Especially if you're not a fun of black clothes and edgy looks, consider getting yourself a light greenish yellow knitted cardigan to wear on top of tops, blouses, or shirts we mentioned above.


When it comes to bottoms, Chaeyoung is the biggest fan of huge comfy white pants. They are perfect for a day at home, long night in the studio while producing another TWICE hit, or any other informal occasion.


And especially boyfiend jeans! Those are perfect for any day, any top, and comfortable to walk around in, and Chaeyoung knows it well. She is different from other members who prefer high waist wide jeans most of the time, so if you want to learn about everyone in TWICE, check out our articles!


Confirming her love to boyfriend jeans with this photo of Chae, we introduce you to another must have if you want to dress like her, and the footwear to choose is keds! Classic white ones are here for the win and they are perfect for any look, whether it's a casual jeans and tee one:

Or if you wear them with a long pink dress! Following Chae's style, you will never miss.


Kim Chaeyoung is not afraid to show her quirky side and even when she wears sunglasses - especially these transparent retro ones that might have jumped straight from 90's or early 2000's:

She doesn't mind to look goofy and take funny selfies! We bet you can look cool and fun just like her and choose from a variety of similar colorful sunglasses in your next shopping spree.

Chaeyoung is definitely relatable to ONCEs with her two sided style: elegant feminine one that is spiced up by the tiny tattoes and personal charm, and the bold, almost screaming "I don't care" outfit choice for her regular days. 

To learn about other TWICE members' styles, check out our fashion guides!


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