Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jaemin From NCT

Fashion Guide: How To Dress Like Jaemin From NCT

NCT Dream's lead rapper Na Jaemin also do great in styling himself in various looks.

Jaemin already possess a cute visuals ever since he was a child. However, as time goes by, his looks started to become more mature. Nevertheless, he still have that cute aura with him. Furthermore, besides rapping, Jaemin also knows how to play his fashion game. He could pull a cute, sexy, mature, sleek, handsome, and any other look when he wants. Unnielooks gathered some of his fits to guide you on how to dress like him.


It's an understatement to say that Jaemin really knows how to play his fashion game. Hence, let these photos of him speak for that.

White Shirt And A Jogger Pants

Starting off with a casual look, Jaemin paired his white shirt with a black jogger pants. As he's more relaxed in this photo, he opted for slides to let his feet breath.


White Shirt And An Abstract Painted Pants

Here, Jaemin went on another level as he paired his white plain shirt with a brown pants embellished with abstract paint. Since the top is plain, accessorizing it with necklace is the primary key to elevate it. Hence, Jaemin had worn layers of neckalces.


White Shirt And A Denim Base

Meanwhile, in the photo below he pulled a summer look using two staple, a white shirt paired with denim base. Well, that's indubitable as sun hits differently during summer, and wearing a white staple is advisable as it absorbs least amount of heat.



Black Denim Pants

Nothing is better in completing an all-black fit than wearing a denim pants in the same shade. Here, Jaemin pulled one and look instantly sleek.


White Denim Pants

Meanwhile below Jaemin looked more polished in his white denim pants that complemented his brown acid wash top.


Washed Denim Pants

Since denim are versatile, they look great on almost any top. For instance, below he look iconic as he mix and match his top with a denim base.



Fur Top And Black Denim

Jaemin created a contrasting texture by pairing his fur sleeveless pink vest with a black denim jeans, making him look chic than ever.


Pink Shirt, Red Jacket, and Black Pants

Jaemin proved that unmatched shades also do well. For instance, below he had worn a pink inner top, layered with a red jacket which added a vibrant touch. Then, he paired it with a black base embellished with white dot paint.


All Black Ensemble

Meanwhile in his all black ensemble which consist of  slux and a long sleeves embellished with crystals. Also, the combat boots added a flare touch to the fit, making him look more sleek.



Black Oversized Hoodie

Jaemin sported his own version of street style by wearing a black oversized hoodie which he paired with a baggy denim pants. What an iconic look indeed.


Black Leather Jacket

Although leather jackets are underrated, Jaemin still nailed one where look even more manly and cool. Here, he used it for topping his polo.


Puffer Jacket

But during cooler months, he opted for thicker staples like this puffer jacket which he had used to layer his hoodie for an additional warm.



Black Bucket Hats

Jaemin is not a hat person, however when he goes outside, especially when he's in the airport, he wears one to not only look stylish but also covers himself from gaining so much attention.


Here, he had also wore black bucket hat, but this time it's from Celine. Jaemin definitely enjoy the luxurious feels in this photo as he paired his Celine hat with a Louis Vuitton fur jacket while he's out in public.


Yellow Baseball Cap

Meanwhile in this image, he used his yellow baseball cap to style his hair. So, he wore it on the back to highlight his bangs. Not to mention that his hair color compliments the yellow shade of the cap.



Black Leather Shoes

Jaemin pulled a formal look in the picture below. Hence, it's only right to pair his formal coordinates with black leather shoes to confine with the standards of formality.


White Ankle Boots

Only few men wear boots, and Jaemin is definitely trying to set the trend back on booties. As flashed below, he achieved a clean look by pairing his fit with this white boots.


Vans Skater Shoes

To complete his aesthetics, he opted for light green and white shade of Vans skater shoes on which its alternate box design matched his jacket.



Layered Curb and Chain Necklaces

Jaemin looked extra as he had worn a layer of necklaces which are chain and curb, and their sizes also varies so as to make sure they'll get noticed.


Layered Pearl, Curb, and Chain Necklaces

Meanwhile in this photos, Jaemin is trying to look edgy as he pulled multiple layers of necklaces consisting of pearl that added a classic touch; a curb and chain which shouts for swag style.


Layered Beads, Curb, and Chain Necklaces

Here, Jaemin opted for lesser layers but still in a different variants such as colorful beads, thinner curb, and bigger chain which also contribute in adding extra details in his outfit.


This pretty much cover Jaemin's style and we're sure after thoroughly reading this you now have your personal favorite fit in mind that you'll definitely emulate.

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