Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hyoyeon From SNSD

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Hyoyeon From SNSD

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon is K-pop's 'Dancing Queen'  

By Julianne Babaran

The all rounder member from SNSD debuted not long after group member Taeyeon, following her own footsteps a year later. The star dabbled in many other areas appearing in dramas, and other famous shows like Korean Dancing with the Stars, participating in major commercials for Hyundai and even featuring in fellow K-idols music videos. Hyoyeon's solo career is still going strong under SM Entertainment where she currently focuses on solo endeavors and being part of the girl group project by SM called 'Girls on Top'. 

It leaves no doubt that Hyoyeon's looks and talents got her far along from her career almost 15 years ago! Despite that number, the star looks as youthful as ever (it's still a mystery that goes for all members), performing dance heavy choreo, she looks like natural bringing her dominant feminine aura in all she wears.

In this article we'll delve into just what she wears to keep that vibe alive. 

TOPS: Bold Midriff Tops and Chic Knit Blouses 

Monochrome Dry Fit Top 

In a dance heavy environment, Hyoyeon likes to dress as if she belongs (because she most definitely does). The dancer doesn't shy away from sporting different kinds of tops, particularly styling more fashionable and hip styles. 

Baby Tee Tye-dye Shirt 

Girls' Generation is coming with a bang showing you, they haven't aged one bit. Hyoyeon is determined to show that as she dresses in different eras and styles despite her age. 

Bright Blue Polo Blouse 

Performance outfit? No. Hyoyeon is actually on her way out. The star isn't afraid to show off her abs even outside of work. She paired the bold top with simple dark wash jeans and no accessories to let her doggie in a bag take the spotlight. 

Silver Ruched Top 

The singer wears elaborate performance outfits to match the occasions, never shying away from any styles. She matched the silver top with silk wide pants for that hip and fashionable look. 

Black and Pink Leopard Print Knit Top 

Top keep the youthful vibe, you need color and zest. In a two photo post, Hyoyeon wears a printed knit top with matching pink accessory and her signature long hair. 

Mauve Pink Top and Cardigan Set

A staple in any K-idols closet is this set. Solid colored ones are chic and much easier to pair with pants, Hyoyeon wore a mauve pink shade set with straight leg pants for that casual vibe. 

Two Tone Vest Top 

With the caption "I want to drink wine." Hyoyeon shared her out in a feminine green and white knit vest top with a brown pleated skirt. The style is simply chic and perfect for an outdoor. Use only simple colors and accessories.  

Bottoms : Pleated Skirts, Straight leg Pants

Golf Monochromatic Pleated Skirt 

Seems golf has been a growing trend. Hyoyeon golf outfits are always put together from head to toe, she loves to keep a monochromatic look with colors and lines looking cohesive. 

Black and Red Checkered Skirt 

Concept photos for the 'Deep' are here and Hyoyeon's grunge emo school girl look looks so good! She matched the block checkered skirt with so many Y2K accessories and styled her hair in a pitch black color. The star adapts to concepts like a chameleon, it's so impressive to see. 

Masculine Monochrome Look 

A pleated skirt is mostly associated with a girl concept, but Hyoyeon styles it maturely by using darker and chic elements. She matched the micro pleated bottoms with a gray and black sweater and black leather boots. 

Straight Leg Jeans 

Hyoyeon loves to rock a staright leg pants and semi wide as opposed to ones that are too too wide or jogger style. Also peep the midriff exposure we said she loves? 

Beige Chino Pants 

How can we not include a picture with a hashtag #Hyostyle? She must be proud of this beige ensemble, she matched a relaxed beige chino pants with a silk mermaid corset top. Looking so cohesive and expensive. 

Cream Colored Wide Leg Pants

Casual is synonymous to light colors, at least, according to Hyo. When strolling around, she wears light colored themed outfits mostly in colors of white, brown, beige and black. 

Jackets : White Puffer Coat, Pastel Sweaters 

Stark White Puffer Jacket

Looking through her jacket and coat game we couldn't help but notice this number popping up often. She loves a stark white puffer jacket to tie all her outfits together for cooler weather. 

Graphic Detail White Puffer Coat  

White is the canvas and any small detail is welcome as Hyo still loves it. She wore this white coat from a collaboration between Nike and Kwondo, the coat has small graphic detail all over the jacket which makes it more elaborate and unique. 

Basic White Puffer Jacket 

Hyo in this pink hair era was so closely connected with the white jacket. The contrast is definitely satisfying to look at, and Hyo seems to love the combination as well. 

Cream Colored Wool Sweater 

While out camping and eating out, Hyo was brave to wear a light colored sweater, she wore a wool style sweater for texture and life. Once again featuring light pants for casual wear. 

Baby Blue Fur Sweater Set

Showing love for some brands, Hyo posed in a baby blue fur sweater set with a silver suitcase. Pastel sweaters are a crowd fave and it softens a persons look which maybe why the star loves them. 

Baby Pink Crew Neck Pullover

Letting her dog breathe some air on her bag, Hyo styled in a playful baby pink sweater, mask and beanie. She color combined the best she could with shades of pink and that plus the dog in the bag culminated in the most picture perfect photo!

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