Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Eunseo From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Eunseo From WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

As one of the visual line of WJSN, Eunseo never fails to use her fashion skills in showing off her gorgeous features.

Son Joo Yeon (손주연) or Eunseo (은서) is the sub-vocalist of WJSN, as well as member of its subunit— WJSN THE BLACK. Also, she can rap and in fact, she sometimes do some rap in their songs. Furthermore, her beauty also paved the way for her to be in the group’s visual line, and according to her, her eyes are her asset and charming features. Meanwhile, her height makes her look like a model and in truth, she’s the tallest in the group.

Above all, her fashion styles accentuate these beautiful features of her more. She was even seen once joining a fashion runway back in 2017. Well, that’s indubitable especially when she has gorgeous visuals and tall height. Given that, we’ll dive deeper in her wardrobe and feature her different outfits to learn how to dress like Eunseo from WJSN.


Chic Style

Long sleeve are very versatile staples for they can pull any style as long as they were styled right. Also, they are good for either layering or serving as an inner top for layering. But, they also looks great when they worn alone without any layers or embellishments. Here, Eunseo killed her knitted long sleeves by pairing it with a denim high waist shorts and cream booties to easily achieve a chic style with a touch of cozy feels.


Casual Look

Meanwhile in this photo, she wears the same staple but in a check plaid style. To complete the casual look, she paired it with a denim wide leg pants which help accentuate her height even more and in the same manner, elongates her legs also. 


Sporty Vibe 

Who would have thought that long sleeves could also be worn when throwing off a sporty style? Well, Eunseo is the perfect example. As seen on the photo, she wears a plain white long sleeve paired with a black mini jersey shorts and a white sneakers while playing badminton. Hence, creating a neat and polished sporty style.



Fitted White Pants

White pants match well with any tops. Although it feels illegal to wear them as they are prone to dirt, they do well in giving one a clean and polished look. In addition, they could produce any look as long as they were styled right. For instance, Eunseo dressed up like an equestrian with a modern and casual twist by simply wearing fitted white pants to emphasize her curves. Then, she paired it with a plaid long sleeves layered with a white vest, and a knee-high boots that complete the look.


White Jogger Pants

White jogger pants are mostly common among dance or training outfits for they are comfortable and stretchy. Eunseo, for instance, paired hers with a white inner top layered with a teal cropped and oversized sweater. She had also worn as crew cut socks to add details to her white sneakers. Thus, creating a casual and sporty style which is perfect for either dancing, training, or simply strolling for a weekend wonder.


White Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are in vogue, but having them in the neutral shade of white just hits differently as they make one standout, and help accentuate one's uniqueness. Also, they are good for people with shorter legs, for they do well in elongating their legs in the most polished way. Here, Eunseo created an all white chic fit by matching her pants with a white bralette top, and a white sneakers. She also embellished her fit with flowy loophole earrings and necklace to add more details and sparks in her overall chic look.


One Shoulder Pearl-Embellished Dress

One shoulder dresses are one of the great options for a night party or any formal events like prom, dinner date, team building, and the like. They work best in flaunting curves and angular shoulder like Eunseo's. As flashed below, she look sophisticated and luxurious with her black one shoulder pearl-embellished dress. Her makeup and hairstyle also made her look fierce, thus elevating her style even more.


One Shoulder Trumpet Sleeves Bodycon Dress

But if you're opting for more simple eveningwear with the same shoulder style, the dress that Eunseo wears below is perfect for you. Basically, she wears another one shoulder dress but it has trumpet embellishment on sleeves as well as on its upper part and lower hemline which makes it more feminine. Meanwhile its type which is a bodycon variation, gives more details in accentuating your curves, and easily flaunt your hour-glass figure like Eunseo's.


Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

However, if you opt for elegance and wants to look like a princess, fit and flare cocktail dress is the best choice. As flashed below, Eunseo easily pulled off a princess-like figure by wearing a porcelain white fit and flare dress embellished with detachable lace sleeves. Surely, this look will help you to win a crown and be hailed as prom queen.



Matching Top and Base

Matching fits are always essential in every dance outfit as they provide a unified theme, and allows viewers to easily focus their attention to the performers. Besides Eunseo's different hair colors, you'll also notice that her dance attire are mostly chic to unveil their sexy aura. Here, Eunseo wears a black tube layered with cropped lace blazer which is embellished with golden buttons to give her fit a more details. Then, she paired it with a black lace shorts embellished with golden chain belt to create a balance in her palette. Meanwhile her blonde hair complimented her chosen shades in her fit more, and thus adding extra detail to the overall look.


Knotted Top and Pleated Mini Skirt With Suspender

The photo below resembles a school-like outfit but in a more chic and stylish style where Eunseo knotted her cropped polo to make it look fitted and add extra detail in her style. Then, she paired it with a pleated mini skirt and embellished the fit with suspender to make it look like it's a jumper.


Crop Tank and Stylish Shorts

Here, Eunseo wears another short staples, but they are more stylish and sexy. As seen in the photo, she wears a shiny crop tank embellished with belt-like accessory in front and some safety pins on the right side, creating an edgy look. Meanwhile, her shorts was also designed with the same belt-like accessory on both sides. Thus, creating a unique chic statement.



Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

Truly, Eunseo has hidden expensive aura, but she likes to show it by wearing shimmering dresses like what is being flashed below for instance. Here, she had worn a sparkly red spaghetti strap mini dress which showed off her slim figure and sexy aura. Meanwhile, her necklace and earrings made the look more exquisite. 


One Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress

We wouldn't tell that one shoulder types are Eunseo's favorites, should we? Well, the featured photos speaks for themselves. Here, Eunseo easily throwed off a luxurious chic style by wearing a one shoulder bodycon mini dress with an open cut in front, primarily on the waist part to show off her sexy belly. Then, she paired it with stiletto shoes which made the look bolder, while her accessories added a more touch of luxury.


Fitted Maxi Dress

Truly enough, Eunseo loves to flex her curves and slim figure as she certainly likes to wear fitted dresses. In this photo, she opt for a casual look by wearing a fitted maxi dress to let it speak for her body goals figure, paired with high-cut sneakers for a more comfortable feels in her feet. 



Oversized Jacket

On her more relaxed days, she prefers to wear an oversized jacket. But, on this photo, she still kept her feminine looks by tucking her white oversized jacket on a pleated miniskirt, creating a three C's look:  Cute, Cozy, and Chic.


Varsity Jacket

But she could also do a contrast style by just using another variation of jacket, primarily a varsity type like what she wears below. Obviously, she throwed off a boyish style by wearing a crop top layered with the varisty jacket, and paired with a jogger.


Puffer Jacket

However, when it's really cold, she opt for the puffer type as it gives her more warmth and comfort, but still keeping her stylish. To add more details and warmth, she paired her puffer jacket with a beanie, creating a cold-weather street style look.



Beret Hat

Berets are Eunseo's choice when she wants to add extra detail and statement to her overall look. For instance, in the photo below she aimed for creating a perfect balance in her fit by wearing a light gray wool beret hat that compliments her elevated cold-weather chic style. Surely, this resemble the Parisian chic style.



But, Eunseo choose beanies when she likes to keep herself cozy and warm. In truth, she loves to pair these with any types of jacket just like what the photo flashed below. This gives her look a more style and in the same time, keeps her warmer.


Baseball Cap

However, if we would argue which among the hats is her favorite, baseball cap is definitely the answer. When you scroll on her Instagram feed, you will mostly see her pairing it with any styles, may it be boyish, casual or chic like the photo shows below. Here, she completed her casual chic look with baseball cap to add more details. Also, these caps are great go-to whether for an additional statement or you want to cover your unwashed hair.



Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots are very chic footwear that easily unveils one's feminine side, and Eunseo loves to wear them when she opt for a more feminine side other than wearing them on stage. Here, Eunseo specifically throws off a soft but chic look by wearing an oversized jacket and shorts, paired with her killer knee-high boots.


Combat Boots

But when she does the contrast style, combat boots helped her achieved it, primarily the boyish look. As flashed on the photo, she wears a white inner top which she tucked under her leather shorts, and layered it with a long coat. Then, she completed the look  by wearing a black leather combat shoes. Surely, those who aren't into girly style would probably love this look.



But if boots aren't your thing, Eunseo offers you an alternative that is very comfortable but stylish– the sneaker shoes. These shoes are very versatile and easily matches with almost any outfit, as long as you opt for the right shades. For instance, Eunseo wears a mixed of cream white and light beige sneakers which gave her brown outfit a perfect balance. Hence, achieving a chic style easily.



Eunseo never fails to pair her outfit with any bags to elevate her look more. In truth, bags are her favorite go-to accessories other than jewelries as they are both functional and fashionable. But, among the types of bags, the sling ones are her favorite. Here, she carries a sling bag, but with a handle when she opts to make it a hand bag. Also, it's a little bit big, which is enough to place her personal things. Meanwhile its curve shaped on its bottom part speaks for style that gave her fit a more details. Above all, these type of bags are very essential when you have some stuff which you have to bring with you, but you wouldn't want to just plainly handle them with your hands to prevent ruining your fit.


However, if you're not a fan of big bags, opting for the smaller ones are great especially when you don't have necessary stuff to bring with you. Their space are enough for your phone or wallet along with your makeup essentials. As seen on the photo, Eunseo paired her white and black top with a denim jeans, but to create a balance, she opt for a smaller sling bag in the shade of black which complimented her style more.


Meanwhile, mini sling bags are great alternative for the previous mentioned bag, as they are not too heavy nor handy. Basically, they just give your style enough detail and prevent overpowering the rest of the essential details, just like what Eunseo wears below.


It's not that hard to dress like Eunseo isn't it?

But, if you think her styles doesn't match your preferences, you may read Bona'sSeola'sLuda'sDayoung'sYeonjung'sDawon'sCheng Xiao's, Exy'sYeorum's and Xuanyi's articles to learn more about other fashion styles.

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