Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dahyun from TWICE

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Dahyun from TWICE

TWICE member's are iconic just for who their are, and their style is a part of it! Therefore it's natural that fans - or how they are officially called - ONCEs are eager to be at least a bit like their idols.

And there is nothing wrong with that: In fact, I would say that being yourself and being an ONCE is the best way to express your love for TWICE! After all, idols have always been role models for us when it comes to how we should act or dress ourselves! So let's see how to dress like TWICE's sunshine and multi-talented queen Kim Dahyun in our fashion guide!

Dahyun has a very girly, feminine yet simple style. She likes pastel colors and soft clothes, but she still manages to look fresh and stylish, and is definitely not afraid to add some vivid colors or wear a basic white tee. Above all that, Dahyun's famous wide smile is the perfect addition to her looks, so don't forget to smile too! With just that, you're already pretty and sweet like Dahyun, but if you wish to add some style to that, continue reading carefully.


Didn't we just say sunshine? Yes, and standing in the light of the sun during the golden hour with her eyes closed in a soft smile, Dahyun is the definition of it. But coming back to her style, we can see that she usually goes for simple mono color shirts to wear. Here in this beautiful caramel color:


And here in this cherry red buttoned shirt that compliments her dark shiny hair beautifully. Light blue jeans to balance the colors of the look, and you're good to go to work, university, or a day outside with your friends!

But don't stop seeking for fashion inspiration! Here again, Dahyun is going for a more modest look with an adorable smile, a bow on the neckline, and pearl buttons on her coffee-brown shirt. If you want to be like Dahyun, sweet mono colored shirts with no prints or excessive decor are the choice!

Button-down Shirts

Continuing with the modest and simple agenda, Dahyun often adds classic pieces to her looks and there is nothing more classic than a white button-down shirt. With a black vest on top of it, she looks preppy and stylish, making a perfect look to go to school, university, or a cafe like Dahyun did on the pic. So take notes, ONCEs!

Yet, we don't forget about Dahyun's cute and bubbly personality that fits TWICE perfectly and can be seen in her own wardrobe. If you want to look classy, but fun, choose a shirt similar to this pastel orange one Dahyun wore.


On the normal days free from idol agenda, Dahyun likes to wear big comfy hoodies. And unlike many of her female colleagues, she prefers black hoodies over white or pastel ones. They are easy to move around in, and they can be worn as pajamas or even as outerwear when it gets colder. Let's not forget they're harder to get stained or even if they do, it's not as noticable as having a colorful memory of a drip of ketchup on a white or pastel hoodie. So black ones are the best!

And honestly, with a bright smile she has, no other bright colors are needed in her outfits. Therefore, choose black hoodies if following Dahyun's way!


However, on other days or when it comes to a more lady-like style perfect for a  date or a walk with friends, we see this cute Dahyun. Here and very often, she wears a white knitted cardigan on top of a soft floral dress. Therefore, seek for the popular long floral dresses, preferably in creme, white, or other light and pastel colors, and don't forget a cute - maybe cropped - cardigan on top of it to stay cute and warm.


Talking about dresses, playing around with both pieces perfect for summer and more classy ones, Dahyun also likes - coming back to the white button-down shirt agenda - checkered dresses. As in the pics taken during TWICE promotion, she is wearing brown checkered dress with a white shirt beneath.

Almost a schoolgirl look as you see! But even if you're far away from any educational stuff, this is a look to go for.

Long skirts

The Korean celebrity is definitely loving the trends of her country, and one of the biggest is having a long skirt. Together with a cozy sweater and pretty fall surroundings, Dahyun looks warm and feminine on her day off off performances.


But if you're a fan of real K-pop idols look and want to have outfits with a ready-to-perform-any-TWICE-song vibe, definitely go for a miniskirt as the bottom. Thus, on the pic and almost every group promo pics, Dahyun is showing off her athletic long legs, wearing a miniskirt. Again checkered, but in vivid blue and yellows with a sprinkle of red, and a bright blue crop top.


Despite the pretty and girly looks that might be not that comfortable to train in, let's not forget that Dahyun is a talented dancer! So when it comes to practicing a new choreography with her TWICE sisters, she chooses comfort of a simple pair of light grey joggers. Get your hair down, tie a big tee so it turns into a crop top that is easy to move in without getting on your way, and complete the look with your favorite sneakers - now you're ready to go to a dance class, or walk your dog, this look is perfect for anything (except formal events of course).


Dahyun is an extremely talented performer - and she's never afraid to show it off, but off the camera, Dahyun really knows how to be comfortable! Therefore, on the other days, the idol walks around in trendy straight jeans. Completing the look with a white sweater, a pair of Gucci sneakers, and a wine red shoulder bag, Dahyun once again shows her immaculate fashion sense.


To add up to the cute points - as we haven't been mesmerized by Dahyun's cuteness already - you can add headbands to your look! And be either bright and adorable, or…

Preppy and adorable as well!


Regarding the footwear, after all the performances in heels, Dahyun usually prefers comfortable sneakers. In the first pic you see her pair of classic keds.

But if you wish to have more details, a pair of light color sneakers with floral pattern is the choice.

Or if you're more on the sporty side, athletic kind of sneakers are here to have! Especially on a beach day like Dahyun's in the picture, or for a long walk with friends or family.

After all, it is obvious that TWICE's Dahyun has many sides of her style: from modest and simple tops, to classic pieces, and of course her cute outfits. She has all kinds of clothing in her wardrobe being versatile just like her personality. We hope this guide was helful for you and we are sure every fan will find Dahyun's style relatable and maybe already in your closets! If not, you can always go on a shopping spree and visit our shop's website.


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