Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Heesung From ENHYPHEN

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Heesung From ENHYPHEN

We have finally arrived at our 4th Generation Idols series, starting with the 4th Gen fast-rising group, ENHYPEN. ENHYPEN is a 7-member group formed in a survival show called I-LAND. They debuted on November 30, 2020, their first EP, Border: Day One.

     Heeseung In A Two-Toned Sleeved Top Part With A Tattered Black Jeans


Lee Heeseung, or popularly Heeseung, trained for three years and one month before taking part in I-LAND. He used to train with his now co-band members, Jay, Sunghoon, and Jungwon and is also close with the TXT members. He is known as an ACE of the group with his incredible vocal and dancing skills and experience with songwriting and composing.

     Heeseung In An All-White Outfit With A Graphic Tee, Denim Jacket, Sweat Pants, And Running Shoes.


Regarding fashion, Heeseung is one of the fast-rising 4th gen K-Pop idols because of his fashion choices and charisma while wearing them. He's the definition of Gen Z fashion style: Air Jordans, hoop pieces of jewelry, shirts, and button-down shirts. 

If you're still wondering how ENHYPEN's ACE radiates his fashion style, scroll down for more as we have more to discuss for. 



Heeseung likes wearing shirts. Although he likes wearing them as-is, he also likes wearing them as layering pieces. He wears them underneath denim jackets or cardigans- it doesn't matter anyway, as he knows how to style them.

White Shirt

An example is this outfit; Heeseung was wearing a white shirt underneath these denim jackets- just the classic combinations, but still brings the vibes.


Simple White Plain Shirt

Heeseung also likes wearing them with cardigans. In this example, we could see him in this simple white plain shirt he partnered with avocado green cardigan and denim pants. 


Plain Black Shirt

If you're not up for layered pieces, you could wear them as it is. Heeseung, in this example, wore an all-black outfit with a plain black shirt but made the bottom wear tattered to balance the style as the top was simple. 



Aside from shirts, Heeseung also likes wearing button-down shirts. Button-down shirts, depending on how you would enjoy wearing them, could be used for formal events or, if you wanted to be extra, for casual days too.

Powder Blue Button-Down Shirts

An example is these powder blue button-down shirts Heeseung wore with black trousers. Depending on what footwear you would like to wear, go could go for a formal one- tucked-in button-down shirt with some dress shoes or with white sneakers for a casual-looking look.  


Semi-Buttoned White Button-Down Shirt

This very teen outfit could also be one of my favorite. Heeseung wore a shirt under this semi-buttoned white button-down shirt he paired with white pants. It was simple and casual but refreshing and clean to look at.


White And Blue Striped Details

Going for a much more casual look, you could also opt for these white and blue striped details, just like this outfit of Heeseung. It was fun and added a more youthful feels to Heeseung.



Sweatpants are one of the bottoms Heeseung likes to wear, especially when going out or just lounging somewhere and spending his day off. Apart from that, as ENHYPEN's Main Dancer, Heeseung also likes wearing them in dancing rooms, practicing their complicated dance routines. 

Khaki Sweatpants

Heeseung in dance practice rooms is given in sweatpants, so we're showing how he styles them outside the room. In this example, Heeseung wore these khaki sweatpants he paired with a plain gray shirt. A perfect example of loungewear.


Black Sweat Pants

In this example, Heeseung went for a monochrome look by combining a black turtle neck and sweat pants. It must've been so comfortable to wear.



Aside from sweatpants, Heeseung also likes wearing denim pants. He usually likes to pair them with simple tops like shirts, but he also goes with button-shirts sometimes. He also jumbles between dress shoes and sneakers when doing so.

Dark-Washed Denim Pants

An example is when Heeseung is wearing a dark floral button-shirt tucked in dark-washed denim pants. For much formal wear, Heeseung also went for a dress shoe.


Dark-Washed Denim Pants

For a casual look, Heeseung went for a white shirt with a minimalist print. It is simple yet chic and clean to see, especially when tucked in. You could either wear dress shoes or sneakers with them.


Light-Washed Denim Pants

For a casual look, Heeseung went for a white statement shirt. It is simple yet chic and clean to see, especially when tucked in. 



When it comes to outerwear, Heesung also likes wearing textured cardigans. He loves wearing cardigans in dark colors like black and likes to wear a shirt inside them. Cardigans are a must-have, especially during cold weather.

Plain Black Textured Cardigan

In this picture, Heeseung wore a plain black textured cardigan over his graphic shirt. It's pretty simple yet comfortable to wear.


Black Textured Cardigan With White Stripes

Heeseung also went for a black texture cardigan with white stripes over his gray shirt. It looks like he has his day lounging at their dorm, just chilling.



Aside from cardigans, Heeseung also likes wearing Hooded Jackets. He usually wears sweatpants or denim jeans as his bottoms, opting for a more casual and comfortable style.

Navy Blue Hooded Jacket 

For example, Heeseung can be seen wearing this navy blue hooded jacket paired with gray sweatpants. It was a perfect fit for their variety show which jumbles around challenges and healing themes.


Royal Blue Statement Hooded Jackets 

For their first album teasers, he wore these royal blue statement hooded jackets paired with light-washed jeans. It gives me so much about college fashion styles. A similar hooded jacket could be sourced here.



You could always opt for pullovers if hooded jackets are not your tea. Heeseung likes wearing pullovers, especially light colors, for a much cleaner and diverse style. He either wore them underneath something or as it is.

Powder Blue Plain Shirt

An example is Heeseung in a white pullover under a powder blue plain shirt. This style is one of the popular ones, especially today.


White Knitted Pullovers

He also wore these white knitted pullovers for their Abib photoshoot, perfect for their brand, clean, fresh, and youthfulness.




When it comes to accessories, it seems like Heeseung likes wearing glasses. He and Jay are the only members of the group who wears glasses due to their poor eyesight but uses contacts instead for a much more stylish look. Although not wearing prescription glasses in these examples, we could still see what Heeseung would look like when wearing one.



Heeseung does like wearing hats- I guess it's a dancer thing. He likes wearing them over her casual-formal outfit but mostly does so with casual ones. 

Plain Baseball Hats

We could see Heeseung here wearing these black and white baseball hats that he paired with some plain shirts.


Black Bucket Hats

Heeseung also likes wearing bucket hats and would often opt for distinctive styles. Just like the black-washed denim ones he wore over his floral printed button-down shirt.


Yello Plaid Bucket Hats

These yellow plaid ones he wore with his black shirt.



Heeseung is one of the members of their team with piercings- he has two, one on each side. For those piercings, he usually opts to wear hooped ones for a much cleaner and minimalistic look.



It's challenging sourcing for Heeseung or posting pictures with his favorite sneakers, but we have found some of his sneaker collections for you guys. Heeseung has a collection of the Jordan Airforce sneakers, which he often wears for dancing, practicing, and even for shoots- he must have a lot more in his closet.

Air Jordan Low-Dunk Black And White

An example is this Air Jordan low-dunk black and white, which he paired with some gray hooded jacket and sweatpants. Such a comfy outfit to dance with.

 enhypen heeseung

Air Jordan High-Dunk Royal Blue And White Sneakers

Heesueng also wore these Air Jordan high-dunk royal blue and white sneakers, which he partnered with a long trench and khaki trousers for his cover of Off My Face by Justine Bieber.

 enhypen heeseung

NIKE Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple White

And these NIKE Jordan 1 Retro High Court Purple White for their 'LOVE ME RIGHT' EN-CONNECT Dance Practice

enhypen heeseung


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